Video: Ed Gomez vs. Nikki Haley

First, I apologize for the length of this video clip, but I think it gives a pretty fair glimpse of what our interviews were like with the two candidates in S.C. House District 87.

You have newcomer Democrat Edgar Gomez challenging Rep. Nikki Haley. Four years ago, Nikki was the longshot going up against a very Old School incumbent in Larry Koon. If anything, Mr. Gomez is probably a longer shot, if only because Rep. Haley is hardly the symbol of entrenched seniority that Mr. Koon was; hers is still a very fresh face on the S.C. political scene.

On the video, you will see the candidates’ respective remarks about or answers to questions about several issues, starting with an open question about what they consider the top issues to be, then moving on to taxation, school "choice" and payday lending.

And yes, I will still be doing separate posts on these two interviews, just not today. In the meantime, you have the video.

8 thoughts on “Video: Ed Gomez vs. Nikki Haley

  1. Doug Ross

    Wow! Nikki Haley is what Sarah Palin hopes to be when she grows up. I wish I lived in her district… but I suppose I’ll have to wait until she runs for governor.
    As for Mr. Gomez, it didn’t look like he was too excited about running. If The State endorses him after that performance, you oughta just not bother doing interviews.

  2. Paul Waymond

    Wow Is right! Gomez is way over his head and seems like he doesn’t know what he has gotten himself into.

  3. Brad Warthen

    The Senior Editor is expected to write, edit, read and move more words in a day than you probably handle in a month, and to publish the result, and between and around and during all that, he throws out the tidbits you see on this blog. It is almost pure stream-of-consciousness, without rereading or editing, and done in what most humans would consider their “free” time, of which I have less than none.
    No one who is familiar with what I do in a day can understand how I do the blog on top of it.
    If you want perfect, don’t read this blog.

  4. Brad Warthen

    I will add that I posted this at 7:17 p.m. Friday (the time that shows is an hour off). After that I posted twice more — while doing more important things that actually relate to my core job responsibility — before ending my work day just before 9 p.m., about three hours after everyone else in my office had left.

  5. John

    That’s interesting, Brad. Perhaps you could have been as understanding when one of your readers made a typo not long ago. Instead, you mocked and ridiculed him. Then again, maybe Lee doesn’t have the overwhelming schedule that you are constantly referring to.

  6. Ralph Hightower

    I agree with Ms. Haley that South Carolina deserves an open government. The General Assembly needs to record votes for every legislative bill. Commendations and other acts of recognitions and congratulations should not require a recorded vote.
    But, …, Ms. Haley is yet another politician that confuses “school choice” with “school vouchers”.
    Like Ms. Haley, I was born in Bamberg, SC, although I was a student at USC when Ms. Haley was born in 1972. She did not experience the US Supreme Court decision that mandated that South Carolina public schools with integrate NOW! in 1967.
    She missed living in the 60’s, school busing, the overturning of a school bus in Lamar, SC, the Orangeburg riots.
    I was in high school in the first year of integration.
    To me, school choice means that parents have the right to send their children to whatever school they desire, public or private (non-religious or religious).
    In the sixties, private schools where admissions was based on race were popping up like kudzu in South Carolina. My parents asked my brother, sister, and I whether we wanted to continue attending public school or one of the “segregation acadamies”; we all chose to continue in public school.
    Parents have a new addition to public or private schools, Home Schooling!
    School Choice: the right to send children to the school of their choice, public, private, or home schooling.
    School Voucher: the subsidizing of private schools with public money.
    With this interview, Howard Rich will be shoveling gazillions of dollars to own Nikki Haley.

  7. Fashizzle

    Brad has officially cracked, but it’s easy to understand why. The State is hemorrhaging readers while the Post and Courier is booming and set to pass them as SC’s biggest paper. That’s got to be a tough pill to swallow to go from being a powerful editor to irrelevant has-been. But you can only spew one-sided vitriol – e.g. the hilariously painful logic of the Jake Knotts endorsement – for so long before your ivory tower falls apart and people see you for the bitter hack that you are.

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