McConnell spends 30 grand on big ol’ gun

A colleague calls this story in the Charleston paper to my attention. Golly, maybe Mark Sanford’s right; maybe our legislative leaders exercise no spending restraint whatsoever — with their own money, that is…

    Some middle-aged men blow big bucks on a sports car, a bass boat or a nice set of golf clubs, but the man who some consider the most powerful in South Carolina government had something else in mind.
    Senate President Pro Tem Glenn McConnell recently spent almost $30,000 on a reproduction of a bronze cannon, complete with a Palmetto engraving.
    "Anybody will tell you a bronze gun has just got a different sound to it," he said. "I knew this gun would make noise, and it does. It is a loud, talking gun. … It really splits the air."…

If you can stand to read more, here’s the link.

3 thoughts on “McConnell spends 30 grand on big ol’ gun

  1. bud

    WASHINGTON — The Army has accelerated its policy of involuntary extensions of duty to bolster its troop levels, despite Defense Secretary Robert Gates’ order last year to limit it, Pentagon records show.
    -USA Today
    So McConnell likes big cannons. Apparently so do the war-mongers in Washington.
    The de-facto draft known as stop-loss suggests that even among the military support for the occupation of Iraq is wearing thin. Perhaps McConnell can take his brass cannon to Baghdad and shoot at a few terrorists.


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