Happy 30th, Yesterday’s!


ast night we dropped in to Yesterday’s to help Duncan and Scotty McRae and the gang celebrate 30 years in the heart of Five Points. To drag in the ultimate of journalistic cliches, a good time was had by all.

Jack Van Loan was there with wife Linda. Jack is the one who first introduced me to Duncan (whom you can see at the very center of the photo above) years ago. We saw other friends, and met new ones. Our booth was popular because we’d brought along my daughter’s roommate Laura, a longtime Yesterday’s waitress who has been out for awhile recovering from surgery, and everybody was glad to see her.

One of those who stopped by was the Yesterday’s cowboy himself, who had been missing from the bathtub over the front door during the last weeks of the countdown to the anniversary. (My apologies for the quality of the photos; I didn’t have my camera, and shot these with my phone.)

But guess who else we met? Frequent blog commenter James D McCallister, whose recent comments you can find on this post, and on this one as well.

There was live music by a man with a guitar immediately behind where I was sitting. His first number, of course, was "Yesterday."

Anyway, it was a fine party, and I wish the folks at Yesterday’s 30 more good years…


9 thoughts on “Happy 30th, Yesterday’s!

  1. Richard L. Wolfe

    I have never been there but it looks and sounds like a fun place. I live in Charleston so if someone would give me the address, I might go there the next time I’m in Columbia.

  2. PeacockBroadcastingService

    Happy Anniversary Yesterdays!!! I always think of Little Feat’s “Fatman in the Bathtub” when I see the cool street art — though your cowboy needs a few more meals…
    Now, on to a *PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT brought to you by PBS*
    Re: The Bogus Alienation of Affection Law
    This garbage may be what Jake Knotts is talking, but it’s not the trash act he and his buddy Donnie Myers PRACTICE in the dumping department. KNOWINGLY AND INTENTIONALLY DISRUPTING A FAMILY is what a certain unnamed Lexington County resident has experienced over the past FOURTEEN AND ONE HALF YEARS.
    There. Ishmael — I tried ALL DAY to not respond to this article but you always find a way to set me off. In a public service kind of way :0
    Have a great weekend everyone [almost everyone] I will try to not do my Saturday sermon thing — but if I feel like I am going to bust, I might have to do one.

  3. PeacockBroadcastingService

    And another thing:
    KNOWINGLY AND INTENTIONALLY DISRUPTING A FAMILY is what many other families — corporate, state government, and otherwise — have been subjected to as well.
    Jake Knotts’ soap box is stirring up BIG BUBBLES OF HYPOCRISY.

  4. Brad Warthen

    Here’s a page with directions and maps, Richard. If you can find your way to Five Points, it will be hard to miss. The place is in the acute angle that constitutes one of those "points" for which Five Points is named — specifically, the one formed where Devine St., Harden St. and Santee Ave. come together.

    The main entrance is at the very point of the angle, and over the door is a life-sized cowboy in a bathtub — at least, there is if they’ve put him back now…

  5. Phillip

    But, Richard, keep in mind that (as James McAllister and people like me frequent the place) Yesterday’s is positively crawling with liberals. But we can all come together for the sake of their meat loaf.

  6. Sandy

    Pul-leeze! “a man with a guitar”? Jim LeBlanc is THE man with the guitar – a musical icon in SC for the past 30 years. Next time, turn around and sing with the rest of the “Jim Groupies”.

  7. Brad Warthen

    Yes, that’s right, it was Jim LeBlanc — whose career has paralleled the history of Yesterday’s.
    And Phillip, it’s obviously not all liberals. Jack Van Loan, serious McCain supporter (they were prisoners together in North Vietnam), is a regular.
    Basically, it’s a place where people are people, without all the labels.

  8. other brother Larry

    Part of Yesterday’s success is due to “the gang”. This gang would include the Isaac/Rowe family,Bennie,Curtis,Toby and Dennis who for 28 of the 30yrs. along with chef Roberto,30yrs.(he came with the building) has kept our made from scratch fare consistant and afforable.Here is a big THANK YOU to our back of the house kitchen staff along with John, Karen, Becca who keep the front running. For once a gang is a ” good thang”.

  9. James D McCallister

    Thanks for the shout out, Brad. It was very nice to meet you.
    And nice of Jim LeBlanc to let my wife Jenn sing with him, too. Yesterday’s has played an important role in our lives for almost all of the 30 years it has been in operation: First date, where I asked for her hand in marriage, etc.
    Congrats to Duncan, Scottie, et al! Long may they run.


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