New USC pres wearing Stephen Colbert’s tie


emember last fall, when Emile DeFelice gave Stephen Colbert a special new South Carolina tie, and Colbert whipped off the tie he was wearing and tied the new one on perfectly, without missing a beat as he kept the gags coming?

Sure you do — I posted video of it and everything.

I was reminded of it today because I spoke over at Seawell’s to a meeting of retired federal employees, and a nice lady who had been present at the Colbert event gave me the above picture of myself and the "candidate." It was apparently takenPastidesshake when we were shooting the "Colbert endorses Brad Warthen’s Blog" video, which I KNOW you’ve seen.

Anyway, you can imagine my shock when the folks downstairs at posted a picture of Harris
Pastides being congratulated as he was named president of the University of South Carolina today, and he’s wearing Stephen Colbert’s tie! The one Emile gave him?

Did Colbert throw it away as soon as Emile wasn’t looking? Did Pastides find it in a dumpster on campus? Weren’t we paying him enough before to buy his own ties?

This just raises all sorts of disturbing questions…

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