Today’s audio feedback

As you know, I keep trying to get folks who send me their thoughts and observations via e-mail either to submit them for consideration as a letter to the editor, or to come to the blog. I’m one of the world’s worst time managers, but as bad as I am, I DO try to limit the amount of time spent on purely private communications. Bring it out into the open, and let’s talk — that’s my approach.

That’s a little trickier to do with those who leave their thoughts at length on my voicemail. Trickier, but not impossible. Here’s my phone call of the day. This lady had a LOT to say about the relative merits of Barack Obama as compared to Hillary Clinton. The short version: She likes Hillary. Obama — well, she manages to compare him to George W. Bush. How? Well, listen. Here’s the audio clip.

As you will see, she explains that she called me to protest, although belatedly, our endorsement of Obama. Apparently, she explained at such length that she overran the rather generous amount of time afforded by my voicemail. Well, her voice will be heard now — at least by those of you who have the patience.

Just another slice of daily life in the editorial department.

2 thoughts on “Today’s audio feedback

  1. Richard L. Wolfe

    Brad, I would have pushed the delete button the moment she started with the substance abuse and cocaine nonsense. Does this woman know who Hillary is married to. The comical thing is if she is right then it would seem that substance abouse is the best path to be the president as Obama will be the third president in row to be accused of it.
    She goes on to claim Hillary has all this substance yet all she mentions is raising the minium wage to $9.50/hr. or another windfall for the apartment owners.
    In my opinion you are too kind hearted. You can delete that call without fearing you are insensitive because that poor woman does’nt have a clue.

  2. Heidi Peacock

    Mr. Warthen — These may have ACTUALLY BEEN innovative ideas which we could ALL seriously ponder, if not for the constant chorus in my own mind of “please let the moving gray button stop, so I can process one COMPLETE thought.”
    Great maneuver to discourage this type of narcissistic behavior. I am a reformed voice mail gifter myself — Cold Turkey, after a thinly-veiled threat to play in their entirety my calls to STEVE FM.
    Perhaps someone in HR could discreetly refer her to the appropriate 12 step program.
    I feel sorry for you. Turn the machine off.

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