History to be made tonight

Leave it to Samuel T., who gets really pumped about politics (and life in general), to put things in perspective, just when we’re on the brink of getting jaded:

    Tonight the western world , the white world is nominating an African-American for President of the United States of America !!!!!!!!!!!. Remember 1964 and how far have we come and how far we have to go ! Look how far Senator Obama had to go to get here from 5 months ago in Iowa. He was behind by 20 plus points ! Senator Obama’s victory tonight is a huge victory for all those who made the ultimate sacrifice for America to get here !
Mazel Tov America! Samuel 

That was a broadcast e-mail that Mr. Tenenbaum sent out to his list at 5:13 p.m. Seven minutes later, Luther Battiste III responded thusly:

    Well said. Using a NBA analogy, we have qualified for the finals. Now we have to win the ring. Yes, we can. Luther Battiste

39 thoughts on “History to be made tonight

  1. Mike Cakora

    I think that Hillary is ready to accept the position of vice president on the ticket, but she needs help in clearing up her campaign debt. I’ve heard that McCain is about ready to take her up on that…

  2. Doug Ross

    Another few decades and we might see a black governor in South Carolina… imagine what THAT day will be like!

  3. VeryAnonymous

    I’m so disgusted with this whole hijacking of Hillary’s win that I’m going to tell you my Dad’s latest racist & sexist joke:
    A voter asked God if there would ever be a black president of the USA. God said, “Not in your lifetime.”
    That same voter asked God if there would ever be a woman president of the USA. God said “Not in MY lifetime.”
    This is our only shot people!!!

  4. Randy E

    HRC spent some more time dumping on Obama tonight. The Clinton’s take narcissism to the highest level.
    The only saving grace is how atrocious a speaker Warthern’s boy McCain is – as poor as his policies.

  5. Mike Cakora

    VeryAnonymous —
    I understand that you’re disappointed that your candidate lost. But keep in mind that for many the issue was not fear or loathing of female candidates, but an intense dislike for a particular candidate, Hillary Clinton. Some don’t like her policies, but more don’t like her and/or her husband for any number of reasons. You may not like that, but that’s reality.
    A lot of Democrats are upset at her for some of the shots she directed Obama’s way. According to a CNN blog, today the Republicans started circulating the “Commander-in-Chief” test Hillary discussed during a press conference on March 8, the day Obama won Wyoming. Her main point was that McCain was qualified to take the reins of government, as was she, but Obama was not. Here’s the video.
    The really good news is that tonight the campaign begins in earnest and a lot of folks are dropping their long-time partisan affiliations to form the “Civilization Comes First” movement. We have our candidate.
    Civilization depends on it.

  6. LessAnonymous

    Obama is the most confused, malleable person on this planet.
    I have been a life-long Republican, but can’t vote for John McCain — and Hillary is a sincere, hardworking and trustworthy leader.
    This ain’t over Mikey!

  7. Phillip

    “This is our only shot, people.”—VeryAnonymous.
    That’s bunk. Why is this (y)our only shot? Are we about to repeal the 19th Amendment? Rather than this being the only shot, the exact opposite is true, and to believe otherwise means that you think Sen. Clinton’s candidacy set women back, did them a disservice, and I can’t agree with that. Sen. Clinton’s extremely strong showing proves that we have indeed arrived at a time when a woman can have a legitimate shot at winning the Presidency. Her campaign has, if anything, hastened the day when that does happen. Mike is absolutely right. Hillary was hampered by a variety of factors that were a greater detriment to her prospects than sexism was.
    If Obama had narrowly lost the nomination, it would be equally erroneous to say, on behalf of African-Americans, “this was our only shot, people.” His candidacy, too—even had he not attained the nomination—would have proven that an African-American could seriously contend for the Presidency.
    The doors have been opened, not just a crack, but blasted off their hinges, by both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.
    On this evening, though I am especially overjoyed about Obama’s nomination, I pause to salute both of them equally for the races they both ran, and the significance of both their candidacies in the context of American history.
    Things will never be the same. And VeryAnonymous, you are wrong. There’s already a whole generation of important female political leaders out there, in both parties. A woman will become President in the not-too-distant future. It probably won’t be Hillary Clinton, but whoever it is will owe her election in part to Hillary’s 2008 campaign, to be sure.

  8. Randy E

    HISTORIC! There are 65 year old black AMERICAN citizens who went to school in “separate but equal” schools with photos of 34 white men on the walls in social studies class. This was their history. Now a person of color may join this row of presidents on the wall. HISTORIC.

  9. Sand Hill

    Brad – Poor editorial decision today. Shouldn’t elections be decided on the merits of the candidates running? Surely the biggest message his Senate colleagues would take from his defeat is that eventually pure meanness will come back to bite you as a state senator.

  10. Sand Hill

    oh – and lets not forget the frequency with which he lies to his constituents (like you referenced with the DUI bill).

  11. bud

    This is a day to rejoice. The best candidate has now secured the nomination of the Democratic party for president. The various cable news channels showed Obama, Clinton and McCain giving speeches last night and from my perspective this contest should not even be close. Put Hillary on the ticket and the dems should win 60/40 in the actual vote with a narrower 54/46 win after the GOP dirty tricks machine gets rolling. On every one of the issues Obama is the man:
    On energy he didn’t fall for the gas tax gimmick. He understands that we need to conserve, invest in alternative energy sources and forget about more drilling.
    On healthcare. His plan goes about as far in the correct direction as is politically feasible. (Too bad he didn’t adopt my four-tiered approach). But compared to the excruciatingly awful McCain disaster this should be a no brainer for the voters.
    On the colonization of the middle east. Obama understands the folly of continued occupation of foreign countries who have their own cultures and traditions. He has the instincts to work with the people in that region of the world without trying to ram our American way of life down their throat. McCain’s kill, kill, kill, war, war, war philosophy will only get millions killed and cost us more trillions.
    And Obama is both smarter, younger and healthier than McCain. His life story is one of inspiration. McCain’s is simply one of privelage. I feel very positive about this election. The country is headed in the right direction, finally. The end of the horrors of the Bush years is finally within sight. Go Obama!

  12. Doug Ross

    Anyone catch McCain’s speech last night?
    Zzzzzzzzzz… sales of Ambien will probably drop drastically. He is not the least bit Presidential in his style and that will become more and more evident by November.
    There’s going to be a whole lot of “buyer’s remorse” in the Republican Party in the coming weeks…
    It’s Dole/Clinton all over again.

  13. p.m.

    The headline on Scoppe’s column today mentioned a Trojan horse.
    With Obama on the front page clinching the Democrat nomination, the headline seemed particularly appropriate.

  14. A Lib @ Heart

    Hey Cindi! Obama’s riding a Trojan horse too! Filled with playdough people who don’t know who they are, what they are, where they are — or even why they don’t know these things! We gotta keep him out of the White House!!
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~Viva La Hillary~~~~~~~~~~~~
    ~~~Squiggles = the dance of disbelief!

  15. A Lib @ Heart

    And it IS NOT because he is black! He is a national security threat! Give us Colin Powell…give us Eddie Murphy…give us Sidney Portier…give us Stevie Wonder…give us Reuben Greenberg…just give us somebody else!

  16. Lee Muller

    When the subject is Obama, you very quickly run out of good things to say.
    …No accomplishments
    …No good friends
    …No knowledge
    …No experience
    …No new ideas

  17. bud

    No accomplishments
    Obama was an accomplished attorney before his election to the Illinois Senate. He’s a United States Senator who won by an incredible margin against a very well known GOP opponent.
    No good friends
    He has about 2200 good friends signed on as delegates to the Democratic convention.
    No knowledge
    He was the only candidate who was correct about the Iraq colonization and the gas tax gimmick. Sounds pretty knowledgeable to me.
    No experience
    He has enough. His judgement and capacity to learn are second to none. He’ll be just fine.
    No new ideas
    He has plenty. Just read his web site.
    The energetic, charimatic and brilliant Obama will clean John McCain’s clock in the debates. McCain looks old and acts out of touch with reality. His constant drumbeat of war and inability to understand even the most basic facts belie his claim to experience.

  18. Lee Muller

    Obama’s friends are no good:
    * terrorist bomber Bill Ayers
    * terrorist bomber Bernadine Dorn
    * terrorist bomber Angela Davis
    * communist Frank Marshal Davis
    * communist and African Marxist father
    * Louis Farakan
    * Jeremiah Wright
    * advisors with links to Hamas and Al Qaeda

  19. USAReader

    And don’t forget that abomination Michael Pfleger who should have been struck dumb right there in the “pulpit.” He must be TRYING to get defrocked so he can gear up in different clothes to mislead other masses in other venues.
    [I am Catholic – we can be severe on our own.]

  20. Lee Muller

    I’ll bet $1,000 that if Obama wins the elecion, he will be partying with Michael Pfleger, Jeremiah Wright, Louis Farakan, Bill Ayers, Bernadinen Dorn, his Hamas buddies and everyone else with whom he has claimed to severe ties. A hate-filled Marxist doesn’t change overnight.

  21. slugger

    I was reading a book a little while ago and came across the word poseur. Never having heard of the word before, I looked it up. It literally means bullshit artist.
    He knows what he is doing and what he intends when he gets in office. He just does not want the people to know. So he must be a POSEUR.

  22. Lee Muller

    Obama’s appeal is to the selfish and an lazy, with promises to sacrifice national security and punish those who create wealth in order to buy the votes of the indolent.
    Patriots and net taxpayers are a minority, and they will be exploited and abused by Democrats who care nothing about Constitutional protection of our civil rights.
    Obama will provide the most divisive campaign since Lincoln in 1860. If he is elected and tries to impose his socialist agenda, he will be the most divisive president since Lincoln. He intends to gain votes and hold onto power by being divisive.

  23. slugger

    You are right on the mark about Obama. For the life of me I cannot understand how people can be so blind as to think that the looking glass does not have two sides and he cannot leave his past behind when he takes the oath of office.
    Maybe we will all wake before November 2nd and find it was all a dream played up by a story book tale of change. The only change I see he is talking about is the kind that go jingle in your pocket.
    Hang in their Lee. You might get through to a few that have a ride to the poles. That is the kind of change he will be looking for and needing for what he is about to dump on the working man.

  24. bud

    You guys on the right are the biggest bunch naysayers. Obama is not going to take away your money, guns or security. The people who have been in charge for most of the past 8 years are the ones responsible for the housing market crash, the enormous budget deficits that contributed to the dollar crash, the run-up in oil prices due to a lack of a coherent energy crises. Obama is the future of America, a breath of fresh air. He will restore our freedoms, increase our wealth and security and above all move the U.S. and the rest of the world in the direction of positive change. It’s all going to be all right. Actually it’s going to be better than all right! It’s going to be the dawning of a new and marvelous era of peace and prosperity.

  25. Lee Muller

    Obama, like most of his supporters, is personally unable to take our money, guns and other property. He and his cowardly followers hope to hire enough goons to the dirty work for them.
    Clinton had the War College do an assessment of using the military to confiscate guns from honest Americans if he could get them outlawed. The report said that 2,500,000 Americans, most of them combat veterans, would refuse to comply with the law, and would defeat the remnant of the US military which did not resign within 6 weeks.

  26. p.m.

    He has plenty (of new ideas). Just read his web site. – bud
    Actually, bud, they’re old ideas that haven’t worked when other countries tried them. Obama wants us to emulate the Western Europe model from which Western Europe is beginning to back up. Socialism is unworkable because it fails to account for human nature. Obama offers the capable mediocrity for the sake of the inept. By the time the GOP has made it clear to the American people exactly who Obama and his disaffected friends actually are, he won’t have a chance to win.

  27. p.m.

    By the way, bud, what I’ve heard from Obama since he clenched the nomination makes me think he plans on being the first socialist dictator of the United States. He’s already dictating things the Democrat Party will and won’t do.
    Behold the new Castro!

  28. slugger

    Take off the rose colored glasses. Maybe you need a magnifying glass in order to see all the things you seem to be missing where Obama is concerned.
    We have until November to save the union. The train is leaving the station. There is no way that Obama is our savior when he sat in a church full of hate. I guess that he is going to just reach up and delete all the ideas that have been placed into his brain by all his leftist friends. He is smooth as eathing pudding with a spoon. The only problem is when you are trying to digest the pudding you will find that you do not have the stomach for the pudding after all and then it is too late.

  29. bud

    Well slugger if Obama is pudding what kind of food is McCain serving up? Given his horrible record over the last few years one food is probably not sufficient. He qualifies for a 4 “coarse” meal.
    As an appetizer he serves us a good ole helping of beef jerky. He keeps jerking us around with all his flip-flops, from torture to taxes this man is jerking us around so much it makes your head spin.
    As for the side item, McCain has his kosher pickle in tow everywhere he goes. With Lieberman handy he can bail McCain out of any pickle he gets into, like when he confuses Sunnis with Shiites and visa versa good ole kosher is right there to set the record straight.
    As for the main course, what else: a good, tough steak made out of bull. He offers us bull on Iraq, bull on health care, bull on energy. Everywhere you look McCain is peddling more bull. And it’s getting tough to swallow.
    Of course for desert we have humble pie. McCain tries to sell himself as a good ole maverick senator from Arizona who is just one of the guys. Yet his elitist background belies the truth. Just look at his millionare trophy wife. He simply can’t seem to keep his stories straight though. Perhaps “bumble pie” would be a better description.
    Just wash it all down with a tall glass of GOP brand purple kool-aid and there you have it, the McCain ‘four-coarse’ meal.

  30. slugger

    Sorry that I am not going to eat at your slop counter.
    I know that you must be a really nice guy but your brainwashing has been a total success.
    I do read a lot of what you write and I am left scratching my head with your leftwing remarks.
    Did you write that Obama would change the name of the White House if he were elected?
    I cannot find the post but it could have come from you. Maybe?

  31. bud

    Did you write that Obama would change the name of the White House if he were elected?
    No and neither did Obama.

  32. Lee Muller

    Obama, Hillary and McCain were on a ship that sank. There was only one life jacket.
    Who was saved?


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