Hillary’s diehards: For them, fight goes on

Did you ever sort of suspect that the Hillary Clinton campaign would never give up — that never-say-dieAp720125012_3
supporters would still be found 40 years from now holed up in a bunker somewhere, like those Japanese soldiers who still wandered out of the jungle on islands in the Pacific for decades after WWII? (Sgt. Shoichi Yokoi, right, was found in 1972 in a Guam jungle,
where he had been living on shrimp, fish and nuts — with the emphasis
on "nuts" — since 1943.)

Yeah, so did I.

Well, we were right. I got a release today from a group called JustSayNoDeal.com, to this effect:

June 18, 2008


Just Say No Deal Asks Obama Supporters To: “Show Some Class”

Tasteless Behavior Like the Booing of Public Officials Has NO Place in Our Election Process

– Online and Nationwide— JustSayNoDeal.com, a coalition of voters, individual activists, blogs, PACs and grassroots organizations, reacts to the scene on Monday night in Detroit’s Joe Louis Arena when Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm received a deafening chorus of boos at her mention of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton. Moments later former Vice President Al Gore experienced similar jeering when he referred to Senator John McCain.

Just Say No Deal Coalition members will not tolerate such offensive and disrespectful conduct from supporters of Senator Obama aimed at any individual— whether they be an elected official or a member of the community at large, and the Just Say No Deal organization will not align itself with any candidate that permits this shameful behavior to be exhibited in any forum.

During this lengthy primary process Senator Clinton and many of her 18 million supporters have endured pointedly hurtful behavior and vulgar attacks by unruly and inappropriate backers of Senator Obama in public arenas and in new media outlets. The most prevalent arena of these assaults has been on the most recognized sites within the blogosphere.

Concerned citizens continue to break their silence to express their dissatisfaction with party leaders and the short-circuiting of the nominating process. The Just Say No Deal portal offers those voters a plethora of voting strategies, calls-to-action and blogpostings to guide their general election decision-making. In doing so, they reclaim their voices and vow to Just Say No Deal!

You can, if you wish, take this group at its word that it’s just about being fair and polite toward "any individual— whether they be an elected official or a member of the community at large," and believe it’s not about Hillary. But you can’t do that with some of the sites to which JustSayNoDeal.com provides links, such as:

  • hillaryclintonnews.blogspot.com — "Want To See Hillary Run As An Independent? Sign the Petition for Hillary to run as an Independent."
  • clintons4mccain.com — "Malik Obama confirms half-brother BHO raised Muslim."
  • hireheels.com — "we adore shoes, but we love Hillary"
  • clintondems.com — "a place where Democrats that feel the DNC and media have acted in bad faith towards the American people can gather to organize, share insights and have their voices be heard"
  • womenforfairpolitics.com — "a grassroots organization that is reacting to the terrible
    treatment that Hillary Clinton has received during her historic run for
    the Democratic nomination for President of the United States"
  • writehillaryin.com — "a
    website created by Americans, for Americans who refuse to vote for
    Barack Obama in the General Election. We’ve had inadequate candidates
    shoved down our throats before, and we’ve often fallen in line. NOT
    THIS TIME. Our feelings may be hurt, but that’s not the point. Our
    principles have been offended. Feelings pass. Principles do not."
  • hillaryorbust.blogspot.com — "The left has totally become pornogrified and anti-woman. Do I really care that guys on the left want to save the spotted owl, when on the other side of their mouth they are telling me that I, as a woman, only have value to them when I’m wearing a negligee?"
  • typicalpawhitewoman.blogspot.com — "This is the diary of a typical white woman in PA. I didn’t know there was such a thing as a typical white woman or a typical woman, but apparently there is and I am it."

This rich vein just goes on and on — dozens of such sites. Some of y’all who have more time on your hands than I do should browse through them and share some of the nuggets with the rest of us.

Nobody could make this up. And the thing is, you get the sense the authors of these sites are not really trying to be funny, although many succeed at being Hillaryous.

But don’t tell them I said that. Some of these folks seem the type who don’t appreciate a little good-natured ribbing.

40 thoughts on “Hillary’s diehards: For them, fight goes on

  1. Lee Muller

    Hillary is a witch, but she got robbed.
    She won all the big states, as many delegates as all other candidates combined. Obama only won because the losers gave their delegates to him. As socialist as Hillary would like to be, she has some restraint of reality and common sense which Obama lacks.

  2. BlogAboutIt!!!

    Hey Brad! Hey Everyone! Hope you ALL still have jobs after the penny-flattening bean-counting gurus got done with the budget…
    You forgot one — I just discovered it this AM:
    HillBuzz.com [I think]
    ~~~Viva La Hillary~~~Viva La Hillacrats~~~Just Say No Freakin’ Deal~~~Bamy, Just Back Out~~~Etc. Etc. Etc.~~~

  3. mattheus mei

    And they accuse Obama supporters of drinking the Kool-Aid?
    Lee is right, she is a witch, but I disagree that she got robbed. The math was against her, it doesn’t matter in a primary if you win the “big states” and the map looks like Risk, it’s about the math, and the math wasn’t with her and no the other’s didn’t give their delegates to her because guess what – they didn’t have any delegates, the only one who did was Edwards and he only had, what 12 delegates? In the grand scheme that’s just a drop in the bucket compared to the rest of the numbers.
    I can’t wait for these people to copycat Christian Exodus (but successfully!) and all move to Northwest Arkansas and declare their independence from reason and sanity – as well as the government at which point they’ll declare Hillary Queen of the Harpies.

  4. LittleBird

    HarpieWorld would be a better governmental system than the one in power out here in Lexington County: RedneckMafiaMeccaTown.
    [Which, by the way, is top-heavy with Kings. Kingpins, that is.]
    Pray for us, Bros…

  5. Wally Altman

    Hillary lost because unlike Obama, her campaign strategy was to assume she would win right away on “momentum” without planning any way of accruing the required number of delegates if all her opponents didn’t drop out immediately.
    Anyway, the way I see it, the media encouraged diehard groups such as these by continuing to treat the Democratic primary as a tight race even though the outcome has been inevitable ever since Hillary allowed Obama to win eleven contests in a row in February without even contesting them.

  6. Richard L. Wolfe

    The Clintonista’s and the Paulinista’s are not going anywhere because after four years of a failed Obama or McCain presidentcy the fields will be ripe for anything. So get use to it.

  7. LittleBird

    Brad, Lee, mm, Wally, Richard, Sane Gentlemen and Fellow Americans Everywhere:
    I think this reflects the main disgruntlement:
    “short-circuiting of the nominating process”
    This must be addressed and those responsible held accountable.
    It is just that straight-forward.

  8. just saying

    (In my naivety) I am still floored by the desire to have the Florida and Michigan delegations seated after the national committee warned what would happen to any “too-early” states. Are the complainers illiterate, uneducated, stupid, or just willing to put the temporary good of one candidate over the long term integrity of the entire party? What part of following the rules don’t they get?

  9. Mattheus Mei

    The rules have never stood in the way of the ego of the Clintons, it just so happens that in the end they didn’t get what they believed they deserved.
    On the whole Hillary’s antics, and that of her most zealous supporters represent the failure of American Feminism in regard to the feminist movement world wide to move beyond collective victimhood – something the Obama campaign has tried to maintain in it’s post-modern ethos in regards to race.

  10. WeeBird

    ~~~Word to the Wise~~~
    Google is jamming our HillBuzz with ‘killbuzz’ — what a manipulative circle jerk of jerks!!!

  11. Mattheus Mei

    Brad I wonder how many of these commenting Hillarians live in SC and read the State Newspaper, it seems from the one voice above (is it one person or more? seems like one) that someone has their Google Alerts to anything “Hillary Clinton” If they are in SC I wonder if they’re up in the upstate with the Christian Exodus Crowd, or are they even further in the mountains with the anti-government folks.

  12. FreeBird

    Oh, MM, get off your manipulative horse. Did you have an inside run with the bold ink? Kind of squirrelly with the bold ink thing.

  13. Brad Warthen

    I can assure you of one thing: If I’d put “Ron Paul” in the headline, I’d have gotten a lot more traffic than this.
    Of course, maybe the Hillary backers are LOOKING, but are giving me the silent treatment. You know women.
    That was a JOKE! Can’t you people take a JOKE? I’m sorry. Really. I was wrong, obviously. Really, dear, I mean it…

  14. Heidi Peacock

    You & Brad are apparently baiting me here. A tag team, perhaps? To each their own!!!
    Love Ya. Mean It.
    ~~~Viva La Hillary~~~
    P.S. MM, I go by many names, but you can call me Mrs. Peacock you little worm!!!

  15. Kate

    I was/am a proud Hillary supporter, and I don’t plan to move to Arkansas or anywhere else. In 2006, James Carville tried to get Howard Dean tossed out, but Don Fowler of SC fought it and won. Isn’t it strange that when Obama broke the RULES in Florida by ADVERTISING there, it was Carol Fowler of SC who decided it was okay for Obama to break the DNC rules??? If ya’ll don’t smell a rat coming from the DNC and Dr. Dean and the Obama Camp, at least have the integrity to not degrade those of us who see this election for what it is: A Coup from the Far Left, set in place two years ago with the primaries and caucuses decidedly designed to benefit a Black candidate. That is when the Democratic Party lost its soul. ‘For the first time in my adult life’, I’ll be voting Republican this year. . . . . McCain ’08

  16. Kate

    Here’s a great website for telling the TRUTH about this election. Larry Johnson is a former CIA Intelligence Expert who has connections from the ‘inside’ — he was a major witness in the Valerie Plame outing.
    Especially check out the video at that site about the threats Hillary supporters are receiving. It is real. It has happened to me, too.

  17. just saying

    Kate – Since you apparently don’t think abortion, the environment, energy policy, the military, philosophy of governing, etc… are very important issues, I’m wondering what drew you to the democratic party to begin with.

  18. Kate

    McCain is against Federally-mandated abortions — he thinks it should be decided by each State individually. I agree with that, and I think Obama and his Far Left agenda will try to make abortion a form of birth control — I am totally against that! McCain is just recently for drilling within the U.S., due to the dire circumstances lower-income Americans find themselves enduring with the extremely high gas prices. I agree with him, that Americans are more important than preserving ‘frogs’, for instance. McCain’s own two sons are in the military and have served in Iraq. I think he is to be lauded for not using that, in his campaign, and I think he means it when he says he won’t leave our troops in harm’s way any longer than absolutely necessary to give them a hero’s end to this ignorant war. As to his philosophy of governing (not sure what you mean by this), but the very FACT that hard-core, Far Right Wing Repubs seem to hate McCain, makes me realize he is a Moderate Conservative — or, according to some of the Repubs — a Liberal Republican. I do NOT want a Far Right or Far Left President. I think it is dangerous to allow Extremism to run the Government, and the next President, if Obama, would control all three branches perhaps. Black Liberation Theology is dangerous and un-American and the Far Left, in my opinion, are too anti-Christian for me to want them to be deciding Supreme Court Justices or possibly interpreting our Constitution in ways that leave God out more than He is already left out, due to their influence.
    I REALLY wanted Hillary because she is more Moderate than Obama (National Review Journal determined Obama is THE MOST LIBERAL Senator in the Senate), but the DNC allowed the Far Left to take over the Party and Obama even moved it to Chicago before he is even legally given the power of a Candidate. Power moves like that should scare all Dems, especially THIS Dem, who was born in Illinois and lived there a lot of my life — I know all about Chicago politics.

  19. just saying

    So basically, you’re more of an independent who has liked the democratic candidates in the more recent elections, than you are a democrat. No problem with that.

  20. David

    The poetic beauty in all of this for me is that Hillary – this screeching between Frau Blucher and Nurse Ratchet, uber-feminist, failed/has-been presidential wanna-be – is now going to have to return with no fanfare to her back-bench, junior position playing second fiddle to Chucky Schumer, the senior Senator from New York.
    Ooooh. This is such a great moment for the country. You know what they say, coming in second just makes you the first loser.
    Simply delicious. David

  21. Lee Muller

    I do hope this teaches a less on some of the ego-driven “me first” legislatures that wanted to be first in the primaries, and made themselves irrelevant, like Michigan, Florida and South Carolina.
    It shows the benefit of stretching out the process in order to get a better examination of the candidates. Too bad the news media didn’t do its job, and chose to report fluff, catfights, and gotchas instead of stands on issues with details of how the candidates plan to deliver all the goodies they promised.

  22. Nora Lee

    Obama is a racist, Marxist, Muslim who could very well be the anti-Christ or at the very least the worst thing to ever happen to our country.

  23. Phillip

    David, just because Hillary will continue being the junior Senator from her state does not relegate her to political irrelevancy, by any means. Her political clout in the Senate will continue to grow and grow for as long as she chooses to remain there.
    Remember, it’s the junior Senator from Illinois who is about to become President of the United States.

  24. blatham

    This is a covert RNC operation. It was not initiated by Democrats or aggrieved Hillary supporters nor are these sites populated by them.
    On May 15, the domain name “clintonsformccain.com” was registered to The Republican National Committee (easily verified at register.com, whois lookup).
    A writer at Wired, Sarah Stirland, somehow got wind of this and sent two queries to the RNC. They were not answered. She wrote up the story and it went online June 5.
    On June 4, a second registration was made but this time with the “for” changed to “4” and with the registrant’s identity hidden.
    The second site went active June 8 and the first was left inactive.
    But you’ll see if you listen to Cristi’s interviews on Fox (of course it is Fox) or if you survey these sites as Brad has done, that they constitute a compendium of RNC/conservative talking points. “Obama is a commie Muslim”…”the DNC is strung from the thighs of Satan”…and, the really big ticket item…”Vote for McCain”.
    Just a tad transparent, particularly after Limbaugh’s “operation chaos”.

  25. ~~~Viva La Hillary~~~

    Clintons ‘For’ or even ‘4’ McCain is a MYTHICAL demographic. We see thru his evil ploys & it is ***No Deal-Ville***
    P.S. MM, I know it has only been 1 week, so this is early — but…
    I officially apologize for calling you a worm.
    There. These passing storms and the barometric pressure are wreaking havoc with my delicate female hormonal balance. I have even played nice and make-y up-y with the @(*!?&$*#$%$#@ Dallas Morning News Blog Police today.
    Some days are definitely better than others.

  26. blatham

    Viva La Hillary said:
    “Clintons ‘For’ or even ‘4’ McCain is a MYTHICAL demographic. We see thru his evil ploys & it is ***No Deal-Ville***”
    That’s not terribly coherent. Mythical demographic? Would you care to clarify what you mean by that phrase?
    And “his evil”…to whom do you refer and could you clarify this ‘evil’ you mention?
    Let’s assume you are a passionate Hillary supporter. Correct assumption? If so, could you talk a bit about the classical liberal philosophy and platform positions Hillary does hold and why you found yourself compelled to give her such passionate allegiance. I was a Hillary supporter myself and my wife and I both donated a fair amount of time and money to forwarding her primary campaign here in Oregon.

  27. ~~~Viva La Hillary~~~

    “Clinton Supporters for McCain” are an unrealistic block of voters, unless they are voting while running ‘scared’ — which is not the best of emotions with which to base a decision of this nature.
    His [John McCain] evil lies in a suspected stirring of the presidential pot, helping to prop up Obama, as the media has done. The goal being to get her out of the competition, because he could not win against her. In fact, McCain might have even fantasized about winning Hillary Clinton over to his presumed “ticket” — in a pathetic, manipulative, and sexist-type political maneuver.
    Clear enough?
    Further clarification needed on “classical liberal philosophy” due to the fact that the concept, and the label are misnomers — from the research I have done.
    Thanks for your support House of Blathams!!!

  28. ~~~Viva La Hillary~~~

    Source: “The Denver Post”
    “Democratic Convention to be No-fry Zone”
    By Scott Shepard
    Cox News Service
    Article Launched: 06/26/2008 03:49:55 PM MDT
    DENVER — Warning to Southern delegates to the 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver this August: it will be a no-fry zone.
    As part of the effort to make the August 25-28 convention the greenest ever, the Democrats’ guidelines for food catering include one that strikes at the heart of Southern cuisine: no fried food.
    No fried chicken. No fried catfish. No fried green tomatoes. No fried okra. No fried anything.
    In promoting healthy eating habits, the Democratic guidelines say every meal should be nutritious and include “at least three of the following colors: red, green, yellow, purple/blue and white.” “It’s the new patriotism,” says Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper, the driving force behind the greening of the Democratic convention.
    However, if presumptive Republican presidential nominee John McCain starts gaining in the polls on Barack Obama, who will accept the Democratic nomination in Denver, the Democrats may find they’ve got bigger fish to fr? – uh, make that – bake.
    COMMENT BY ME — [I hope this OK with you, Governor Sanford re: budget surpluses in late August…]
    I’m OK with the No-Fry Menu in Denver. It would be kind of freaky up there, anyway.
    It is the “Obama will accept the nomination” thing I can’t stomach. We hope to have Hillary Clinton “accepting the nomination.” By golly – we will invite all of y’uns down to South Carolina for “Fried WHATEVER YOU CAN IMAGINE” after it’s all said and done. We fry our Thanksgiving turkeys down here — so we are experienced in all-things-fried.
    !!!Viva La Hillary!!!

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