Colbert: S.C. is SO not gay

et’s credit Adam Fogle — the guy who started it all when he broke the story initially — with bringing to my attention the clip of Stephen Colbert explaining in no uncertain terms why his native state and mine is so not gay, no matter what those British ad wizards may say.

This should settle the matter, as I can hardly imagine a more authoritative source. He knows what’s what. Remember, this is a guy who gets all his South Carolina news from Brad Warthen’s Blog:

9 thoughts on “Colbert: S.C. is SO not gay

  1. John Vierdsen

    The question is, will the Quinn firm have to deal with the fallout of paying such a homophobic blogger? Or is that line of argument par for the course among S.C. political consultants?

  2. C. Nelson, Jr.

    The NAACP has attemted to boycott tourism over the confederate flag and recently Myrtle Beach has refined it’s tourism preferences to exclude bikers. All this is taken as acceptable. When the “So gay” ad appeared those who opposed it were called homophobic as opposed to flagophobic and bikerphobic. Obviously it is acceptable to have tourism preferences provided they do not cross the political correctness of the day. Logically then, the next time we hunt down and kill a shark who has attacked a swimmer we should be regretful about being sharkophobic. Phobias are, it would seem, in the eye of the beholder.
    Recent smoking legislation as well as permits to sell alcohol on Sunday in our cities and at our resort areas must then be soberphobic and smokophobic.
    So much for virtue in the bible belt.

  3. Richard L. Wolfe

    South Carolina is not gay but thanks to editors like Brad it is getting more and more pussy whipped.

  4. Mark

    I moved from SC because I’m gay and you can’t be openly gay there….too much intolerence from anyone who isn’t hetero, white, smokes and PBR-drinker.

  5. hal stevenson

    imagine my surprise when my wife and i got on the subway elevator in london last week and there was a poster “South Carolina is so gay”. say what? gay beaches? having been gone for 4 weeks, i had no idea the amount of press it had gotten until i got back this weekend. colbert’s tongue-in-cheek commentary was funny and accurate on at least one point (i’ll stay away from his others)- we are polite and welcome everyone to sc. we just don’t want to know what their (should be) private sexual preferences are. when it comes to prt’s efforts, to confuse the pro-family image of our state and beaches is just not smart when the amount of economic impact from families far exceeds any impact gay tourism can bring.

  6. bill

    Homophobia is like racism and anti-Semitism and other forms of bigotry in that it seeks to dehumanize a large group of people,to deny their humanity, their dignity and personhood.
    Coretta Scott King

  7. Brad Warthen

    Wow. What are the odds against that?

    My friend and source Hal Stevenson, one of the leaders of the Palmetto Family Council — he even owns the building in which the PFC (and the Gervais Street Starbucks) are located — actually saw one of the actual posters in the one Tube station in the world in which they were, however briefly, located?

    The mind reels.

  8. Mike

    Mark, my partner – now Legal Husband – and I are right there with you. Thanks to all of the Good Tolerant, and most especially *CHRISTIAN*, *LOVING* folks of South Carolina, we quickly grasped the idea that we were complete and total “persona non grata” there.
    Thus, last summer we were married in a suburb of Toronto while on vacation, and fell in love with a place where busybody “Christians” (most of whom need to go back and re-read their Bibles, obviously) don’t want to meddle in our relationship and lives. Thus, instead of purchasing the house off of River Rd. not far north of Elmwood, or possibly that one in The Avenues over in Cayce, we’re now looking at property in places named Stouffville, Mount Albert and Ballantrae.
    Ontario completely welcomes us. Unlike South Carolina, who just wanted our tax monies and for us to shut up and disappear.
    So, gee, where are we choosing to actually PAY those property and sales taxes? Hmmm…But, hey, South Carolinians, you certainly PROTECTED that thing called “MARRIAGE”, didn’t you, the same amendment The State so strongly supported? Congratulations on a Job Well Done to all involved!!!


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