Tom Davis on the Jasper Port deal

Tom Davis dropped by to see Cindi and me Tuesday morning — his first visit since the one I wrote about back here and here — and we talked about a number of things.

Tom, you will recall, is the governor’s former chief of staff who is now the GOP nominee for what is for the moment Catherine Ceips’ Senate seat.

Anyway, one thing Tom talked about was progress that’s been made on the Jasper Port deal. Tom continues to believe that his ex-boss, Mark Sanford, doesn’t get enough credit for bringing the deal with Georgia along to this point (even though my former colleague Mike Fitts did a column awhile back pretty much covering Tom’s talking points on the subject).

But Tom expects that years from now, when some of the more southern Corridor of Shame counties have benefited greatly from the economic development the projected port will bring, Mr. Sanford will get the credit, and deservedly so. This, he says, will be Mark Sanford’s legacy.

It will also be, if it turns out as hoped, Tom Davis’ legacy. He was, near as I could tell, the most ardent advocate for the Jasper Port in the Sanford administration, and the one who worked hardest to make it happen. I think you can probably see some of Tom’s passion about the subject in the above video.

3 thoughts on “Tom Davis on the Jasper Port deal

  1. Mikell Harper

    I respect Tom’s hard work on the Jasper port project;but you can’t say enough about the late Henry Moss’ efforts over many years to make it happen. A special column about Henry and his efforts would surely be most appreciated by many of us who knew Henry as a friend and public official over the years, both in Beaufort as city manager and in his several capacities in Jasper County.
    When this is all said and done I hope that Tom and other powers that be will find a suitable site for a plaque or other appropriate memorial on the Port property.

  2. Ronnie Abrams

    The Jasper port may be a moot point if the North American Security and prosperity people have their way with the Super Corridor eliminating borders and built with foreign money. For those of you not familiar with this, it will come through Mexico from 3 main western Mexico ports right up the gut through Texas northward to Canada.China will be a MAIN more need to use the Panama canal touse SC ports! It will eliminate East and West coast states’ ports profits and benefits to the USA and coastal states with ports.
    Wake up and STOP this invasion before its too late!


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