Do you want to be on a debate panel?

Earlier today I got this internal global message from Leroy Chapman, who as the paper’s editor in charge of the political reporters does the job I once did (poor guy):


The government team is assembling a panel of voters in our community to watch the presidential and vice presidential debates with us and, afterward, serve as a focus group on how the debaters fared during a roundtable discussion we’ll have here at the newspaper. We will feature this panel on and include it in our debate coverage.

Know somebody who’s mad for McCain, crazy for Palin, in love with Obama and rooting for Biden? Know somebody who is undecided? Please, send them my way. Especially the undecideds.

We, of course, want diversity — men, women, young, old, political, apolitical, Democrat, Republican, independent, black, white, brown, etc. Keep that in mind as you think of folks who might be interested.

Anticipating a fun experience. Please let anyone who is interested know we would like for them to sit on the panel for all four debates.

Thanks for your help 

So, how about it? Anybody want to apply to be on the panel? If so, you can reach Leroy at

Don’t make me come out there and "volunteer" some of you Army-style…

25 thoughts on “Do you want to be on a debate panel?

  1. Doug Ross

    A perfect time to get bud, lee, Mike, Herb, Karen, pm, me, etc. together… imagine the possibibilities!
    I’ll volunteer but maybe you’ll want to screen people like me for Leroy first.

  2. Brad Warthen

    Doug, I’ll just tell him (if he asks) what you would tell him: You’re a Ron Paul guy, all the way.
    bud would have to use his full name, I assume. If he’s willing to do that, he should go for it.
    Mind you, this is a newsroom operation, so don’t blame me if you don’t get on the team — or if you DO…

  3. Claudia

    I just emailed Mr. Chapman to express my interest in participating in the focus group. In the interest of diversity, I included a brief description of my “demographic profile”, for want of a better term.
    I hope I’m chosen; it should be great fun!

  4. Claudia

    And yes, Brad, I’ll use my full name!
    (FYI to the poster from a few months ago – I’m NOT Claudia Smith-Brinson.)

  5. HP

    IDEA for an editorial:
    How about Bill O’Reilly’s tactics — with Neil Cavuto tonight? Despicable. The Big O is not winning over any converts acting like that with people. Especially when they are professionals, MORE knowledgeable than he is, and RIGHT!!! Guests shouldn’t have to go on the defensive just because he wants to display his theatrical, butthole-ness.
    He should be gotten the hell out of there.

  6. H.

    This scenario is sort of like financial temps [guests] “working” with shyster CFO’s [hosts] and trying to quietly sit by as the dumbfu*k scratches his head, wondering — what went wrong?!?

  7. Lee Muller

    What a trite formula for mediocre coverage of the faux debates – a panel of partisan yokels.
    But the local “experts” are either grossly partisan, or academic windbags attempting to appear objective and holders of secret knowledge.

  8. bud

    Sounds like fun. Of course I’ll give my full name. I was hoping to have a blog contest to see if anyone could figure it out. I’ll buy the winner a Starbucks (up to $5).

  9. Herb Brasher

    Doug laid down the challenge–and it would be interesting. But I’m as WASP, an thus not too diverse, but you do need an evangelical on that panel, you know.

  10. Karen McLeod

    Hey, Herb, I’m just as WASP as you (at least till I found out that I’m 1/16 Blackfoot Indian), but I can be the non “evangelical” Christian (we’re all called to be evangelist, but this meaning tends to torque that concept completely out of whack). Meanwhile, it would be interesting.

  11. Lee Muller

    The Muslim side of Obama
    It is past time for the media and debate moderators to ask Barack Obama to produce an original birth certificate, and explain why he has received so much money from Muslims for his education, from the Wahabe school in Indonesia, to his Pakistani roomates at Columbia U, to paying his way through Harvard Law School.

  12. Herb Brasher

    OK, not sure what you mean, but then we haven’t defined what “evangelical” or “evangelist” means, either. Just don’t put me into the same camp with James Dobson–I’m with him pretty much on family, which is his area of expertise, but as far as politics are concerned, I’m liking what some other evangelicals are saying.

  13. Herb Brasher

    Yes Lee, I can tell that everyone believes you. Are you still going to tell us that Obama is not a US citizen and is going to be bounced off of the ticket any day now? It sure has been prominent in the news, hasn’t it? Guess the Republicans are keeping this one a secret . . . .

  14. Herb Brasher

    Yes Lee, I can tell that everyone believes you. Are you still going to tell us that Obama is not a US citizen and is going to be bounced off of the ticket any day now? It sure has been prominent in the news, hasn’t it? Guess the Republicans are keeping this one a secret . . . .

  15. Lee Muller

    Obama’s current citizenship is still in legal limbo.
    We know that his mother’s divorce papers list him as being born in Kenya.
    His school application lists him as a citizen of Indonesia by adoption.
    So far, Obama has still failed to submit an official US state birth certificate to the federal court. He submitted a JPEG image of what he claimed was a scan of his birth certificate, but 2 experts have sworn to the court that it has been altered.

  16. Lee Muller

    Why did Macolm X’s lawyer, Percy Sutton, pull strings to get Barack Obama into Harvard Law School?
    Why did Khaled Mansour (his black Muslim new name) arrange for Saudi Prince Aweed to pay Obama’s way through Harvard Law School?

  17. Brad Warthen

    Before Lee pulls in the Trilateral Commission and the Lindbergh baby — could we try to stick to the actual subject of the post here? We started out that way, but allowed ourselves to get sidetracked…
    And Herb — please don’t encourage him.

  18. Lee Muller

    I guess that means that anyone chosen for your panel would have to “stick to the subject”, and not ask embarassing questions about Obama’s ties to Muslims, terrorists, and swindlers.

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