S.C. budget earmarks

Here’s how to find the earmark list Cindi wrote about in her column this morning:

    Here’s the link: http://www.scstatehouse.net/sess117_2007-2008/appropriations2008/gab4800.htm.
    It’s the second item listed under "H. 4800, GENERAL APPROPRIATIONS BILL": "Earmarked Projects Pursuant to House Rule 5.3(F) (Excel format)."

    Cindi being the obsessively thorough type, she also suggests that I give "step-by-step directions for finding it," in case the link fails. (So that’s why I’m doing this; it’s not that I think you’re stupid or something:

    To FIND the list, go to www.scstatehouse.net, select "Current Legislation" from the options listed across the top of the page, then select "The Budget" on the right side of the page, then select "Fiscal Year 2008-2009 – General Appropriations Bill H. 4800 of 2008" to get to the link above.

5 thoughts on “S.C. budget earmarks

  1. Doug Ross

    $1.25 million for a “Center for Ethical Leadership” to “Funding for the center that will provide leadership training for local, state and federal elected officials.”
    You mean we have to pay to train politicians to be ethical?
    That one should be the first cut.
    $500,000 for dredging a lake in Laurens? Why is that the state’s responsibility?
    Two $150,000 program to help support “additional staff for high impact entrepeneurs”? Sounds like the only entrepeneurs are the ones who are getting the $150K. One in Greenville and one in Spartanburg… hmmm… looks like a quid pro quo deal.
    $50K for a basketball tournament in Myrtle Beach? Cut it.
    $850K for a Bassmaster tournament? Cut it.
    $380K for “Smart Ride is a part of mass transit focused on business commuters”. Anyone want to bet we don’t see $380K worth of return on that “investment”?
    Look at that… I just saved the state $4M. Which would probably be enough to pay for the medical care for every kid whose parents can’t afford it.
    Priorities… basketball or basic needs?

  2. Yahoo.com

    Hey Doug…
    So you don’t like the items in your post. But I suppose you are ok with the 270 million dollars the governor has stashed away at Health and Human Services?
    It constitutes an interest free slush fund for Sanford as the State pays interest on borrowed money to keep services going.
    Man, am I so over the right wing.

  3. Doug Ross

    Who’s the right wing? Not me.
    Show me the details on the $270M and I’ll comment on it.
    And if it’s true, why can’t you use your real name?

  4. Yahoo.com

    re: the $270…look at the house ways and means budget. They are taking $105 million of it back. The Senate is looking at the rest.
    Andy Brack has written about this, as has some others. HHS claimes they need it for reserves, but they don’t. If an emergency came about they would just apply for “credit” from the state…so the whole reserve thing is just smoke.
    BTW…I have been called a Yahoo all my life…

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