The Sinkhole


lease excuse the crudity of the photograph. I shot it with my phone a few minutes ago.

What it lamely shows in the "sinkhole" worksite on Huger Street, which seems to divert more and more traffic each day.

Would anybody be willing to bet that this thing will be filled and the streets clear by the projected deadline of Saturday? That will take some doing.

6 thoughts on “The Sinkhole

  1. Karen McLeod

    Why do I think it would have been completed by today, if this evening’s contest with Vandy was a home game?

  2. Mike Cakora

    “Would anybody be willing to bet that this thing will be filled and the streets clear by the projected deadline of Saturday?”
    Nein! I don’t sink so…

  3. p.m.

    Klink, by dingo. Klink. You keep this up and I may have to take Weldon VII off his medication to let him enjoy it. Nothing sets him off like an editor who can’t spell. Absolutely nothing.

  4. Lee Muller

    So that’s where all the city tax revenues have been disappearing!
    I wonder if the 31% of Medicare unaccounted for is down there?
    And maybe the mythical “Social Security Trust Fund”, guarded by a unicorn.

  5. SoD

    Whike we joke, let’s Consider this sinkhole explanation
    Though some sink holes are caused by careless deeds of people, or maybe a natural and explainable cause … many of the circular sinkholes occur because of a solid object that was once there in no longer in place … There are more things going on around us than governing forces would like us to know … ask yourself these questions … why now are so many “so called corrosions of water” falling in as sink holes around the same time ?. Some are claiming to be caused by heavy rain, other by broken water mains. Coincidence? Or Convenient Cover-ups?
    The people should now be allowed to know …. just how much Ancient Objects of advanced technology are associated with some of Earth’s so called “natural Disasters” … just as the people should be allowed to know of the altered frequency veil surrounding this planet is about to shift back …. and that the great shift in Earth’s frequency will reestablished Earth link with an original Celestial Alignment of Colonies which are associated with an Original Ancient Satellite Host referred to as the True Christ-light-Star.
    And as for sinkholes …. The people should know that some Ancient Crafts and Facilities have long settled just beneath earth’s surface …. some very deep below surface …. And that the bigger the craft or object which once settled, the bigger the sinkhole had appeared when they were plucked away … Scripture and science are coming together … the plucking away of these Objects are evidence of the Second Celestial Resurrection.
    SOON… the ocean will display a series of violent spew of jetting waters …. this will take place as a matrix opening beneath the ocean floor gives way for the passing through of a mammoth size Exotic Pyramid Structure from one Reality into this Reality …. Waters will be greatly troubled …. But first there will be a smaller such Pyramid Object in which mantled plates of the core will shift causing great stress on the surface …. This will bring about an a global trembling of an earthquake measuring an unheard of magnitude … not many near-by tall structures will be left standing after this terrible quake …
    This Ancient designed smaller Pyramid in deliverance of it’s birth, will glisten of a White illuminated Metallic and Exotic Material … It will be manually operated …. It is an Ancient Designed Pyramid Power Facility … The Eye of this Pyramid will roar of a powerful Plasma Field of Dark Energy … the roar of it’s Energy Field will be felt as a vibration tremble throughout the planet …. It will elevate itself up maintaining a traction pull of the Larger Pyramid Structure …. Each will temporarily sit outside of Earth’s atmosphere, but will soon be quickened to temporarily sit above surface of the expected Planet X, which is expected to crossover this area in the year 2012
    The people must at the least be given the opportunity to consider these important things !!!!
    Be safe, be well, beware
    281-440-1918 …. 15806 Winding Moss-B …. Houston Texas 77068

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