Let It Be

There has long been a significant hole in the catalogue of Beatles films available on video — "Let It Be."Let_it_be

My son brought to my attention a few days ago the fact that you can watch it — in its entirety — at MilkandCookies.com. Here’s the link.

Admittedly, it’s not the polished work of cinematic art that is, say, "A Hard Day’s Night." And it’s rather sad, since it’s an unvarnished portrait of The Beatles at the moment they were breaking up. Finally, the music is far from finished form (I’ve got it playing as I type this, and my wife in the other room is providing commentary on its harmonic shortcomings).

But any true Beatles fan should see it at least once…

6 thoughts on “Let It Be

  1. penultimo mcfarland

    I’ve seen it several times, though not at MilkandCookies.com.
    Your wife can think what she wants to think. “I’ve Got A Feeling” and “Get Back” on the roof are magical.
    The title song and “Two of Us” ain’t so bad, either.
    Everybody should pull their socks up and enjoy.

  2. bill

    Thanks for the download.The last time I saw this was at The Miracle on Main(I think).That used to be a Saturday ritual;movie-hopping on Main.

  3. David

    I remember the movie houses that were on Main Street. You had to be in that elite group that actually lived near enough to town in order to do the Saturday movie hopping thing, however.
    I never lived close enough in to do it…I was always stuck out in the hinterlands. All I ever got was the one movie on Saturday night.

  4. Brad Warthen

    Here’s a semi-relevant memory for you…

    When I was living in the now-defunct Honeycombs back in the fall of 71, a buddy and I had agreed to go see “The Magic Christian” at one of the Main Street theatres. He wanted to go to some free mixer that some organization or other was having (maybe it was a fraternity, although this friend was a very unlikely candidate for the Greek life). We met up downtown, where I found him leaning against the wall of one of the downtown banks, and I realized he had had too good a time at the mixer when he greeted me enthusiastically with an alternative plan for the evening: “Let’s rob this bank!”

    I got him settled down and herded him to the theater. I enjoyed the show, but as we left my friend muttered about not getting it. It was probably a particularly weird film to see in an altered state.

    Oh, and for those who don’t remember the film (and are too lazy to follow the link above), it starred Peter Sellers and Ringo Starr, which is the connection to this post. It also featured Raquel Welch and Roman Polanski, if you can dig that…

    How weird was it? It’s loosely based on a comic novel by Terry Southern, of “Dr. Strangelove” fame. Nuff said?

  5. James D McCallister

    My parents & grandparents took me to many movies at the Miracle, the Fox, et al. Bond films, The Posieden Adventure, all the event pictures, especially WW2 stuff since my grandfather had fought the good fight and always ate those things up (surprising since he had such PTSD probs).
    I was at the Jefferson Square for the first weekend (Tora! Tora! Tora!) and the very last night, which was Apocalypse Now (I’d also seen that picture there on first run; they re-ran classics that last week), as well as innumerable films in between. I remember giving a quote to retired TV writer Doug (?) about how much the JS meant to me and how much I’d miss it.
    The idea of the Nick moving down to the old Fox theatre is extremely exciting to me. Here’s wishing Larry Hembree and the rest of the Nick folk luck in pulling it off…

  6. david

    WOW James! I have specific memories of “The Poseidon Adventure” with Gene Hackman, Red Buttons and Shelley Winter, and also “Tora! Tora! Tora!” when they came to Columbia.
    I also specifcally remember that the really cool thing about “Tora!” was the stereo sound, and I think Jefferson Square Theater was the first to bring this new cutting edge technology to a movie house in Columbia. During the bombing of Pearl Harbor scene, the Jap airplanes sounded as if they were coming in behind you from the street or lobby and flew right over your head as they went in for the kill. David

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