Butch says he and Kevin working pro bono for DMV

Just got this e-mail from Butch Bowers, one of the attorneys who stuck up for the "I Believe" license plate on our Monday op-ed page:

Brad – enjoyed
reading you blog post about our piece and the DMV’s release of yet another
license plate
.  In one of the comments to this post, a reader
asks you if Kevin
and I billed DMVBowersb08_4
for writing the piece and if we are getting paid by the state
to defend this suit or if we are working pro bono.  If you are interested in
responding, I thought I would let you know that we are in fact providing pro
bono representation to DMV.  We didn’t bill anybody nor did we otherwise get
paid for writing the op ed piece, and our representation won’t cost the
taxpayers any money at all.
Thanks very much,
and I hope you are doing well.  Take care,
OK, Butch, "I believe" you. But if my ol’ friend Kevin hasn’t found a way to bill somebody on this, he must be slipping…

One thought on “Butch says he and Kevin working pro bono for DMV

  1. Gutter Lawyer

    What Butch doesn’t say is his law firm gives him credit for this. The younger wingnuts at Nelson Motors have tried over the years to abolish their pro bono programs; nurtured, to his credit, by Ed Mullins.
    They’ve been looking for a “conservative” cause to support since they think Stuart Andrews, Steve Morrison, George Cauthen, et al., are all do-gooding, radical liberal “socialists”.
    They are “paid” by Nelson Motors at the lowest hourly rate they bill clients for. As with all bank-tower, billable hours firms, the time-sheet is god. Thus, the more Butch, et al., say they work for SC DMV, the more they get “paid” by Nelson Motors.
    I suppose this phony controversy which DMV most definitely will LOSE, is a small price to pay for the other good pro bono work done by Ed and the Gang.

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