NOW DeMint’s making things LESS clear

Remember last week when Jim DeMint took Mark Sanford’s side in tomorrow’s Senate 23 primary runoff, and I said that helped clarify things a bit on one of those endorsements that I couldn’t possibly feel good about either way?

Well, forget the clarifying part. Now I learn from the Spartanburg paper that in this Upstate race, Jim’s making like Lindsey Graham and supporting the Republican officeholder, rather than joining the gov in trying to do remake the state GOP in his (Sanford’s) image:

     The District 12 race has been the most contentious over the past two weeks. Talley has hit Bright for receiving support from "out-of-state special interest groups" such as the S.C. Club for Growth and South Carolinians for Responsible Government and for having two tax liens — one as yet unresolved — placed against his business, On Time Transportation. Bright has painted Talley, a real estate attorney and the co-owner of three Marble Slab Creamery ice cream shops, as a trial lawyer.
    Both candidates have garnered some high-profile endorsements. U.S. Sen. Jim DeMint came to town Saturday to stump for Talley, while Gov. Mark Sanford gave his nod to Bright on Monday.
    Bright said he wants to go to Columbia to support Sanford’s agenda. That agenda includes using taxpayer money for parents to send their children to private schools and a one-school-district-per-county system. Bright said the consolidation issue is one on which he disagrees with the governor.

Of course, if the gov didn’t come out for this Bright guy until last Monday, that one is nowhere near as important to him as getting rid of Jake Knotts. Sometimes when you whack a guy, it’s just business. Other times, it’s personal, so you have to do it yourself, as Tony had to do with "Big Pussy" Bonpensiero, or Michael with Sollozzo and McCluskey. And you want to make really sure that your capos are with you.

In a way, that’s what makes the Lexington County race so unusually interesting. It’s SO personal for both Jake and the gov, and Republican capos have had to choose sides in a difficult war. And it’s interesting for the rest of us to see how they line up.

7 thoughts on “NOW DeMint’s making things LESS clear

  1. Susanna K.

    “Bright has painted Talley, a real estate attorney and the co-owner of three Marble Slab Creamery ice cream shops, as a trial lawyer.”
    How funny! That’s exactly the same tack SCRG has taken against Young here in the District 81 race. I wonder now if they’re sending out exactly the same tacky flyers in the upstate with just the name changed. I wouldn’t be surprised, and it would explain why the flyers are so generic-sounding.

  2. Debbie

    In the District 81 House Seat, Tom Young has been trashed by SCRG as a “trial lawyer.” Even more interesting is the fact that his opponent, Scott Singer sent out a flyer outling his platform which was almost word for word the same as Bright’s. In fact, Singer’s flyer even said “Senate” instead of “House.” Ooopps!

  3. Ad Watch #7,985

    There’s the thug on the skateboard ad again. He likes to hang out at the “Dallas Morning News” too — which has gone almost totally commie now.
    What a losing pose for promoting ANYTHING!

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