Art for art’s sake


ooks like I won’t get around to telling my Dan Quayle story today, because it will take me some time. It’s about how several of us here at The State spent a week back in 1988.

But in the meantime, here’s a picture I just liked because I liked it. The composition, or the visual irony of stylized artwork superimposed on reality, or some such. Anyway, somebody at the WSJ liked it, too, because they put it on their front page, even though they knew it would be outdated (Obama’s acceptance speech was that night) by the time readers saw it. I’m guessing they subbed it out in the local edition.

Anyway, I was going to post it on Friday, but an abortive attempt to find it on AP failed. Today I found it. So enjoy.

Maybe an art major out there can explain to me why I like the picture.

5 thoughts on “Art for art’s sake

  1. bill

    “Maybe an art major out there can explain to me why I like the picture.” Brad
    The absolute genius and prescience of Andy Warhol juxtaposed against the inanity of the crowd makes for living surrealism.Surrealism becomes reality or vice-versa.It reminds me of Don DeLillo’s “Mao II”(Cover and opening scene).
    Sorry,best I can do.I went to this damn circus school in Fla.
    Hey,it IS a great photo.You often piss me off,but then redeem yourself by posting something like this.
    You like it because you have good taste,you damn war whore.

  2. p.m.

    Obama’s the symbol, what the crowd wants, the messiah. The multitude seems indistinct, but one representative individual is singled out, with Obama’s image overpowering the crowd. Indeed, the crowd seems to flow from Obama, and the curvy stadium in the background emphasizes the feeling of flow. Most importantly, enough of the face of the fellow wearing the Obama shirt has been cropped out to rob him of his individuality and make him representative of the crowd.
    Nice photo.
    Scary candidate, a la Fidel.

  3. Lee Muller

    Obama and his followers are romantic tyrants, of the sort who supported Mussolini. They are so convinced that they are right, and the masses must be forced to conform to their dreams, “for their own good”.
    Liberals in America gushed praise over Mussolini and Hitler, just as they do today over Obama.


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