Daniel Rickenmann on his record


his video also comes from the very start of our interview, this time with Daniel Rickenmann, the incumbent at-large member of Columbia City Council who is up for re-election April 1.

Mr. Rickenmann stressed some highlights of what he’s done and tried to do in the four years since he was first elected. We’ll be talking with his opponents over the next few days…


One thought on “Daniel Rickenmann on his record

  1. HWP

    This is unrelated to Mr. Rickenmann – but….
    Is it just me — or have some miserable dolts taken over at Newsweek Magazine?
    Isn’t that a crappy picture of WFB? and a snide, death-obsessed caption?
    And what about the ethical breach with Martha Stewart?
    And what about at Time magazine? Are they Deception Mongers? Reverend Graham has the anointing of God–not the budding horns of a hound from hell.
    Culture of Death and Deception, in full, sadistic gloss.
    Sick I say.

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