OK, who grabbed my rss?

Have you noticed that it was a little lonesome on the blog the last couple of days? I did. Last night, I figured out why — my latest posts weren’t showing up as links on the main and opinion pages of thestate.com.

Consequently, there’s been nobody here but you regulars who come to the blog to see what’s here, rather than being pulled straight in to fresh posts. That’s one reason why there have hardly been any comments — or, more telling, page views — on any posts after this one, way back on Tuesday.

Apparently, it was a systemwide problem that, I’m happy to say, seems to be fixed.

But I’m still worried about a message I got from one of the tech gurus ‘splaining the problem: "not sure what’s happening but the rss feeds from the blogs is choking the rss
feed grabber that constructs those headline lists on thestate.com."

I don’t who was or wasn’t grabbing my rss, or choking my feeder, but I’m glad they quit doing it.

4 thoughts on “OK, who grabbed my rss?

  1. Brad Warthen

    Uh-oh, maybe I spoke too soon. Kelly at thestate.com just told me not to celebrate yet:

    i’m not hopeful the
    rss feed problem is fixed. your blog headlines updated because I manually
    triggered the process after removing the blogs that seemed to be choking the
    script. i have had no word today… on the cause of the problem
    or possible fixes.
    if the script
    loading problem is associated with a particular ad, it likely will return again
    as well. let me know if it does, and if you can pinpoint which ads are working
    and not working . . .

    I pass this on to recruit y’all in giving me a heads-up if you run into problems, particularly with that script-loading problem that was preventing my main page from loading properly a few days back.

    If you have a problem, just post a note here. I’ll check periodically.

  2. Wally Altman

    I have nothing at all of substance to add, other than to say that I noticed the problem and promptly ignored it, but I had to post in appreciation of your pun.

  3. weldon VII

    I can’t even imagine anyone grabbing your rss.
    Choking your feeder, that’s a little different.
    But, still, it’s something I’d just rather not think about.

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