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Last week Tim Cameron of The Shot joined me for breakfastCamerontim (that’s him at right, at a Fred Thompson event last year), and talked about some of the Web sites he’s developed and is maintaining for political
candidates (mostly legislative). I already knew about Nathan Ballentine’s but the rest were new to me. The Glenn McConnell site, complete with spiffy video (above), just went up on Monday.

  • www.jimdemint.com — No, his seat’s not up this year, but why wait until the last minute?
  • www.nathansnews.com — You knew about this one.
  • www.talleyforsenate.com — Republican incumbent from Spartanburg County. (Never mind the party affiliations; they’re all Republicans. A House member trying to move up to the Senate.
  • www.shaneforsenate.com — This one kind of threw me, since it promised "HARD WORK TO SHAKE UP COLUMBIA." But he’s running for the senate, not city council, and he’s the incumbent. Isn’t there a rule that incumbents can’t run on the "shake-up" platform? In any case, he’s got his tie off and sleeves rolled up, ready for shakin’.
  • www.forresterforhouse.com — This candidate’s running for the seat Talley’s vacating. As with Talley, his site shows a penchant (Tim’s?) for the kind of cadences Mitt Romney used on his yard signs: "Integrity. Solutions."
  • www.senatorcleary.com — More of an incumbent sort of feel, with the main page dominated with "A WORD FROM YOUR SENATOR."
  • www.representativekelly.com — Another incumbent from Spartanburg? How many they got up there, anyway? I like what he says about no special privileges for lawmakers… not so with school consolidation, though (he’s against it in his district).
  • www.blairjennings.com — A change of pace, this one’s for a solicitor candidate. Not to be confused with my old friend Doug Jennings from Bennettsville, who wouldn’t fit in here on account of not being a Republican.
  • www.scsenategop.com — Here’s another I already had linked from my blog. This one’s for the whole Senate GOP caucus, just in case one Republican at a time isn’t enough for you.
  • www.myscmanews.com — Varying even further from our theme, this goes beyond party to a special special interest (I mean that in a nice way, of course).
  • www.repviers.com — Back to our one-candidate-at-a-time theme. Also very incumbent-y, it presents Thad as A SOLID REPUBLICAN. But you didn’t have to be told that, did you?
  • www.glennmcconnell.com — The newest of them all. Unusual color choice on the page — is that supposed to be sepia? OK, I get it. Anyway, the president pro tem dons modern mufti to do video clips, such as the one above, in which he explains that he wanted to be way tough on illegals, but those wimps in the majority didn’t want to.

That’s Tim’s list, which is just the beginning. Next, I’d like somebody out there to tell me about some Democrats. And if there are any UnParty candidates with sites out there, I’d really like to know about those.

If I can, I’d like to compile as complete a list as possible, to share with all y’all.

3 thoughts on “Tim Cameron’s GOP candidate sites

  1. Tim Cameron

    Thanks for the great post. There is one thing I’d like to point out about Sen. Shane Massey’s website. Keep in mind he just got elected last November in the special election to replace Sen. Tommy Moore, and his website current website was built during that election. Also, Sen. Massey is “Shaking Things Up” in Columbia. The first bill he introduced was the earmark reform bill, which should cut state spending and bring more transparency to the budget process. He is helping lead the charge for much needed DUI reforms, and he is also supporting government restructuring to allow more statewide officials to be appointed by the Governor. I’m certain Sen. Massey will continue to fight for even more necessary reforms, but give him time because he has only been in office for less than two months.

  2. Brad Warthen

    Tim’s presenting his new McConnell site with more fanfare than the usual. He sent out this release this afternoon:

    For Immediate Release

    Contact: Tim Cameron

    Sen. Glenn McConnell Launches New

    Improves Communications with





    )-Senate President Pro Tempore Glenn
    McConnell announced the launch of his new website http://www.glennmcconnell.com. Sen. McConnell’s
    website will feature the latest news from the legislature and regular entries in
    his blog about the issues facing


    . "As technology continues to improve the way
    people communicate, I think it is important for public officials to embrace
    these new developments," said Sen. McConnell. "I’ve always strived to keep my
    constituents more informed about our efforts in the legislature. I think this
    website will allow me to accomplish this goal."

    The website already features a series of YouTube videos
    about current legislation Sen. McConnell is fighting for in the Senate. These
    videos include McConnell’s ideas for solving problems such as energy
    independence, illegal immigration, and crime. The Senator plans on releasing
    other detailed policy ideas on his blog throughout the year. "People can visit
    my website to find out where I stand on key issues," said Sen. McConnell. "Most
    importantly, it gives voters the opportunity to hear the reasons I support or
    oppose certain pieces of legislation."

    Sen. McConnell hopes people visiting the website will
    use it to share their thoughts and ideas about legislation with him. "I never
    forget the primary function of my position is to serve the people living in my
    district by listening to their concerns and taking their ideas to


    . I want this
    website to be another place for people to share with me their own opinions about
    problems in the state, as well as ideas concerning pending


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