Trying to keep up with candidate interviews

Not that y’all are likely to care, but I thought I’d clarify something. I’m backdating some posts — specifically, the ones that I’m doing on our state primary endorsement interviews — just to try to keep them in the order in which we conducted them.

For instance, I just posted this item about Michael Koska, a Republican running in S.C. House Dist. 77. I dated it as Tuesday, because that’s when the interview happened. I have one more to do from that day — Republican Mike Miller, who’s running against Kit Spires in District 96.

Since I did those, we’ve had two more — Republican John Rust and Democrat Joe McEachern, who are both running in District 77, like both Mr. Koska and Benjamin Byrd, whom we interviewed last week. Messrs. Rust and McEachern were today.

This is a classic illustration of the principle I’ve often cited about blogs — you can either have experiences worth blogging about, or you can blog. It’s often impossible to get them both done in the same day.

I’m gonna try to get one more of these done before Mamanem send out a posse and drag me home for the night. But I know I’m not going to get done with all these before I have two more interviews tomorrow.


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