TIME magazine features Anton Gunn

Just got a heads-up that Anton Gunn — Democratic nominee for Bill Cotty’s House seat, S.C. political director for Barack Obama — has been featured in TIME magazine. A sample:

Anton Gunn is a first-time delegate to the Democratic National Convention from South Carolina, and he has never so much as watched a political convention on television before. Even Barack Obama’s famous keynote address in 2004 didn’t grab his attention (he sheepishly admits he still hasn’t listened to it). In fact, until two years ago, when Gunn ran for a state house seat in Columbia and lost by 298 votes, he’d never been involved in electoral politics.

Obama’s candidacy has brought a wave of new voters and volunteers into the Democratic Party, but even among them, Gunn, 35, stands out. In addition to being a Democratic delegate and a candidate once again for the state legislature, he now has a line on his political résumé few can match: political director for the Obama campaign in South Carolina, the state that more than any other launched the Illinois Senator’s successful candidacy.

You know, I don’t think I would have singled out Anton as one of those people brought into politics like Obama. I saw a number of such folks back in the state primaries, and some of them were real novices. Anton was relatively NEW to politics, but he was already in it before he met Obama. That doesn’t take away from his achievement helping Obama win the primary, a job for which he was quite inexperienced.

I guess this sort of exposure is kind of hard to match if you’re David Herndon, Mr. Gunn’s opponent in November. Of course, it remains to be seen to what extent TIME magazine readers are a factor.

8 thoughts on “TIME magazine features Anton Gunn

  1. Claudia

    Congratulations, Anton!
    We’ve only met once, when an old friend of yours named Cassie introduced us, but I’ve been aware of your public service and look forward to seeing what you will accomplish in the future.
    Anton Gunn is one of the not-quite-so-new faces in SC politics just now becoming visible to most folks in the state. I wish him much success and a vibrant hope that he and other up and coming leaders can move the state towards reshaping the way SC governs itself and help us drag our collective mind out of the past to realize the potential SC has always had.

  2. Bill C.

    Anton’s too busy eating up all that free air time on that Sunday morning show on WIS. I wonder if his competition also will receive equal airtime donated by WIS.

  3. P.W.

    I agree that Anton Gunn is one of the next generation leaders in South Carolina. He has been around a long time in the nonprofit sector before stepping into politics. I remember the first time I met him in the mid-late 90s working for a childrens’ group. He drove up to York County to asssist with a “Child Watch” event.
    I could see very early on how he cared about the future of our state. Any 20-something, that would rather spend his day focused on early childhood education rather than hanging out with friends is admirable to say the least.
    It told me what kind of person he was at the core. I am glad that the media is starting to pay attention to the guy many of us in the nonprofit sector has known for more than a decade.
    Good luck to him and his race, I wish I lived in is district to vote for him. He is a tremendous asset to South Carolina. I wish my state representative was half as good as Anton Gunn.

  4. P.W.

    The way I hear it from my friends in the area, you could give his competition all the free airtime in the world, it wouldn’t matter much. The guy appearently doesn’t have a clue.
    Anton has an understanding of the issues that makes what he has to say relevant to the broader community. I am glad he is on that show. He provides a strong independent perspective that is missing from the debate on most issues.
    We need more people like him that are willing to speak up and not be controlled by political parties or special interest groups.

  5. John McCane

    My friends,
    This other fellow on the ticket, isn’t he the guy from the car dealership? I have met some pretty slick car salesmen in my life, he gets two big thumbs up from me…he is doing just an outstanding job telling people what they want to hear! Who cares if any of it is true?

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