Moving too fast

Miss me? Well, the last few days (starting with Friday) I was on the move too much to set up my laptop, beyond a few minutes late Friday and early Saturday morning — when I sat down to leave a comment or two.

We drove up to Pennsylvania under cover of the rain Friday, slipping across the Mason-Dixon Line in the darkness. Why? To check up on what’s happening as we lead up to the primary there on April 22. Also for personal reasons. Drove over to northern New Jersey Saturday night; spent all day Sunday in Manhattan.

Yesterday morning, I started a post at a coffeeshop back in PA, but my wife came back to pick me up before I could finish (after I was a couple of hundred miles away, I realized I only shut down the browser; I didn’t log off — I wonder what the security implications of that might be?)

We drove home yesterday — the weather was much nicer this time — arriving after 9:30 last night.

Today, we interview the last two at-large candidates for Columbia City Council. Between that and catching up, today will probably be a pretty thin day, too, blogwise. But I’ll see what I can do. I’ve been saving stuff up — including stuff from three city council interview from last week.

I’ll be around.