Just two shopping days left until Husband Appreciation Day

Get ready, ladies; the big day is coming up Saturday!
I was reminded of the advent of Husband Appreciation Day — actually, informed of it for the first time ever
— by this promotional e-mail from a Fort Mill photographer named Stephen Hollis (and Stephen, if you don’t want me sharing the photo at right, I’ll take it down, but I figured you wanted folks to see it).

This is a real holiday, ladies! At least, I can find numerous references to it on the Web, as being the third Saturday (of course; what other day could it be?) in April. I’ve been unable to find out the origin of it so far, though. (Apparently, it dates back at least to 2003.)

The picture offers some lovely gift ideas for you ladies to consider, but don’t be limited by it. There are plenty of other possibilities (many of which are way better than a lousy blog post about us). Surprise us.

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