More art for Mitt’s sake


efore, I thought him the most prosaic of candidates. Now, each picture of him stirs me to poetry — or something.

Here’s my latest:

Cynosure of eyes
They hung on every word
But not anymore

12 thoughts on “More art for Mitt’s sake

  1. JD Sharpe

    Did you take that picture, Brad? If so, nice shot. If not, I’m sure the photog would like a little credit posted below it.

  2. Brad Warthen

    It’s AP. I run two kinds of pictures on this blog — ones that I shoot myself (and here’s one I shot very much like the one you refer to), and AP. That was AP.

    But the haiku’s mine:

    Whose eye beheld that?
    The Associated Press
    Credit where it’s due

    Oh, wait: I can think of one recent case where the photos were by somebody else, and I credited him.

    But you were trying to make some sort of point, right? Don’t tell me — you came here from the lawyer blog…

  3. bill

    The Brylcreem only
    Went so far,a lot of dab
    Just didn’t do it
    Mitt is in the rye
    His campaign like roses died
    Oh,conservative sorrow

  4. Brad Warthen

    He’s in the rye, and this time there was no catcher.

    Bill, I like that last line: "Oh, conservative sorrow." And no, I’m not saying I like it politically, but aesthetically. It’s evocative.

    Personally, though, I prefer using Wildroot in my poetry:

    He’s going away,
    our Wildroot Cream Oil Charlie
    Soothe us, lanolin

    You have to be of a certain age to get that one.

  5. JD Sharpe

    I did indeed link from the WSJ law blog.
    And now a little license of my own:
    Frame moments of history
    Their reward: credit.

    Thanks for the update.

  6. Richard L. Wolfe

    ” twas a gent from ole Mass
    who rose out of the upper class
    with the money to last
    til the voters dumped him on his a s.

  7. weldon VII

    The swervative conservative
    Met an hors d’oeuvreative conservative
    At the public trough.
    Before the dinner
    Reached full tenor
    The gloves came quickly off.
    Lies were told and back pats swapped.
    Votes were sold and flips were flopped.
    But neither did either the other co-opt
    Until the feeding frenzy stopped.

  8. Herb Brasher

    Bob, please keep writing. Even doggerel is far better than most of the right-wing ranting on some of these threads. You make me want to wax poetic myself.


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