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    All right, let’s try one more time — I wrote this post twice this afternoon and had it crash both times right when I stored it for the last time, and the whole thing disappeared, despite the fact that I had saved drafts along the way. You’d think with the subject being an Irishman, a bit of luck would rub off on me. Here goes…

So Obama picked the one guy he needed to pick, the one running mate with all the strengths that perfectly match his weaknesses. And so we welcome Joe Biden back to the limelight.

Well, not "back" exactly, since my man Joe didn’t get any of the light that was his due the first time around. Despite all that time spent paying dues here in South Carolina — starring at the Galivants Ferry Stump Meeting in 2006, and doing the rubber-chicken circuit with great regularity, he couldn’t get any attention, and no love from S.C. Democrats. Why? Because the Beltway media had decided it would be about Obama and Hillary, and apparently S.C. Democrats were spending all their time staring at 24/7 TV "news" instead of looking around them, and they mistook what they saw on the Tube for reality, until it became reality.

Never mind that Joe Biden was easily the best-qualified candidate in the field. By the time January rolled around, he was down, out and forgotten.

That made things at tad easier for us on The State‘s editorial board in the end. By the time Obama came in and dazzled us in his endorsement interview — and Hillary had refused to come in and try to give us a reason not to endorse Obama — the choice was easy. But if Joe had still been in it, I suspect I would still have been pulling for him, and who knows where we would have ended up? It might have been like 2004 all over again, when I persuaded a very divided board to go along with me (talked them into exhaustion is what I did, in a three-hour marathon after which I lost my voice for about a week) and endorse my other man Joe.

As it was, though, we reached a very quick consensus, much as we had done earlier in the month with John McCain.

Joe Biden, of course, had been in to see us months before, just as McCain had done. And those were not the first visits we’d had from either of those veterans.

So now Joe’s back in it. Good. This will be interesting.


13 thoughts on “Welcome back, Joe

  1. Ralph Hightower

    I predict that John McCain won’t pick any of the candidates that ran against him in the Republican Primary:
    Rudy Giuliani
    Sam Brownback
    Jim Gilmore
    Duncan Hunter
    Mike Huckabee
    Ron Paul
    Mitt Romney
    Tom Tancredo
    Fred Thompson
    Tommy Thompson
    Because if McCain picks any one of the past candidates, the Democrats are sure to bring forth negative comments that the VP nominee said about McCain; just as McCain’s campaign brought up with Biden’s comments about Obama.

  2. p.m.

    Obama, Mr. Change, plus Biden, Mr. Beltway, equals a complementary ticket, or a ticket that sense only as a new liberal plus an old liberal. Picking an insider doesn’t ive much credence to Obama’s change mantra.
    Sorry to hear Obama “dazzled” The State’s editorial board. Y’all apparently need to get out more.

  3. Reader

    I can’t wait for Lee Muller to chime in on this one!!!
    Pat Buchanan ripped Joe Biden a new one yesterday [MSNBC I think]– as in, he has not been able to do it before…
    Teaming up with Bamy is DEFINITELY not the ticket! And when Joe Biden said, “I’m not the guy” from his car last week — HE WASN’T LYING!
    Because Hillary Clinton is THE GUY. Not for Bamy, but for the Dems!!!!!!!!!

  4. p.m.

    Thirty-six years in Washington for Biden vs. 143 days for BO.
    Why would Biden want to play second fiddle to a novice?
    As would Yoda say, not quite a lot of sense does this make.
    May the Force leave them both speechless.

  5. Lee Muller

    Democrats hope a replay of Kennedy-Johnson.
    Obama didn’t want the Clintons for obvious reasons.
    Obama didn’t want a young but more qualified Evan Bayh, either. A loss in 2008 would set up Bayh to take the nomination in 2012.

  6. p.m.

    Scary ticket. One liberal who knows how to get things done in Washington, and an ultra-liberal who has the blessings of the Daley machine and the hippies who never got over the ’60s.
    What they might get done in D.C. could undo a once-proud nation.
    God speed McCain.

  7. Joe

    Very nice to see obama and biden hugging so sweetly,
    and biden 35 years sucking on the public tab, never had a job,
    and obama, pure affirmative action baby boy,
    no leaders there, except for the lemmings rut.
    Obama cannot bowl, biden and obama never served in the military, biden with deferments during the draft highs of 1968 when biden graduated law school.
    Only the juvenile vote, the metrosexual vote, and the self hating white vote for this sweet boy pair.
    McGovern landslide deja vous, sil vous plait.

  8. Lee Muller

    That’s why Americans have impeachment and the Second Amendment for creeps like these who don’t respect any limits on their authority.

  9. bud

    That’s why Americans have impeachment and the Second Amendment for creeps like these who don’t respect any limits on their authority.
    I thought you liked George W. Bush.

  10. Lee Muller

    Obama couldn’t even rent a car to drive at the 2000 Democrat convention. He didn’t earn enough money to pay any income taxes, until a member of the Daley machine started paying him an $8,000 per month retainer to do nothing.
    Does Al Gore remember that he drove a Mercury Marquis when he was elected VP in 1992?


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