WHAT ‘gay beaches?’

Readers of this blog learned yesterday that "South Carolina is so gay," or so a just-aborted British ad854gayembeddedprod_affiliate74sourc
campaign would have it. I can’t take credit for that "scoop," of course — Adam Fogle broke it.

But it wasn’t until I saw a reproduction of the poster itself in the paper today (and aren’t those posters, on display at a station in the London Underground, going to be a hot item on E-Bay?) that I learned that among South Carolina’s "gay" charms are "gay beaches."

That’s a new one on me. Where would these "gay beaches" be? Certainly not on the Grand Strand — must be somewhere further down the coast.

Not that I’m interested for myself, you understand.

And not that there’s anything wrong with that

10 thoughts on “WHAT ‘gay beaches?’

  1. slugger

    From what I hear about Columbia and the gay crowd, there is no point in wasting the gas to go to the beach.
    The person that spent our tax money to get those gays to come from England to visit our gays in SC should be fired and put on the first plane to England. What if all those that came to SC would decide to stay? I do not even want to think about it. Could you imagine what “Gay Pride Day” would be like with imports.
    Just to set the record straight….straight that is…I am not gay and do not mind those folks having a “gay old time” but not with my daughter.

  2. Mattheus Mei

    Hmmm I wonder if those posters advertised Columbia’s gay pride celebration this coming September, I hate I’m going to be out of town and miss RuPaul.
    Oh slugger you should only want the gays to stay, look at what they’ve done with Elmwood and Earlwood parks, the city is looking for a way to turn North Columbia around and nothing makes property values go up more than gaying up the neighborhood.
    Perhaps the most IRONIC statement from the article is this one:
    “Joel Sawyer, spokesman for Gov. Mark Sanford, said using tax money to support a social or political agenda is inappropriate.”

  3. bud

    Funny how times have changed. My mom showed me her high school yearbook. She was voted gayest in her class. And she considered it an honor. Of course gay had a very different meaning in those days. Perhaps if we just invited the happy Europeans to come visit the Grand Strand that would be a good thing.

  4. ruintuit

    This could be Myrtle Beach’s answer to getting tourist money if (and when) they boot out the bikers. They could start the first Gay Beach weeks in SC..maybe even have White Gay Beach Week followed by Black Gay Beach week just to continue giving the NAACP a reason to continue to show up the last two weeks in May.

  5. zzazzeefrazzee

    Who wouldn’t pay good money to see a drag queen perform hir sassiest impersonation of Scarlett O’Hara? Or even Mammy?
    The best ever was RuPaul appearing as “Ms. Rachel Tension” in “To Wong Fu”, replete with hir stunning sequined confederate flag dress.
    Hey, perhaps she’ll wear that again especially for the Columbia gay pride? That will garner some attention, to be sure.
    Which reminds me; what’s become of the “United Stepdaughters of the Confederacy”? It made “best activist group” in the Best of Columbia, 2001, and was never heard from again.
    Now an appearance of drag queens in corsets would definitely round out Gay beach weekend.

  6. Richard

    God forbid “those people” come to S.C., those gays that have money, are polite, and don’t cause trouble. I mean, the trailer trash that comes to Myrtle Beach, get rip roaring drunk, fight, race their motorcycles down the strip, the tatoo’d women that belong on “Jerry Springer” more than being in public are so much more family friendly. We don’t want “them” around, we’re proud of our drive-by gang shootings, white trash meth labs, last-in-the-nation education system.

  7. Christa Timbers

    To answer the gay beaches question, there are a few coastal areas that are well known for being prominently gay. Lots of the GLBT community frequent those particular beaches, ergo they are deemed “gay beaches”… they don’t have to have rainbow colored sand and blare techno music. It’s just a chunk of beach that the demographic frequents.
    Anyway… Joel Sawyer, spokesman for Gov. Mark Sanford, said tax dollars should not be used for ads “that promote any group with a particular social or political agenda.” ???? Are you kidding me? If they posted ads targeting Baptists that read SOUTH CAROLINA IS SO AMAZING IF YOU’RE INTO JESUS… I guarantee Sanford or his sycophantic entourage would say NOTHING. They’re just trying to find a way around saying “We hate gay people.”


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