Have an awesome time — responsibly, of course


id you have a good time last year’s St. Paddy’s Day in Five Points? To quote Frank the Tank, "I had an awesome time." So did my brother-in-law, pictured above.

Part of it was that my son got married that day, which is why Cooper (my brother-in-law) was here visiting from Memphis. Happy day all around. Coop and I had one awesome time, went home, got some coffee, then went to the wedding and had another awesome time. Responsibly, of course. No streaking on the Quad, or anything like that.

Cooper, by the way, was featured in one of my most-watched movies ever, which was shot that day: "Who Resurrected the Electric Car?"

Anyway, Coop can’t make it this year, but I’ll be there. Hope to see you.