I’m rubber and you’re glue

heesh. Still trying to catch up with my external e-mail address from the last few days, I’m just seeing this release from the Obama camp that came in Monday:

Obama Campaign Features Washington’s Biggest Celebrity in New Ad: “Embrace”

CHICAGO, IL – The Obama campaign today released a new 30-second television spot highlighting the record of the biggest celebrity in Washington, John McCain.  The ad entitled “Embrace” addresses the numerous ways in which the special interests in Washington have embraced John McCain and how McCain has hugged right back, employing lobbyists in top positions and giving tax breaks to oil and drug companies, instead of working to ease the burden on middle-class families.

The ad will begin running on national cable on Tuesday.

You can view the ad HERE.

You can read Obama’s plan to restore faith in Washington HERE.

You can call the "celebrity" stuff back and forth mere excessive cutesiness (although some partisans like to see wickedness beneath it all — when done by the other side, of course). But this video goes over the top (or under the bottom) by using the very favorite anti-McCain image of the Hate-Bush crowd. Obviously, anyone who would EVER give the president of the U.S. a hug is evil, right?

From MoveOn.org I expect this stuff. Not from Obama himself, even sheathed in "cuteness." Sheesh.

9 thoughts on “I’m rubber and you’re glue

  1. bob

    How could you possibly know what to expect from Obama? He has waffled, changed stances, qualified his meaning, etc., on every major issue his campaign has stands on.

  2. Richard L. Wolfe

    Obama is no more running his campaign than you are Brad. His head is in the strasphere thinking lofty thoughts.

  3. Doug Ross

    What sort of behavior will it take from either campaign for you to decide that neither of these jokers is worthy of being the President of the United States?
    How low have you set the bar?

  4. Doug Ross

    And what’s worse – this Obama ad or McCain’s blatant sucking up to Bush despite what Bush/Rove did to destroy him in 2000?
    Who else will McCain roll over for if he becomes President?

  5. Mike Cakora

    Doug –
    Go here and watch from about 44 seconds to 54 seconds to see the attitude some folks have about voting form McCain.
    Not a lot of motivation, I know, but others are adopting a more practical approach to get themselves in the mood to vote in November.

  6. bud

    What am I missing here. McCain (and Brad) continue to push this idea that McCain is very different politically than Bush. All the evidence suggests otherwise. Obama points out how very much alike these two Republicans are. How is that “over the top”? Seems like Obama is just pointing out to voters that if they vote for McCain they’re basically voting for 4 more years of the same failed policies of the Bush years.

  7. p.m.

    Here we have the most negative, derisive attack in the campaign so far — from the guy who said he wouldn’t go negative.
    This is not change. It’s politics as usual.
    Sorry, Luda. Didn’t mean to steal your song title.

  8. Karen McLeod

    What’s derisive about it? If you think that Pres. Bush has done a stellar job for the past 8 years, and you want to see his approach continued, the ad only points out how close Sen. McCain and Pres. Bush are. It’s only if you’d just as soon not see the current policies continued, that the ad has any negative points.

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