He DID wag his finger — he actually DID!


You folks who watch TV probably already knew this, but Bill Clinton actually did wag his finger at us in an attempt at morally-superior, above-the-fray admonishment. Here’s the video.

My mistake was in thinking the Times’ "finger-wagging" reference was to theClinton_2008_wart
radio interview, which means I read it too fast the first time. This was in response to the radio interview. Or in response to the response — whatever.

Yeah, you can miss stuff, not watching TV. But it’s usually not anything worth seeing… it’s mostly just tit-for-tat, tat-for-tit, nonsense feeding upon itself.

You know, if Bill keeps this up, I’m going to have to give him his own category here on the blog…

8 thoughts on “He DID wag his finger — he actually DID!

  1. dave

    Did he bite his lower lip, or brush away a tear? When you see him do these things along WITH the finger wag, THEN you know he’s telling the truth. David

  2. peahen

    I don’t know. But he didn’t squint his left eye to feign forthrightness like a certain person did for their “I’m going to run for governor of SC” photo in the Charleston Post a few weeks back.

  3. peahen

    To Whom It May Concern:
    In response to that “I’m going to run for governor of SC” photo — I say, like hell you are.

  4. Not Sayin, Just Sayin...

    That finger wagging video is priceless. He wagged it twice, just in that one snippet.
    I think he just REALLY REALLY misses the spotlight, don’t you all agree? Would it be legal for him to be Hillary’s VP? Come on, give a geezer a thrill…

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