SOMEBODY doesn’t like being in the sunshine

Ooh, somebody is a little upset now that the world knows who is behind his blog. Mayor Bob — you know, the one who was hassled by these folks for months as they adamantly and childishly refused to identify themselves (while all along it was run by folks allied with actual members of City Council who could have openly asked the mayor all of these questions at any time) — called this to my attention this morning.

But the mayor got something wrong. He thought, when he saw the ripped-off graphic, that this blog had gone active again. Wrong. It’s still a slacker blog, without a post since June 2007. Or — and here’s another way to look at it — was the graphic not ripped off at all? Is there a connection between the individuals involved in both? I probably should know that. Someone told me once who was behind this site, but I guess it wasn’t important enough to me to remember. Maybe y’all can refresh me.

So for now, I’ll keep that moribund blog at the bottom of the blogroll, where I tend to put the inactives. I suppose I should bump up "Barbecue and Politics," since that former slacker has sprung to new life. And for now, the Pulse will remain where it is. It will be interesting to see how it acts going forward, stripped of its cheesy anonymity.

2 thoughts on “SOMEBODY doesn’t like being in the sunshine

  1. Lee Muller

    By all means, investigate those blowing the whistle, instead of those blowing the taxpayers’ money.

  2. Brad Warthen

    You know, sometimes I think, “Lee actually believes the stuff he says,” as unlikely as it seems.
    He seems to believe that WE don’t blow whistles on the city — for its bizarre bookkeeping, or the recent police scandals, for instance. He seems to believe that it’s actually OK for highly prominent people in the community — people who are fully empowered to make any point they wish to make directly — to hide behind an anonymous blog. He seems to believe that there is something wrong with us TELLING him about these powerful people who are behind the blog — in other words, something wrong with us blowing the whistle on them — just as we do with the folks who run city government, so that he can make up his own mind about it. Apparently, he believes that ONLY elected officials and their appointees are in any way accountable for their behavior, and it is good for UNelected people to pull strings in secrecy, and for ELECTED council members allied with them to hide behind them.
    I don’t understand HOW anyone believes those things, in light of all the obvious facts, but I suppose he actually does.

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