‘Fun Guy’ keeps McCain campaign in stitches making fun of how we talk in S.C.

Actually, it’s more accurate to say that he keeps the McCain campaign in stitches encouraging contests to see who can sound more like our own Henry McMaster:

    Mr. Duprey, who also describes himself as "chief morale officer," goofs off a lot — mimicking a flight attendant, for instance, as she demonstrates the safety features of the aircraft. After Sen. McCain won Wisconsin, Mr. Duprey greeted him wearing a giant Cheesehead. One recent day on the McCain plane, Mr. Duprey organized a contest among reporters to see who could best imitate the southern drawl of South Carolina Attorney General Henry McMaster.
    "He’s a fun guy," Sen. McCain said in an interview. "He makes everybody feel good."

The thing is, around here, there’s nothing unusual about the way Henry talks. No, I don’t talk the way he does, but plenty of folks his age or older who grew up in Columbia do — smart, well-educated folks, too.

Maybe Henry thinks it’s funny, though — I haven’t asked him. I’ve been in meetings all day, and just remembered this from having read it this morning in the WSJ, and thought I’d share it with you.

19 thoughts on “‘Fun Guy’ keeps McCain campaign in stitches making fun of how we talk in S.C.

  1. David White

    Well, Henry does sound kinda like Foghorn Leghorn. So did Senator Hollings. My daddy taught me early on to be very wary of people who drawl, “well, I’m nothing but a dumb Southern boy, but …”
    Chances are we know more than we let on. Sneaky smart is better than plain ol’ smart any day. Sho’nuff.

  2. rick campbell

    was it funny because dope addict cindy mcsame was handing out some of her illegal prescription pills…or simpletons just easily amused?

  3. David

    Never missing an opportunity to point out a conspiracy or evil plot by Mccain, I ask: Could this not be more evidence for McCains’ disdain for the south?
    Consider: This Duprey character hasn’t (to my knowledge) been observed making fun of the Attorneys General or speech patterns of people in any Blue states, has he? Certainly he could, given the way New Yorkers and other New Englanders sound.
    I think it’s another diss by the evil John McCain.
    I’m just sayin. David

  4. Lee Muller

    I find the phony regional accents of Obama and Hillary Clinton to be more offensive.

  5. Bob

    Maybe McCain gets his jollies poking fun at Southern speech patterns because he has Lindsey Graham’s nose permenantly attached up his rear end and would crack it off it he turned a corner. I’m NOT voting Obama but McCain and Graham make me ill.

  6. slugger

    I have always heard that a man with a true Southern drawl is only using the time between words to outwit the carpetbagger.
    I have always heard that a true Southern Belle with the killer looks and the drawl always got what she wanted. Rhett Butler being the exception and only when she could not get Ashley.

  7. bud

    Of course you can’t possibly be right Randy. McCain is the something of a foreign policy genius in the eyes of the media. How could someone that brilliant and experience ever get anything wrong.
    Seriously, this man is very dangerous because he appears to know very little about foreign policy. He scares the dickens out of me.

  8. Lee Muller

    Obama and Hillary make McCain look like a genius.
    Have you seen how Obama stammers when he is working without queue cards?
    Everything from Hillary sounds like she practiced it in front of the mirror 1,000 times.

  9. Lambert,Ph.D.

    McCain will be the next president and most of you Bush haters will have to get over it. Most Americans aren’t fooled by Obama and he doesn’t have any idea how to run a government or be president. A vote for Obama will destroy this great nation and the liberals are doing a good job to destroy American and people in this country need to wake up to reality. People sound different in most parts of this country by speech but the most important thing is that we understand what each has to say.

  10. Randy E

    Brad, I’m disappointed. “No Soviet Domination” is part of the political lexicon – serious misstatement.
    Also, Czar Putin is reconstituting the empire.

  11. Lee Muller

    Unfortunately, a lot of stupid and bogus stuff “is part of the political lexicon” of many misinformed voters.
    “global warming”
    “arms for hostages”
    “no WMD in Iraq”
    “free healthcare for everyone”
    “tax breaks for the rich”
    “excess profits”

  12. bud

    Here’s a nice article about one of McCain’s preachers. From ABCNews.com –
    McCain Pastor: Islam Is a ‘Conspiracy of Spiritual Evil’
    McCain Called Pastor ‘One of the Truly Great Leaders in America’
    May 22, 2008—
    Despite his call for the U.S. to win the “hearts and minds of the Islamic world,” Sen. John McCain recruited the support of an evangelical minister who describes Islam as “anti-Christ” and Mohammed as “the mouthpiece of a conspiracy of spiritual evil.”
    McCain sought the support of Pastor Rod Parsley of the World Harvest Church of Columbus, Ohio at a critical time in his campaign in February, when former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee was continuing to draw substantial support from the Christian right.
    At a campaign appearance in Cincinnati, McCain introduced Parsley as “one of the truly great leaders in America, a moral compass, a spiritual guide.”

  13. Lee Muller

    The truth is, he is not “McCain’s preacher”.
    At least you know Obama’s preacher problem is real enough that you eagerly believe any lie the Obamedia feeds you.
    Now, work on channeling that sick feeling into recognizing Obama duped you on every issue.

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