The ‘Fighter with the Hard Left Hook’

Sure, maybe Hillary can do shots with the guys in PA, but she’d better thank her stars she’s not up against this guy in the primary.

Charlie Pope, former reporter at The State (and my former teammate on the Cosmic Ha-Has softball team), is now covering Washington for a paper in the Pacific Northwest. He brought my attention to this candidate from his neck of the woods, Steve Novick.

Sure, Obama overcame some hard times as a kid to go to Harvard Law (where they obviously don’t teach bowling), but Steve graduated Harvard at the age of 21 after being a high school dropout. He also, aside from being born without a left hand (he calls himself the "Fighter with the Hard Left Hook"), is only 4’9" tall.

But he’s a scrapper. And he’s with me on Health Care Reform. You gotta like the guy.

And if you want more Steve, here’s another one of his ads:

4 thoughts on “The ‘Fighter with the Hard Left Hook’

  1. Lee Muller

    If he’s for socialized medicine, he’s just another unimaginative, populist demagogue.
    While Europe is dismantling their bankrupt healthcare and pension systems, socialists in Timewarp America are clamoring to repeat the mistakes.

  2. Sarah Lane

    I’m an Oregonian and while I respect Novick, I threw my support behind House Speaker Jeff Merkley for Oregon Senate. He has not only proven that he’s a good progressive, he’s a skilled progressive legislator that presided over the greenest and most labor friendly session in thirty years. If anybody wants to check out Merkley’s stance on UHC go here.


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