Good for Nikki

Still catching up on the e-mail, and just now saw this one from yesterday:

For Immediate Release
Contact: State Rep. Nikki Haley

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


COLUMBIA, S.C. – State Representative Nikki Haley today announced that she has introduced legislation that requires a roll call vote on any legislation that expends taxpayer dollars. Currently, the Legislature can appropriate funds with a simple voice vote.

“Taxpayers deserve the right to see the spending habits of their legislators,” said Haley. “Over the past three years alone, state government spending has grown by over 40%. I believe the 2008 Spending Accountability Act will encourage legislators, myself included, to take a long, hard look before committing to spending taxpayer dollars.”

Haley said roll call votes on taxpayer spending remove any confusion on where individual legislators stand.

“We should never have another incident like we did last week where something as important as cost of living adjustments for retirees and legislators is not clearly on the record. Voters have the fundamental right to know how their legislators are spending their hard-earned money, and when they do, we can expect to see wasteful spending take a dramatic downturn,” said Haley.


Good for you, Nikki.

3 thoughts on “Good for Nikki

  1. Lee Muller

    The 40% growth in spending is due to windfall revenues from the economic growth 2002-2007.
    But when revenues rise by $1,000 Million and slip back $70 Million, everyone in government and their lackies like Cindi Scoppe wring their hands over the “shortfall”. What bunk!

  2. Richard L. Wolfe

    The legislature must be doing something right if they upset the liberal press this much.

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