Strike Four on police testing scandal

Just got this e-mail internally from a colleague:

Just got off the phone with an anonymous caller angered by newspaper’s coverage of police testing scandal. This man is apparently in local law enforcement….

In short: He says the newspaper has greatly overestimated the importance of the testing scandal. More of "a prank," he says. He says the test only existed to ensure that people had watched the 4-hour video online. If they went to watch the video in person, no test was required. He says that the online training was a mess, and this should have been mentioned in the report.

He says that such help to one another is natural among police, and basically goes back to the academy days as a part of police culture. Many of the recruits aren’t great test-takers, but good at solving problems.

He says that naming the officers went overboard and damaged the integrity of the whole force.

To which my response is: And if the test were a joke and unimportant, that would be yet ANOTHER thing that the city administration should have communicated clearly to the public…

4 thoughts on “Strike Four on police testing scandal

  1. Karen McLeod

    This is starting to sound way past silly. If the training police get is such a joke, and if they can’t even be counted on to be honest about watching an online video, then it sounds like the place needs a major overhaul.

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