Alert: Actual relevant discussion happening on the blog as we speak!

Just thought I’d clue y’all into the discussion going on as I type this between DHEC’s Thom Berry and the S.C. blogosphere’s "not very bright" over the sewage spill into the Saluda River.

Those of you who prefer serious issues to Top Five Lists should probably tune in, and weigh in…

3 thoughts on “Alert: Actual relevant discussion happening on the blog as we speak!

  1. Brad Warthen

    Hey, on this blog, nobody gets paid, including me…
    Or rather, to be more accurate, I don’t make a dime more than I otherwise would on account of the blog.

  2. Lee Muller

    IIRC from my Trout Unlimited meetings, there isn’t supposed to be ANY sewerage discharge into the Lower Saluda River.
    All septic tanks were supposed to be removed from around Lake Murray, too, starting in 1975.
    DHEC also said in 1984, that no more well water should be pumped out of Horry County to supply Myrtle Beach development, because it was causing salt water incursion, which was destroying the water supply.
    DHEC has also failed to protect the clean water supplies from the Catawba River. North Carolina towns are tapping the water and selling it to Charlotte, which then dumps its sewerage into the Catawba just above the SC line.

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