Are Democrats more sexist? Hillary Clinton seems to think so


Normally, I don’t think very hard about things that make little sense, such as the claim by Hillary Clinton that her flagging political fortunes result from "misogyny." Since such claims are not logical, I don’t bother carrying them to their "logical conclusions."

That’s a mistake on my part, because such an exercise can yield interesting results. Check out this very short op-ed piece in the WSJ this morning, headlined, "Nothing but Misogynists."

It starts out by considering some of her statements along the lines of what I quoted earlier in the week:

"I think that both gender and race have been obviously a part of it because of who we are and every poll I’ve seen show more people would be reluctant to vote for a woman to vote for an African American, which rarely gets reported on either…. But it does seem as though the press at least is not as bothered by the incredible vitriol that has been engendered by comments and reactions of people who are nothing but misogynists."

It then considers that at the same time she’s blaming misogyny for her failures in Democratic contests, she asserts — in practically the same breath — that she’s "the strongest candidate against John McCain."

So the op-ed piece arrives, quite logically, at this conclusion:

    This fact (if it be a fact) reveals a hitherto unknown, ugly truth about the Democratic Party. The alleged bastion of modern liberalism, toleration and diversity is full of (to use Mrs. Clinton’s own phrase) "people who are nothing but misogynists." Large numbers of Democratic voters are sexists. Who knew?
    But here’s another revelation. If Mrs. Clinton is correct that she is more likely than Barack Obama to defeat John McCain in November, that implies Republicans and independents are less sexist than Democrats.
    It must be so. If American voters of all parties are as sexist as the Democrats, Mr. Obama would have a better chance than Mrs. Clinton of defeating Mr. McCain. The same misogyny that thwarted her in the Democratic primaries would thwart her in the general election. Only if registered Republicans and independents are more open-minded than registered Democrats – only if people who lean GOP or who have no party affiliation are more willing than Democrats to overlook a candidate’s sex and vote on the issues – could Mrs. Clinton be a stronger candidate…

Who knew, indeed?

26 thoughts on “Are Democrats more sexist? Hillary Clinton seems to think so

  1. jacksmith

    Large numbers of BUSH_McCain Republicans have been voting for Barack Obama in the DEMOCRATIC primaries, and caucuses from early on with the backing and help of the medical and insurance industry. Under the direction of the George Bush, and Karl Rove vote fraud, and vote manipulation machine. Because they feel Barack Obama would be a weaker opponent against John McCain. And they want to stop Hillary Clinton from fixing the HUGE! American, and Global mess they have created. shocking!!! isn’t it. Just gotta love those good old draft dodging, silver spoon Texas boys. Not! 🙁
    You see, the medical and insurance industry mostly support the republicans with the money they ripped off from you. And they don’t want you to have quality, affordable universal health care. They want to be able to continue to rip you off, and kill you and your children by continuing to deny you life saving medical care that you have already paid for. So they can continue to make more immoral profits for them-selves off of you, and your children’s suffering.
    With Hillary Clinton you are almost 100% certain to get quality affordable universal health care for everyone very soon. And you are also certain to see major improvements in the economy for everyone.
    The American people face even worse catastrophes ahead than the ones you are living through now. It will take all of the skills, and experience of Hillary Clinton to pull the American people out of this mess we are in. Fortunately fixing up, and cleaning up others incompetence, immoral degeneracy, and mess is what the Clinton’s do very well.
    Hillary Clinton has actually won by much larger margins than the vote totals showed. And lost by much smaller vote margins than the vote totals showed. Her delegate count is actually much higher than it shows. And higher than Obama’s. She also leads in the electoral college numbers that you must win to become President in the November national election. HILLARY CLINTON IS ALREADY THE TRUE DEMOCRATIC NOMINEE!
    Just look at Oregon for example. Obama won Oregon by about 70,000 votes. But approximately 79,000 Bush republicans switched party’s back in January to vote for Obama in the democratic primary. They are not going to vote for, or support any Democrat in November. Are you DEMOCRATS going to put up with that. Are you that stupid, and weak. The Bush republicans think you are that stupid, and weak.
    As much as 30% of Obama’s primary, and caucus votes are Republicans trying to choose the weakest democratic candidate for McCain to run against. These Republicans have been gaming the caucuses, and open primaries where it is easier to vote cheat. This is why Obama has not been able to win the BIG! states primaries. Even with Republican vote cheating help. Except North Carolina where 35% of the population is African American, and approximately 90% of them block voted for him. African Americans are only approximately 17% of the general population.
    Hillary Clinton has been OUT MANNED! and OUT SPENT! 4 and 5 to 1. Yet Obama has only been able to manage a very tenuous, and questionable tie with Hillary Clinton. This is even more phenomenal when you consider she has been also fighting against the George Bush, Karl Rove vote fraud machine in the DEMOCRATIC primaries, and caucuses. Hillary Clinton is STUNNING!.
    If Obama is the democratic nominee for the national election in November he will be slaughtered. That is crystal clear now. Because all of the Republican vote cheating help will suddenly evaporate. And the demographics, and experience are completely against him. All of this vote fraud and Bush republican manipulation has made Obama falsely look like a much stronger candidate than he really is.
    You will have another McGovern catastrophe where George McGovern lost 49 of 50 states. And was the reason the super-delegates were created to keep that from happening again. Don’t let that happen to the party and America again super-delegates. You have the power to prevent it. The only important question now is who can best win in November. And the answer is HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON. That fact is also now crystal clear.
    And YOUNG PEOPLE. DON’T BE DUPED! Think about it. You have the most to lose. As do African Americans. Support Hillary Clinton. She will do her best for all of you. And she will know how to best get it done on day one.
    The democratic party needs to fix this outrage. Everyone needs to throw all your support to Hillary Clinton NOW! So you can end this outrage against YOU the voter, and against democracy.
    The democratic party, and the super-delegates have a decision to make. Are the democrats, and the democratic party going to choose the DEMOCRATIC party nominee to fight for the American people. Or are the republicans going to choose the DEMOCRATIC party nominee through vote fraud, and gaming the DEMOCRATIC party primaries, and caucuses.
    Fortunately the Clinton’s have been able to hold on against this fraudulent outrage with those repeated dramatic, and heroic comebacks of Hillary Clinton’s. Only the Clinton’s are that resourceful, and strong. Hillary Clinton is your NOMINEE. They are the best I have ever seen. Probably the best there has ever been. 🙂
    “This is not a game” (Hillary Clinton)
    jacksmith… Working Class 🙂
    p.s. Cynthia Ruccia – I’m with ya baby. All the way. “Clinton Supporters Count Too.”

  2. Judy Lucero

    If Hillary Clinton does not get the nomination, I will for the first time vote for a Republican John McCain. I believe the left wing democrats are destroying the
    democratic party, and I have been a democrat since the first time I voted in 1960. I believe Obama has played the race card since he started to run. Judy

  3. Judy Lucero

    If Hillary Clinton does not get the nomination, I will for the first time vote for a Republican John McCain. I believe the left wing democrats are destroying the
    democratic party, and I have been a democrat since the first time I voted in 1960. I believe Obama has played the race card since he started to run. Judy

  4. Karen McLeod

    Are ya’ sure Lee didn’t write that piece? It looks like his facts and logic.

  5. dumbwhore

    You know, I don’t know what sort of America you want Judy. One where you can hold a knife to throat of democratic opinion if your personal choice isn’t upheld? Do you realize how childish such demands make you sound, let alone when you goof up and post it twice?
    And Obama has never played the race card. Hell, even his close supporters haven’t played the race card. If anyone played the race card it was Hillary this week when she basically said she’s still in race because someone might assassinate Obama. “Hey folks, who knows what crazy whitey’ll do to that black fella y’all like so much. I’ll just hang out in the wings just in case that happens.” WTF?

  6. Lucien BONNET

    Saturday, 24 May 2008
    Are Democrats more sexist? Hillary Clinton seems to think so
    Thank You For Welcoming Me
    And My…
    Montreal, February 20, 2008
    Mr. OBAMA
    The whole world has its eyes on you, on The United States Of America and its people.
    Everyone expects you to be democratically elected and see that something happen in America.
    In March 1983, one of humanity’s most famous spokesmen, Pope John Paul II, came to our country,”HaÎti” and loudly proclaimed what each and every one of us had been whispering: “Something must change here”
    Today, more than ever, a lot of people of The United State of America stand up, longing for something and working to make something happen.
    And, like beloved Haiti, History – (which from now on rests in thy hands) – tells thee: “It is now time to let people speak to thee of love.” Go thou, Haiti! Go, Go thou America ahead and show us thy true countenance in a positive light. It is up to everyone to play his or her part in order to let thee regain thy mark of excellence. With this letter, I am communicating with You and with the whole people of The United States of America.
    You offer this country what it takes to be a “wonderfull Land”. Yes, let us say “somewhere with a great people”.
    Go thou, America, go ahead, following in the footsteps of one of thy sons who is now becoming on of thy statesmen.
    With this in mind, Mr.Obama, to whom else could I entrust this letter sent to his Holiness Pope John Paul II when he set foot on Haitian soil for the first time, as well as its acknowledgment by the Vatican?
    That letter to Pope John Paul II is intended to draw attention to the problem posed by anti-Black discrimination and its negative repercussions on the advancement of scientific progress in the West, and more precisely in the realm of Optics.
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    In other words, darkness or blackness and, we might add, “Black Holes” – (a scientific misnomer designating invisible stars or “Black Suns”) – are a source of energy and light.
    That basic raw material of light energy culminates, in its most radiant form, in the neutralization of all the colors of the spectrum in the form of so-called “white light”.
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    Allow me, Senator Barack Obama, in order to support my statement concerning Black Holes and radiation, to pose a question asked by Hubert Reeves, Doctor of nuclear astrophysics and Scientific Consultant to NASA:
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    [our translation]”
    Instead of emitting light, it would absorb it and, in the end, it would be completely reabsorbed into the cosmic fluid.”
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    “The Einsteinian version of the Black Hole is equivalent to a statement that the matter inside the Black Hole is definitely there to stay, in that volume of space. Let us quote Hubert Reeves: “Such an absolute statement is thus contrary to the
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    Congratulations to You, Sir, and congratulations to the people of The United States Of America, for having made it possible for this day to mark the beginning of a “New Era of Hope !”
    Lucien Bonnet
    The author
    of this book entitled

  7. doug

    No Clinton copy/paste campaign members here.
    Kinda late for the South Carolina votes aren’t you?
    Well, can’t blame Clinton campaign members for knowing when to call it a day when their candidate sure doesn’t know how to either.
    I was willing to give her time to pause and reflect and grieve over the very hard fought campaign, especially when coming so close to victory…but for her sake, yes her sake, it’s time to end this. Returning to a prominent career in the Majority led Senate with dignity intact is not such a bad thing.
    If you think her staying in hurts Obama, you’re a fool. She’s doing the best thing for him which is why he’s not anxious to shove her out the door. She keeps the headlines away from McCain. McCain’s campaign is a disaster and will loose in November by epic proportions…mostly by his own doings and abandonment by his own party.
    I totally respect Senator Clinton, but even baseball’s all-time strike out leader, Nolan Ryan, got sent to the showers when it was time.
    It’s time.

  8. Randy E

    This is a very clever piece and similar analysis could be produced for other claims made by the Clintons.
    As an Obama supporter (from the beginning) I have been outraged by their antics, especially playing the race card. Despite this, when I hear McCain’s fiscal and military approach mirroring the Cheney-W administration’s, I am scared straight. If the Clintons screw Obama out of the nomination some how, I would still vote for the them over McCain without hesitation.

  9. lnardozi

    Wonder what’s going to happen when whoever gets the nomination finds out they’ll have to run against Ron Paul with the full backing of the RNC’s war chest. He has maybe 1% of the negatives of HC or BO and 20 years of NEVER ONCE voting against his beliefs. Combine his pristine character with the absolutely scurrilous ads the party or affiliates will run attacking the Democratic nominee. Now consider he won’t retract or condemn any one of those ads because he believes in free speech. All that tinfoil hat crap will get stopped pretty quick when the pubs back his platform – which is incidentally the traditional Republican platform. McWar is a train wreck and everyone knows it – which means even pubs should get it in a month or two. Will it be soon enough?

  10. penultimo mcfarland

    The river of words flows uphill on Saturday, splashes the moon and falls as a mystical mist.

  11. Susan Powers

    She stated the truth, misogyny is alive and well in the United States. Obama is God-like and anything, ANTHING that he says or surrounds him is accepted. Clinton is run down by the media in a way that if you substituted the word “black” for there would be the equivalent of WW3. Clinton’s words are twisted and new meanings are found for her words, always negative. It sickens me. I have seen it on TV and in the blogs. Her supporters are run down as well. “poor white non college-educated” or “middle aged women” as if that’s a bad thing to be. (actually that’s some of the NICER things I have seen, some say toothless people who marry their cousins) HOW many times have I seen that. NO-ONE asked if anyone supporting Obama was on welfare.

  12. Randy E

    Susan, the Clintons are the ones pushing their populist message of helping those on welfare or no college education.
    As far as race, Bill Clinton is asked about Obama taking on both Bill and Hillary Clinton. Bill’s reply was to make a completely unrelated statement “Jesse Jackson carried SC as well”.
    After she admitted on the ABC debate that her Bosnia claims were lies, Obama had a free shot but didn’t take it.
    Quite the contrast

  13. David

    Hillary has absolutely no creds when she complains about sexism. She has played the “don’t hit the girl” card repeatedly, and she has sunk to the level of gutter gender identity politics whenever and wherever she thought it would help her.
    She essentially wants sexism to count anytime it helps her, AND she wants the country to rally to her defense anytime it doesn’t.
    Since she has no new vision for the country to speak about and no fresh ideas on energy, the economy, terrorism defense or anything else, of course things like gender identity, racism directed at her opponent and her husbands’ coattails become her primary assets.
    This woman is truly a shameless, scabbed out, power hungry skank that I am glad is being given a good ‘ol West Virginia whoopin. I hope she just goes away after she’s through ruining the democrat party. And I hope she takes her husband and that nasty smell with her. David

  14. TOMKAT

    I have been riding the Hillary train since the beggining of the Primaries. I even stayed on the train when Bill and Hillary were race bating thinking it was a clever way to win a race. But now Hillary and Bill are claiming SEXISM. They are hypocrites, and I am getting off of the Train: NOW!

  15. Cheryl

    Jacksmith…WRONG STILL Get ot right. It’s Hillary that is getting the “Democrat for a Day” vote, not Obama. HER numbers are inflated and I have legitimate sources while you have your head up your butt. Such a typical Hillary supporter. I suppose your math is as convoluted as hers also. I depend on honest, intelligent people to see straight through you.

  16. Need a Third Party

    David —
    Hillary is starting to “smell” like manna from heaven.
    Obama is a terrorist-sympathizer and McCain is on his way to looking like the devil-incarnate the way he wooed Pastor Hagee and then slapped him in the face to whore around with the left instead.

  17. Randy E

    Based on Cheryl’s last post, I think she’ll like the movie “Hancock”. In it the superhero, Hancock, is in prison and takes a bully inmates head and shoves it up the guy’s own butt.

  18. Mike

    You know, I’ve worried about misogyny among the Democratic ranks ever since Bill and Hillary taught us to hiss at the site of “that woman” Monica Lewinsky.

  19. christin

    Clinton has taken Kentucky and Obama is right there in Oregon.
    The Democratic race for nomination is still very much alive – and most likely to be decided by superdelegates – as CNN points out clearly
    If you’re tired of waiting around for those super delegates to make a decision already, go to and push them to support Clinton or Obama
    If you haven’t done so yet, please write a message to each of your state’s superdelegates at
    Obama Supporters:
    Sending a note to current Obama supporters lets them know it’s appreciated, sending a note to current Clinton supporters can hopefully sway them to change their vote to Obama, and sending a note to the uncommitted folks will hopefully sway them to vote for Obama. It’s that easy…
    Clinton Supporters too …. !
    It takes a moment, but what’s a few minutes now worth to get Clinton in office?! Those are really worth !
    Sending a note to current Clinton supporters lets them know it’s appreciated, sending a note to current Obama supporters can hopefully sway them to change their vote to Clinton, and sending a note to the uncommitted folks will hopefully sway them to vote for Clinton. It’s that easy…

  20. Heidi

    Wow — it does sound easy when it’s all set forth on paper like that. If Bill Clinton didn’t help you write that Christin, I’ll be the big monkey’s uncle.

  21. Lee Muller

    All modern liberals are sexist and racist, on a white male model. Even the women and blacks don’t think women or non-whites can make it without help from whites, quota setasides for women and non-whites, and by overtaxing white men to subsidize women and non-whites, to “level the playing field”.

  22. trish curry

    bottom line is Hilary Clinton can not have it both ways, she can not say “Vote for ME because that will make ME the first female president of the united states” and then have the idiocy to claim sexism when she started the issue in the first place. The sad thing is she is trying to step up into the same league as Indra Gahndi and Margret Thatcher and she just does not have what it takes. Had she just stayed with the issues she would have had my vote from the begining, instead she tried to make this a historic moment for Hilary first, the american people second, and thats when she lost my vote and any support i might have given her.

  23. Lee Muller

    trish, you pretty much nailed it.
    What did you expect from these Clinton egotists?
    Bill Clinton slipped into office like Obama is trying to do now.
    Hillary is a known entity, and the BS that worked for Bill won’t work for her.

  24. Truth-Seeker

    It is time to tell the truth about the Democratic Party. I’m glad that I ran across Janice Ponds’ book, Stealing the Minds of America, on The Sope-Bocks blog.
    Ponds’ book offers the history and TRUTH of how the Democratic Party has ALWAYS worked to keep blacks down.
    Before November, 2008, we need to get the word out. Black = Democrat is NOT the right way to vote. Issues, morality and policy are the right way to vote!

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