Summers chairs Richland Democrats


Back when Boyd Summers wrote us an op-ed criticizing the Bar exam mess that benefited the daughter of his ex-opponent, another blog speculated this meant he’d be going after Jim Harrison again.

Not so. Turns out that Boyd has other stuff on his political plate now. As he wrote via e-mail this week:

Hope you are doing well.  I wanted to mention to you that I was elected to succeed Steve [Benjamin] as Richland County Democratic Party Chair at the County Convention in March. 

If I can ever help you with anything, please let me know.  I will miss candidate interviews this year, but perhaps when it slows down I could meet with you guys to discuss County Party activities.

I wrote back to make sure I was understanding him right, and he said back:

That’s correct, I have not filed to run for the SC House or any other office this year.

I will be working to get other folks elected who have the same vision that I share to move my home state forward in a progressive manner.

Their is certainly a lot of work to be done.

I hope we will have the opportunity to get together soon.


Jim Harrison, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, was to have general election opposition this year — Democrat Tige Watts, who I’m told (see below) has dropped out. If that’s right, then Mr. Harrison will have a free ride now. Of course, thanks to partisan gerrymandering, there’s nothing unusual about incumbents having no opposition in the fall. But at least there are a few primary choices — in districts other than this one.

A little blog trivia for you: Messrs. Summers and Harrison were the first legislative candidates I ever posted video on…

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  1. Boyd Summers

    Mr. Watts just recently has withdrawn from the race. Keep up the good work on the Blog.

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