Ron Paul lives!


Over the weekend I found myself in Greenville, and I rode by a house adorned with several Ron Paul for President posters, and I thought, "Somebody hasn’t heard the news…"

Apparently, that somebody is me. I discovered today in the course of reading The Economist that Ron Paul is still running for president!

This immediately brings several things to mind:

  • How come none of you Paulistas complained when I removed his Web page link (along withRonpaul2
    everybody else’s except McCain, Obama and Clinton) from my list at left?
  • If his supporters thought the MSM was boycotting his campaign before, what must they think now? Paranoia must be striking pretty deep in the heartland right about now.
  • Everybody thought Hillary Clinton was a scrappy diehard. Compared to the persistence of Dr. Paul, she’s a shrinking violet.
  • Does putting "Ron Paul" in a headline still have the magical effect of drawing his supporters to your blog by the thousands? If so, we’re about to find out. Anyway, I hope they appreciate my giving them this forum to get their message out to the unsuspecting multitudes. But they probably won’t; they’ll probably just yell at me for not knowing their guy was still running…

47 thoughts on “Ron Paul lives!

  1. Doug Ross

    He’s got the #7 book on Amazon (down from #1 last week)… “The Revolution”.
    Considering what he accomplished compared to “name brand” politicians like Rudy, Fred Thompson, Joe Biden, etc., he has absolutely nothing to be ashamed of.
    His political philosophy doesn’t rely on the pandering, hypocrisy, and political games played by the remaining candidates.

  2. Chris

    I believe many Paul people are logged off and busy becoming republican delegates at the county, state, and national levels. In fact they are filling every position in the party they can. I believe Paulites sense the wounded neocons are going down this November by the overwhelming participation of the dems. The question whether or not the Ron Paul revolution was going to abandon the GOP has been answered. Nope! They intend to pick up the pieces of a shattered aging party and offer one hell of a candidate come 2012!

  3. Blaker

    Hi, Brad, thanks for the post. The revolution is alive and well all across this nation. Somehow those two internet spammers have turned into thousands of GOP activists participating in local conventions all over the country. Who’da thought these people can actually don Sunday-go-to-meeting clothes, author resolutions, and get elected as delegates? Oh, and in case you haven’t heard, our guy has never dropped out of the race, and he still has a multi-million dollar campaign bank account. Wonder what he’s waiting to spend that on??!!

  4. Eric

    I’m not going to be mad that you didn’t know he was still running.
    Paid journalists continue to claim the same thing to this very day.
    Entire news organizations act as if he dropped out. It’s not realistic to expect everyone to seek alternative news sources – but this country sure would be better off if more of you did.
    We likely could of avoided the Iraq War altogether if we just turned off the MSM and tried to find objective news on the internet.
    Of course, 90% of the country still thinks Standard Oil engaged in predatory pricing. So even with decades of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, we can’t make a dent in informing an ignorant populace.

  5. Paul

    Welcome back, Brad and thanks for the posting. Everywhere I go I run into people who believe that Ron Paul has dropped out of the race and I have to take my time to be sure they know that they have been misinformed. Small wonder, since he is not mentioned in radio, TV, or newspapers as still being in the running. But this amazing man makes the Energizer Bunny look like a like a limp fizzle. He is still speaking to packed houses and still campaigning. This month he’ll be in San Diego for a book signing.

  6. spinnikerca

    You mean we missed telling you he hadn’t dropped out? We were telling the world. Unfortunately the first time that report came out was right before one set of primaries, and the second time that report came out was right before another set.
    We’ve been busy telling all the media; can’t imagine how we missed you.
    Also, Ron Paul’s book debuted at #1 at Amazon and would still be there if they hadn’t run out. I know because I ordered two copies and they quoted July 2-12 delivery dates….
    Why don’t you google ‘Ron Paul Nevada State Convention’ just for fun?

  7. Gabriel Hernandez

    Didn’t know your blog existed till you posted a Ron Paul article that came up in the forums. Better get that link back up there, it’s a long way from over, the revolution has only just begun.

  8. frank

    A lot of us will have been quiet lately as we work towards getting liberty oriented candidates into other offices.

  9. James D McCallister

    So is Bob Barr the official Libertarian candidate? Or will Dr. Paul abandon the wheezing wildebeast that is the GOP and join the Lib ticket?
    And what about Ralph Nader and Jesse Ventura?

  10. David

    You see, by winning with delegates at the RNC
    by unbinding the other delegates is not a win “in the traditional sense” in the same manner and spirit that Lincoln beat Seward.
    Ron Paul never ever said in any certain terms
    he was quitting, and it’s great that McCain
    thinks he has won the nomination because he won’t see the surprise coming.

  11. Richard L. Wolfe

    Whoever wrote that crap about a countywide smoking ban should sign their name to the lies they print so the readers could comment on their lies.

  12. bud

    Ron Paul is badly needed right now. If he would run as an independent or libertarian that would siphon off a couple of million votes from McCain. Hopefully that would be enough to ensure John McCain is sent packing back to Arizona.

  13. Mo

    As painful as it is to accept Paul’s decision to stick with the GOP, that decision is Paul’s to make. There GOP blood in the water… after the GOP Nevada State convention on August 25th, it should be clear to every thinking and observant American that the GOP knows no bounds when it comes to shutting down Ron Paul’s candidacy.
    Nevada GOP Chairman Sue Lowden and Nevada State Senator Bob Beers shut down the vote count and convention when Paul took 4 of the first 6 delegates and it became clear that Paul would take the majority, probably a super-majority (2/3), of remaining delegates…
    This deliberate short-circuiting of the election process makes me want to fight even HARDER for 11-term Congressman Paul. Lowden and Beers should be tossed on onto their ears and into the streets.

  14. truthseeker

    Thank goodness Dr. Paul can explain to the country what a true conservative really is.
    If we didn’t have Paul in the race, most folks would think a conservative is someone who borrows trillions from our grandchildren to go kill Arabs in Iraq who have done us no harm.

  15. Carolyn Connor

    Since we couldn’t change things from the top down, we are now working from the bottom up. Unfortunately, the “bottom up” doesn’t get press.
    The truly amazing thing about the “RP Revolution” is that it has gotten people off their butts, away from their computers and into the battlefield of everyday political activity.
    The Revolution LIVES!

  16. NY4RON

    Good Morning, Brad
    Glad to see you waking up! 🙂
    Im surprised we missed your Ron Paul deletion also..though, you have made the correction, and we really appreciate it.
    We are not winding down, we are not falling off the Ron Paul Freedom Train…its just gettin’ started! Come on aboard, Brad – we saved you a spot!
    Take Care

  17. NY4RON

    Good Morning, Brad
    Glad to see you waking up! 🙂
    Im surprised we missed your Ron Paul deletion also..though, you have made the correction, and we really appreciate it.
    We are not winding down, we are not falling off the Ron Paul Freedom Train…its just gettin’ started! Come on aboard, Brad – we saved you a spot!
    Take Care

  18. Grant

    Ron Paul? Didn’t he commit suicide after being convicted of … sexual misconduct, or steriod abuse, or something like that?
    Oh, no, now I remember, Ron Paul isn’t a real person and there are no followers – it was just a silly hoax invented by a liberal activist and spread on the Internet in order to disrupt the Republican primaries. But it didn’t work.
    Please do not get up from your sofas.
    Chris Matthews is about to come on TV and tell us everything we need to know about what’s happening in this country. You will soon learn that we can have universal health care AND victory in Iraq – for free – because the rich and the oil companies will finally be forced to pay their fair share.
    No need to worry – no need to pay down those credit card balances. Please continue shopping.

  19. Fascist Nation

    I would have complained about you removing Ron Paul’s web link, but then I realized I would have had to admit I read you.
    Oh crud, I just did. 😉

  20. ElKabong61

    I can’t figure out if your post is an admission of ignorance or just a test to see how many comments you get.
    I will say this: It’s always nice to see a mention of Ron Paul without the almost de rigeur adjective “longshot”.
    Your allusion to paranoia reminds me of the saying: “Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you.” It’s obvious Ron Paul’s message has attracted some interesting folks, most quite enthusiastic. The media’s focusing on the strippers and white supremacists achieved the desired effect of marginalizing Paul and making people scared of taking him seriously or even considering him a viable candidate. That he still had such enthusiastic response was even turned into a negative by the media. People found it rather weird for supporters to actually like and revere a politician.
    Ron Paul was the true maverick and true agent of change running in this election. He represents real hope for America, not just some pretty rhetoric or the warm feeling that we finally are open as a nation to electing a mulatto president.
    Ron Paul’s ideas and proposals are radical, but not crazy. They do not fit comfortably into sound bites or 2 minute responses in debates.
    If you honestly think that the media and the pollsters ever treated Ron Paul and his supporters fairly, then I’m afraid you are sadly deluded and your efforts at blogging have met with a total disconnect from reality as far as this political race is concerned.
    Barring us bombing Iran, I think John McCain will have a tough go at it. It’s a shame the American public has been feeding at the MSM trough for so long. Maybe in time, people will realize that they can get much more reliable information on blogs posts (or at least in the comment section.)

  21. Jason

    Sure it does. I have a google news alert set up to tell me whenever a Ron Paul article is posted. 🙂
    Now put the link back up. 😛

  22. Lee Muller

    McCain only got 70% of the vote in Pennsylvania. The GOP needs to wake up and realize what a dud he is.
    The general population doesn’t give a damn that Hillary and Obama are just the suits fronting for radical socialism – just look at the communists in their campaigns and their entire political histories.

  23. Crickett Baker

    Why would we rave at you for Ron NOT being on your site. He was taken off of just about ALL of them, no matter how much we wrote. Even off the GOP’s sites across the nation. I will never understand the American People allowing this to happen to the actually ONLY candidate out there with no horrible history and the ability to set this nation right again. It is no wonder we have screamed loudly, but it has so far done little good for getting Ron known.

  24. Brian

    How about you read his book The Revolution: A Manifesto as a pay-back for removing his name from your website? 🙂
    Then give us a book review. You will NOT be disappointed in the book – it is a masterpiece.

  25. badmedia

    It’ll never be over. This is about way more than any 1 single candidate. Ron Paul is a great spokesman, and would make a great president. However, it isn’t the real goal, getting someone like Ron Paul elected will only be the result of meetings those goals.
    The goal is of course waking up and educating the American public.

  26. aaron

    You mean you haven’t missed getting all the attention? Like others said, it’s his ideas. You actually start learning when you listen to Ron Paul it is quite amazing.

  27. daddysteve

    The magical effect…poof…here I am. I wish I had something to comment on. Some socialist drivel to combat with conservative discourse or rino warmongering to shoot down with bloated deficits and crushing national debt. Oh well, guess I will troll on.

  28. Robbie

    Although John McCain will be the GOP’s nominee (Brad, is he the Unparty’s nominee as well?) every vote and delegate that Dr. Paul gets adds another chance to place an actual conservative plank on the Republican platform. Believe it or not, some of us actually want a foreign policy which promotes peaceful relations among our fellow nations; (while keeping a well-trained and equipped military just in case) a secure border; (even as we realize that for a multitude of reasons our hispanic friends and neighbors will still come here) repealing the 16th Amendment; (while still knowing that our federal government does have some basic needs, which need to be funded) and to end the war on drugs (while realizing that individual states are free to limit and/or criminalize their use and posession)Without Congressman Paul, McCain can run roughshod over the American public, unless the Democrats stage a do-over. As Thomas Sowell said, “John McCain can’t convince me to vote for him. However, Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama can convince me to vote for John McCain.”

  29. frzngds

    Brad, so obviously “Ron Paul” in the headline matters. And if you actually write an informed article(maybe on his book or his policy differences with McCain) you might get some lively and entertaining discussions here.
    Hope to read ya again.

  30. Liberty Belle M

    Well, Mr. Warthen, I’m refreshed to read your blog. One of my fellow activists on myspace shared the link with me. Am I surprised to hear that you thought Dr. Paul dropped out? No, in fact, I, like others, suffer from a sort of soul tiredness from hearing it over and over and over again.
    A careful assessment of how Ron Paul has been covered in the news very easily reveals what is almost certainly a deliberate bias against him. We seem to have an extremely short memory in this country; not so long ago, Dr. Paul’s stance(s) would merely have been seen as traditional in the GOP.
    Now he is marginalized by the mainstream media. Why? As a journalist, I hope you *always* preface your investigative journeys with this single question: Cui bono?
    That’s Latin for “who benefits from this?” (See )
    Why would a country with a supposedly free press suppress so much information on Ron Paul? That’s a complicated question, requiring a lot of “drill-down.” I will, however, point out that the consolidation of mainstream media outlets in TV, radio and television has had an incredibly stultifying effect on our ability in the US to get the truth. In fact, truth is a dirty word now, associated with so-called conspiracy theorists. Ought that not make us all a little nervous? How long before there are only 1 or 2 corporations controlling ALL the media?
    The revealing recently that carefully groomed Pentagon pundits were “embedded” with news networks, providing “news” and advisement ought to be making this country shake in its boots. When the State controls the media, is that not fascism? We are on an increasingly slippery slope. I encourage you to seek out scholarly discourse on this topic, because its not just yahoos holed up in compounds talking about this.
    Of course you’re not getting the news. If you’re watching Fox, or any other mainstream outlet, you have to watch with an eagle eye for the occasional crumb of relevance. A few voices still carry, a few people are not wholly bought and sold. But when I want to get the news, I mean the REAL NEWS, I turn to the internet.
    There I can rely on several sources to aggregate and distribute relevant and unbiased content. Are there whackos out there? Sure. But a person learns to sift through the electronic rubble, use critical thinking skills and reject the nonsense.
    I strongly encourage you to reach far beyond the scope of what you currently define as the “media” and “journalism.” I assure you, you’ll be in for the shock of your life.
    Please feel free to contact me for suggestions.
    ~ mariana
    hartford, ct

  31. Liberty Belle M

    Oops, clearly not caffeinated sufficiently, and/or need a proof-reader…this:
    I will, however, point out that the
    consolidation of mainstream media outlets in
    TV, radio and television has had an
    incredibly stultifying effect on our ability
    in the US to get the truth.
    Should read “newspaper, radio and television.”
    Sorry! 🙂

  32. Lee Muller

    Mainstream journalism is run by the same boomers who were in college with those in Congress and running for president. They have the same mindset, calcified in 1968. The upper echelons of media are also personal friends of these politicians. Their seek to make the news fit their mindset.
    Ron Paul, Thomas Sowell, Ed Clark, or anyone with new ideas is rejected by these media Philistines, who are too lazy to study and understand the new politics, and have too much personal investment in the status quo. If they cross the line and play fair, they lose friends, and lose connections which prop up their careers.

  33. OC

    The only thing cooler would be if you put his link back up. After all, he is still in the race as you’ve just realized. His numbers are quite remarkable considering the complete and total news blackout on him. 🙂
    And I would agree with the poster who said we are all busy working on the delegate angle.
    Despite MSM deceptions, McCain does not have enough “bound” delegates yet to guarantee a win.

  34. Rhys

    figured I’d spam bot your page and see if we can get your thousands of posts.
    Yes, we’re pretty paranoid about why the media claims there’s three candidates, on why he’s always asked now why he doesn’t drop out, asked why he wont support McCain, why they said he dropped out for months, why they suddenly hate obama, did they get over their crush? all this and more. I want to know! lol

  35. sandee van oyen

    Hello there, Brad!
    Yes, there’s still Ron Paul supporters out there! I love his principles and his policy. I’m in the minority, but it doesn’t bother me. He offers hope and fiscal responsibility to the youth of America and could teach all of us a lesson or two!

  36. freedomjunkie

    We’re still here! AND we’ll be in Washington DC in June makin a stink! Reason you haven’t seen so many signs around??? McCain people are snatchin em’ left and right. They really don’t want egg on their faces or let people see he’s still got opposition. We’re savin our steam for the FREEDOM TRAIN…. woot woot! Comin to your home town in November…….

  37. Trish

    Mr. Warthen, there are many still in the presidential race that you have not included in your writings. I would be astounded to see one person, such as yourself, live by the code of old school journalism and give equal time to all candidates in the running. I am respectful of your recent epiphone that Ron Paul is in fact, still a candidate, and as a Ron Paul supporter, am over-joyed by the press you have projected concerning this new information. However, in the spirit of Ron Paul, and all Americans who dream of free elections, I would be doing a happy dance after visualizing one serious blogger LIST all registered candidates. I would also love to see an in-depth analysis of each. We have come to a point in our politics where we all know the party is over. It is time to get down to the brass tacks of electing the right person for the job. You very well could be a catalyst for a thinking America doing the job of participating in this process. As a matter of fact, I KNOW you could!

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