The ‘retard’ boycott

lmost forgot — I went to see "Tropic Thunder" weekend before last, and as long as I’m offending the Deeply Earnest today, I’ve got to raise this question of those of you who have seen it:

Of all the offensive stuff in that movie — about race, about drug use, extreme gore for laughs, about possibly the most intense use of the "F" word in a mainstream comedy this year (for which there should be an award akin to the "Belgium" one in Hitchhiker), about sexual orientation, about take your pick — if someone had asked you to place money on the one thing that would be so offensive as to inspire a boycott movement, would you have guessed the "retard" references?

Neither would I.

5 thoughts on “The ‘retard’ boycott

  1. Simple Jack

    B-bb-bbb–bbut wwwwhhaatt didddd yuwyou th-think of the mmmmmmmooovie?
    Robert Downey deserves an Oscar.

  2. faust

    The question isn’t (or at least shouldn’t be) why people picked ‘retard’ as the boycott point…the question is why anyone goes to see trash like the at all.
    It is shallow, profane and pointless. I boycott this kind of trash simply on that basis. I don’t need to wait around for groups of people to be insulted,
    as the thing never meets my threshold of worthiness to start with.
    Just sayin.

  3. Thomas Payne

    Nothing is louder nor has a greater impact than a person’s wallet.
    Don’t have an interest in the movie don’t buy a ticket and don’t rent the DVD.

  4. george32

    i imagine people who go to see this tasteless drivel (strictly hearsay i haven’t seen it and do not expect to) will no more find something offensive in the movie than those
    who attend the 7 times a year orgy of excess at williams brice will find anything offensive in the spectacle there. people who don’t enjoy such entertainment usually do not attend it. after all people who prefer quiet comteplation as a leisure activity will probably not be at darlington or charlotte for nascar.

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