Product placement on TV ‘news’


Don’t know what y’all think of this, but these must be some pretty unassertive "news" people who stand by while their station collects revenue for product placement, and they don’t even get any free coffee out of it!

What a raw deal:

    Oooooooh, they’re calling out your name.
    Two cups of McDonald’s iced coffee (BUY!) sit on the Fox 5 TV news desk, a punch-you-in-the-face product placement (BUY!) to chase down your morning news.
    They’ve been on the Las Vegas station set for about two weeks, following the lead of a few TV stations across the country, and they’re still looking every bit as frosty and tantalizing (BUY!) as they were the first day you laid your eyes on them.
    But wait, here’s the best part: They’re not real. Fake coffee on the real news, two plastic cups permanently filled with some kind of bogus drink. The anchors aren’t even supposed to acknowledge them, McDonald’s reps explain. That’s part of their genius, my little lambs! They get into your mind without you knowing it. So they just sit there, two logo-emblazoned plastic cups, percolating into the psyche. Made-to-scale models that weigh something like seven pounds each — refreshing, and bottom-line boosting!…

By the way, if Starbucks would like to pay a bunch of money, and give give me lifetime free coffee, for ads on my blog, what’s stopping you? I mean, I’m drinking the stuff anyway.

Also, as you can see above and below, I can sometimes get my guests to play along…


5 thoughts on “Product placement on TV ‘news’

  1. penultimo mcfarland

    When you’re already paying for it, why would Starbucks start giving it to you?
    Here’s hoping they send you a seven-pound plastic cup filled with crocodile tears and an Economics 101 textbook and then ask you to buy ads for them on your blog.

  2. Richard L. Wolfe

    Finally, the source of Brad’s insanity outed. Since all harmful products must be banned then I suggest we ban all Starbuck’s mind altering coffee immediately.

  3. bud

    Wolfe, you raise a good point. Brad has repeatidly supported bans on video poker, medicinal marijuana (not to mention recreational marijuana and other drugs) and a host of other entertainment options that people enjoy. Why not outlaw coffee? It certainly has a powerful stimulative effect. If used by truckers it can be dangerous once it wears off and the trucker rapidly comes down from the caffene high. It’s also hot and when spilled can cause bodily injury or can even be used as a weapon. Finally coffee adds to the nation’s trade deficit since we have to import it. Yup, banning coffee makes at least as much sense as banning video poker.

  4. Lee Muller

    Our trade deficit is more the result of our tax dollars funding IMF and World Bank loans at low interest, and often never repaid, to build modern factories overseas.
    Most of these factories destroy American jobs, such in textiles, while employing very few natives, because they factories are so modern. Management, engineering, and operations come from the machine countries: Switzerland, France, Germany and Japan.
    Political cronies own the factories. With their cheap or free loans plus some internal subsidies, they own factories with no startup costs, so they can sell the goods cheaply. When the machinery is worn out, they just walk away to the next scam, and let the IMF and World Bank stick the US taxpayer for the default.


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