What did you think of John McCain’s speech?


Well, I’m exhausted. Exhausted from holding my breath through the speech that started — and finished — with such promise. In the middle, it let me down several times, such as with that silly litany about "I will do this; Obama will do that." (Yeah, a certain amount of that is called for — a candidate is obliged to tell us why we should vote for him and not the other guy — but that bit was contrived.)

This was … a great speech, delivered by someone who is not a great speaker… with bits and pieces that dragged it back down to mediocrity (and sometimes worse). If he’d cut out about a quarter of it, maybe less (and cut the right parts), it would have been magnificent. In the morning, when I have the full text in front of me, it might be an interesting exercise to see what a little editing can do…

The great parts (or the ones that leap to mind; I’m sure I’m forgetting some; I look forward to reviewing it in the morning):

  • He called repeatedly on Americans to come together, to reject the foolishness of partisan estrangement. In those parts he was in touch with his essential Joe-ness, his UnPartisanship.
  • He dealt with a heckler by saying the American people want us to come together.
  • He spoke unflinchingly of the failings of his own party.
  • When he decried the failed policies of the past and taking on the culture of Washington in which he has so often been a misfit, it was clear he was talking about the failures of Republicans AND Democrats.
  • He told his story of heroism not in terms of his own achievement, but of how it taught him that radical individualism, his worship of himSELF as opposed to something larger, was a dead end.

Where the speech disappointed was where he extolled the values of that same selfishness, and did it in ways that were downright schizophrenic, from the prattling about tax cuts to that bizarre passage in which he promised private school "choice" in one breath, and promised to fix public schools by encouraging and rewarding good teachers and getting rid of bad ones (two news flashes: America will never pay for both, and education is NOT THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT’S BUSINESS!).

Those bits made the speech sound like it was written in places by a committee, one engaged in a tug of war between vision and cant.

He inspired when he spoke of foreign affair, and he sometimes sounded dangerously naive when speaking of domestic. That sort of makes him and Obama a complementary pair. Yes, that’s an oversimplification (if Obama really knew what to do domestically, he’d push for single-payer).

So I was often deeply inspired, and at other times saying, DOH! Why’d he say that?

So I’m exhausted. I’m so glad these conventions are over.

What did y’all think?

49 thoughts on “What did you think of John McCain’s speech?

  1. Jeff

    An American hero for sure, but he’s been out of touch for a long time. Why am I supposed to belive he suddenly wants change?

  2. Norm Ivey

    I yelled at the TV once or twice. I don’t think they heard me.
    I agree it was one of his better speeches. I’m looking forward to the debates where neither candidate has prepared remarks. Both candidates talk about reaching across the aisle. For me, the Democratic mindset is more inclusive and less vindictive, and I trust them more to be able to play well with others. They also have a better track record when it comes to developing and implementing big ideas, which is what we need this time.

  3. george32

    after having his followers be ardently partisan for several night, mccain is going to be non-partisan? he certainly should run against 8 years ruinous republicanism, however, and it will be interesting to look at his voting record for that time. adultery twenty odd years ago is in the past and irrelevant, but being a pow forty years ago is crucial. even jfk ran on more than being a war hero forty years before the election. i am still waiting for complaints that the MSM is not paying enough attention to the Enquirer.

  4. p.m.

    Norm, is it big ideas like Motor Voter, which I still consider to be the principal accomplishment of Bill Clinton’s eight years in the White House?
    Or giving the Chinese missile technology?
    We don’t need big ideas. We need specific fixes: cars that get wonderful gas mileage, energy technology that frees us of our terrorist masters.
    Taxes and more taxes won’t buy that technology. Rather, taxes slow its development down.
    The government does lousy business. We need to give business a chance to benefit us all.

  5. george32

    pm-you want the enron folks to lead the way? how about world com? bear sterns maybe? ford, gm, chryster? the mortgage industry with their collective judgement? one of the principal accomplishments of the clinton years was leaving the us with a 250 billion a year budget surplus and not having to sell debt to the chinese to keep the country afloat. i am sorry that the idea of living within your means is so challenging, many of us do not undertake nonsensical new expenditures while reducing our ability to pay for them. are you passing debts to your children and grandchildren so you can indulge yourself now at their expense later? if so you gotta love reagan and bush.

  6. Guero

    Did anyone here think Mr. Warthen was going to say anything other than “it was a great speech”?
    Mr. Warthen’s wife should sue for emotional adultery. He’s had a man-crush on John McSame and the Republicans forever.
    Mr. Warthen heads an editorial board that under his tutelage, and historically, has not supported a Democratic candidate for President since Harry Truman in 1948. Don Fowler was right. Why should Senator Clinton talk to a closed mind who masquerades as an independent?
    Mr. Warthen personally pulls the “R” lever for President religiously.
    Last week, we saw Mr. Warthen with snarky and analysis free ridiculing of Congressman Clyburn. He didn’t like Obama’s speech. He yelled at the tv. Mr. Warthen was perfect. He had a criticism of Democrats every day last week.
    This week, it’s been a McSame lovefest with Mr. Warthen. McSame, the reformer who sucked up to the worst president in history by voting with him more than 90 percent of the time. Mr. Warthen’s dirty little secret is he applauds McSame’s voting in lockstep with the Republicans and President Junior. Mr. Warthen likes what George Bush has done as President.
    But, I digress. Mr. Warthen will never criticize the man who has flip flopped on everything. Bush tax cuts for the rich, torture, the Confederate flag, the ayatollahs of the Republican party, drilling senselessly everywhere Exxon wants, immigration, the list goes on ad nauseam. The debate that needs to be concluded is one McSame has with himself.
    The old man who has to be kept under wraps for fear of his senior moments.
    As I said last week pointing out the Warthen-Repub talking point of the day, we’ll see if Mr. Warthen has any criticism for the Repubs. Predictably, no.

  7. veritas

    Where was John McCain’s flag pin?
    How does the conservative base feel now that John McCain says that “No party owns me”?
    Ready for the Suter situation where Johnny Mac kicks the conservatives to the curb after he’s in office? Does anyone really think that Palin would be any other than a ribbon cutter after she’s sworn in under McCain? She’s already being sent back to Alaska for an undisclosed period of time. (CODE: read the polls, if no big bounce, she’s off the ticket & Joey Liberman in is).
    Wake up people. You’re being played.
    He was pro-choice before he wanted the GOP nomination and then claimed to be pro-life. Convenient timing but do his actions meet his words?
    Speech: Embarrassing flat & forced for being the biggest speech of his life. Maybe the word “tired” may be appropriate for an 72 yer old man on Ambien prescription. He preached to the base and not to the undecided voters.

  8. --

    Putting that woman in a ribbon cutter role would create a smoldering volcano. She’s not cut out for that! To her credit!
    However, McCain thinks he can pigeonhole her into that role b/c that’s his preconceived role for us: accompanist.

  9. mark g

    McCains’s speech was fine– but it’s so odd that the GOP is running against the, um,the GOP….
    I was undecided going into this convention. I agree more with Obama on the issues, but admire McCain and like his experience.
    However, the selection of Palin was so bizarre and reckless, there’s no way I could vote for McCain now.

  10. bud

    I didn’t see the McCain speech. I was suffering through the football version of waterboarding watching the gamecocks pull their usual disappearing act.
    But from what I’ve read of this speech McCain is trying to have it both ways. He wants to appeal to the red meat base through his surrogates and VP while still maintaining this charade of being a reach-across-the-aisle maverick. The convention taken as a whole was one of the most bizarre spectacles I’ve ever seen. All this talk of inclusiveness (while the delagates were uniformly white), family values, (with an adulterous president and VP pick that has some serious family issues) and change, (from a party that has controlled the reigns of government for 8 years) took quite a dose of hutzpah.
    So who to believe? The McCain of Hagee, Gramm, Palin and a 90+ percent voting record in agreement with Bush, or, the self-professed maverick who promises to reach across the aisle and change the partisan tone in Washington? George W. Bush promised to be a uniter not a divider. As it turned out he was the most divisive president in history. Given McCain’s year-long pandering to the right it is just too much to buy into this bi-partisan pitch.

  11. bud

    He told his story of heroism not in terms of his own achievement, but of how it taught him that radical individualism, his worship of himSELF as opposed to something larger, was a dead end.
    Now this is really bizarre that you would praise this passage. Come on Brad that is just pure unadulterated crap. Speaking of adultery, this so-called rejection of “radical individualism” first manifested itself in the most shameful, selfish and disgusting period in John McCain’s life. To go on and on and on and on and on about his life in the Hanoi Hilton then to completely ignore the 10 years that followed that episode AND then to claim it taught him to reject “radical individualism” is nothing but a complete lie. How shameful. And Brad finds this flat-out lie one of the best parts of the speech. That’s pretty shameful too.

  12. Wally Altman

    I give it a resounding “meh”. It is exactly what I expected, no more or less. He failed to convince me that the Republican party is best able to fix the mess that the Republican party has dragged us into over the past eight years.

  13. James D McCallister

    The Code Pink disruption was my favorite part. Free speech in action, the heart of our democracy, such as it is.
    And I must say, the continued political exploitation of 9/11 sickens me, as does as that U-S-A chanting and Country First signs and all that phony bullcrud. My crooked little toe loves this country of ours more than any one of those cowboy hat wearing hyenas.
    I say this, too, not as a Dem partisan, but as a solid independent with the voting record on both national and local levels to back it up.

  14. george32

    the only role of the vp is to preside over the senate and suceed to the presidency. she can smolder all she wants to but whether mccain were to give her a role like potatoe quayle or assistant chief warmonger like lifetime nra member-duck,oops, sorry-cheney she has no choice in the matter. perhaps she could spend her time raising money to pay back the treasury all the earmarks she used to brag about obtaining as mayor since she is against them now or would that be a recognition of flip-flopping. a neat thing is a republican spending all her off time with a very well insured (probably will cover abstinent daughter too because of her age and place of residence) union member-i guess the anti-union ideology is not something the puppeteers will put in the campaign speeches they have her deliver.

  15. Lee Muller

    “…extolled the vitues of seflishness…”
    Have you ever read Ayn Rand’s book, “The Virtue of Selfishness”? It is required reading to discuss this topic.
    McCain did a good job of juxtaposing his heartfelt need to serve his country against the reckless ambition of a puppet candidate, Obama.

  16. Norm Ivey

    to: p.m.
    I mean big ideas like Rural Electrification, Manhattan Project, Apollo Program, Peace Corps, Voting Rights Act, Civil Rights Act, 19th Amendment, CCC, TVA, Social Security, and others. It’s a good thing that Nixon and Eisenhower had Democratic congresses to approve the EPA and Interstate Highway System.
    The other side has a few big ideas–deficit spending, trickle-down economics and lying to the American people come to mind. Hopefully, we’re going to see a free market style correction of their ways this cycle.

  17. Susan Quinn

    McCain’s world and the GOP agenda is truly a sad, out-moded and dangerous one for today’s world.
    For McCain, it’s about controlling, fighting, attacking and dominating. In fact, in his very uninspiring speech last night, he used the words “fight” or “attack” nearly 30 times. He never used the word “cooperation” or “negotiation” or “conciliation” once.
    His speech reflected the same old GOP operating system of fear and militarism.
    If the human race is to endure, we need a new model, one in which strength is not measured by weapons and brute force, but rather intelligent statesmanship and leadership, something McCain and the GOP have repeatedly shown that they lack.

  18. Tim C

    McCain – Palin remind me of the start of the Nazi Party. First take away individual rights because they might be used against the motherland. Then continue to chant USA at everything. Since when did reading someone their rights become un-American? Lindsay questioning Obama’s patriotism because he doesn’t believe the Republican war monger way was sickening. And how does withdrawing when a country wants you gone defeatism? How is leaving a sovereign nation after you declared victory five years ago defeatism? Freedom of speech for all or only what the Republicans believe in. This party has moved from extreme to downright dangerous. McCain is as hypocritical as Bill Clinton and John Edwards. But he left that ten years out of his biography. My biggest concern of all is the continued blatant lies about taxes, schools, energy etc. The facts McCain used were wrong just as his ads are wrong. Not a surprise. This is now Dick Cheney’s party. You can have it.

  19. Lee Muller

    Democrats are the ones trying to take away our rights:
    * Shutting down talk radio and Internet criticism of socialism.
    * Disarming honest citizens
    * Higher taxes
    * Dictating what we can drive, smoke, eat, when and where
    Democrats so overuse and misue the word “fascist” that people forget that it is real, does exist as a mentality, and is present among many socialists, progressives, and “liberals” today.
    Obama has an army of people attacking journalists, suing to stop publication of articles on him, throwing blood and leaving ead animals on the lawns of other Democrats who dare to question his qualifications.
    The Democrats are intolerant of dissent.
    Their core act like a bunch of Brownshirts.
    And, as a matter of fact, a lot of Obama’s platform and tactics are identical to Mussolini’s. Liberals loved Mussolini back then. The academic Left ran Mussolini’s campaign, just like they run Obama’s campaign.

  20. bud

    No wonder McCain is trying to distance himself from Bush. Todays economic headline from the USA Today:
    84,000 jobs cut in Aug.; jobless rate hits 5-year high of 6.1%
    WASHINGTON — The unemployment rate zoomed to a five-year high of 6.1% in August as employers slashed 84,000 jobs, dramatic proof of the mounting damage a deeply troubled economy is inflicting on workers and businesses alike.
    This isn’t about whether John McCain suffered in the Hanoi Hilton or whether Barack Obama’s preacher made some bizarre statement in church years ago. What this election is about is whether the country is headed in the right direction or not, and who is the better man to change it. Clearly, McCain can ignore his ties with Bush all he wants but facts are facts. He has supported the failed Bush economic policies for 8 years. He has stated publicly he plans to support more of the same and his own economic guru, a man largely responsible for the mess, has called Americans whiners, just because they lost their jobs. McCain is insincere with his calls for bi-partisanship. His actions betray his words. Barack Obama will lead us out of the economic darkness of the GOP into a new and brighter future. It’s time for change and only Barack Obama can deliver real change. John McSame is a fraud. He’ll just be more Bush. Do we really want that?

  21. Guero

    Spaceman, you never disappoint.
    The Protocols of the Elders of Obama have an answer for you to all of the world’s problems. I wish I had your serenity that comes only with delusional and simplistic thinking.
    Of course, I do have to revise my “skinny” on you to include, “Hormones of a 15 year old high school sophomore with zits a/k/a “is enthralled by Ayn Rand.”
    Just for amusement, your use of the word puppet implies there is a puppet master.
    Is that the ghost of Karl Marx? (Maybe Groucho….?)

  22. Lee Muller

    Poor Guero can’t discuss Obama tax proposals, so it’s the Obama Smear.
    Pupper masters…plural = Daley machine
    Main puppeteer = David Axelrod
    bud, you left off some of the other economic news, like economy grew at 3.3% last quarter.
    Obama can’t create jobs expect by destroying jobs through taxation and higher deficit spending, which he proposes.

  23. Doug Ross

    > bud, you left off some of the other
    >economic news, like economy grew at 3.3%
    >last quarter.
    The economy “grew” because of an election year welfare giveaway in the form of economic stimulus checks that all the top politicians supported: “Here, let me give you some of your money back and we’ll just jack up the deficit to cover it.”
    I don’t think there are many economists predicting the 3.3% is a trend just a blip.
    The impact of rising fuel prices on everything has yet to trickle down through the economy.

  24. Tim C

    On the subject of taxes and the economy: wars, highways, bridges, FDA, EPA, FAA, education etc. aren’t free. Some group or another has to pay for it. Assuming government programs and wars are necessary, if the lower income citizens can’t purchase anything, we won’t need production of the goods and the companies won’t have sales. Thus taxing the poor is not in the economic interest of the rich. Somebody has to buy what you are selling. The $400 million a day (12 billion a month) war has destroyed our economy. Deregulation of the banking industry has compounded the problems. McCain has voted 90% of the time for the policies that have us where we are. We have to change our thinking and actions. McCain says Obama will raise taxes on the “middle class.” Obama’s proposal starts the increase at $250K per year. Maybe the first discussion should be just what is “Middle Class?” The second should be “what is McCain going to do differently than he has for the last 26 years?” When you can’t win on the issues, ignore them. When you can’t run on your record, make up a new one and yell it loudly. When that fails, pull out 9/11 and being a POW. McCain may be a good person and patriot. I disagree on the issues and the fact that he can lead change.

  25. p.m.

    You know, Guero, what scares me is the Democrats’ hypocritical urge to cancel freedom of speech.
    It’s like the non-conformity when I was at college. If you didn’t conform to the denim look, you didn’t know how not to conform.
    For Democrats, it’s say whatever you want, as long as you don’t criticize a member of any minority, nor our presidential candidate, and don’t you dare issue ad hominem attacks about Democrats like Democrats do about Republicans.
    Norm, trickle-down economics created the Clinton surplus. Clinton’s mismanagement of foreign policy gave us 9-11. Reagan’s big ideas and specific tactics broke up the Soviet Union and rid Berlin of the wall.
    I’m surprised you would reach back to take a punch at Eisenhower. The facts are, presidents and legislators from each party have helped us ideologically and practically over the years. The GOP has Lincoln, Eisenhower and Reagan; the Democrats have Roosevelt, Kennedy and Johnson. Yes, if I look hard enough, I can find Democrats I like and Republicans I don’t.
    Of course, the Democrat I like would be a blue dog and the Republican might be Larry Craig, so there you have it.

  26. tomfliesthebonnieblue

    well said pm
    i wish the bloggers of the liberal/socialist persuasion would stay on topic and discuss the speech and not continue to espouse their failed political beliefs.
    I rate it a B, Sarah is a hard act to follow.+
    i thought it was tacky of O’reilly to have the “O” on the same night. maybe he was trying to be ‘fair and balanced’.

  27. bud

    Lee, you just don’t get it do you? Who gives a damn what the economic growth rate is. That’s perhaps the most elitist of all the economic statistics. What matters is whether people are working, and if they are, are they earning a decent wage. The answer to both questions can be answered with a NO by more and more Americans. All because of the Bush/McCain economic policies.

  28. Guero

    bud, I’m surprised at you thinking there actually is an intelligent life form somewhere behind the IP address known as Lee Spaceman Muller.
    Spaceman ignored my prior post on McCain-Bush economics. People making over $226,000 annually will have to pay a few thousand more a year in taxes. 95% will pay less.
    John McSame scrupulously avoided any mention of his non-existant economic plan at the convention. “I don’t know nothing about economics” Today’s unemployment figures tell it all. Up over 6%.
    Republicans counter by calling us a nation of whiners.

  29. tomfliesthebonnieblue

    gee Bud, did you ever think that if taxes were lower, people could live better? did you ever think if the democrats in congress would support a sensible energy policy, energy costs would be lower?
    did you ever wonder if our corporate tax rates weren’t among the world’s highest, companies wouldn’t move off shore?
    do you think?

  30. Lee Muller

    I can see why those who don’t work, or work at whatever illiterates do, would not care about the economic growth rate or the rate of return on investments they don’t have.
    Let me remediate what the public schools failed to teach you:
    Poor people and lazy people don’t create jobs.
    In order for the “average worker”, who waits for someone to create a job for him, to “earn a decent wage”, that job creator has to see a realistic chance to make enough profit to grow his business, and not pay all of his profits in taxes.
    And if the government throws sand in the gears with a bunch of regulations about who we can hire, and what we must pay them and provide in benefits, we will hire as few as possible. We’ll invest in machinery that makes our fewer employees more productive. We’ll outsource our work, or move our factories overseas.
    And the dishonest ones will hire illegal aliens from Mexico, pay them in cash, and pay less taxes to the corrupt socialists. Just look at all the landscapers, construction sites and farm workers from south of the border.

  31. Lee Muller

    If the economy grew 3.3% because of a tiny $600.00 tax rebate check, just think how much a real tax cut would do to create jobs!
    The Democrats in Congress know that. That’s why they voted for the stimulus checks. They don’t want to give up any more taxes than they have to in order to keep the noses of the American people just above water.

  32. Phillip

    Brad, I reacted positively to most of McCain’s speech. I’m surprised to find you critique his contrasting of points where he and Obama would differ—that was exactly what I liked the best because, even though I come down on Obama’s side on almost issue, McCain showed the world that Republicans can indeed draw strong contrasts, outline very sharp policy differences, without resorting to the culture politics, denigration, rancor, sarcasm, and divisive rhetoric that we’ve seen so often from this party dating back to the days of Atwater.
    Republicans: It can be done! Why don’t you try more of this, what we heard late last night instead of what we heard on Tuesday and Wednesday nights? These were echoes of the Republicanism of Eisenhower and Ford, and even though I think it’s not what our country needs now, I was delighted to hear Obama challenged on legitimate grounds in a grown-up way. Though I support Obama, a little voice inside tells me that a McCain victory just might begin to rescue the Republican party from its extremist wing and maybe be healthier for the country…whereas the probable McCain defeat may just give ammunition to the extremists who would say, “see, McCain tried to be nice and civil in his campaign and he lost, so let’s not make that mistake again.”
    I also liked McCain’s reminder that he knows war and hates war. Sometimes one gets the feeling that war, weaponry, and guns are so fetishized by the right wing that they just don’t feel our nation is healthy unless we’re imposing our will on some nation or other at the point of a gun.
    Having said all this, the substance of the speech was of course absurd. The basic message, especially in its re-embrace of all the George Bush failed economic policies, was “I will continue the Bush policies, but with a nicer, less divisive and rancorous tone.”
    John McCain (and Brad): It’s WAY too late for that message. Maybe that’s the message that should have carried the day in 2000, but you can’t plausibly ask us to accept it in 2008. The need is for true, much more pronounced, change in America’s direction. Only Barack Obama offers this.

  33. bud

    gee Bud, did you ever think that if taxes were lower, people could live better?
    Yes. That’s exactly why I’m voting for Barack Obama. His tax plan is far better for me than the McSame plan which essentially only gives tax cuts to the very rich. That policy will drive up the deficit and increase inflation, thus lowering my take home pay even more. This is a no brainer for folk earning less than a quarter of million dollars. They will be FAR better off under Barack’s plan than McSame’s.

  34. Palmetto_Patriot

    I found much of McCain’s speech to be little more than a rehash of his regular stump speeches – no more compelling or inspiring – and it actually made him appear weak in comparison to the Alaskan pitbull’s performance earlier in the week.
    He spoke of being a servant, but whom does he serve? With over a hundred lobbyists working on his campaign, I think the answer is clear. No one can be an arbiter of change when he, she or they are waist deep in wink/nudge campaign support. And with a voting record that fell into lock-step with Dubya 90% of the time, what exactly is he changing? His medication?
    The most hypocritical comment I heard during the entire speech was his claim of wanting to “end partisan rancor”. Really? Did Gov. Palin not get the memo? Or is it really a two party convention we watched this week? One for the theocratic, hard-core right-wing nutjobs (also know as social conservatives & “Hockey Moms”), and the other for the Wasp-ish, scotch-swilling corporate power-brokers (aka fiscal conservatives)?
    The most noteworthy thing I saw last night was the one for which no one on this blog has made any comment: He looked REALLY old! Nevermind that his Mother is still plucky at 90-something! I hate contemplating the kind of leadership we would have under ‘Cuda Palin were McCain to suddenly fall ill or otherwise become incapacitated. (shudder)

  35. Norm Ivey

    to: p.m.
    trickle-down economics created the Clinton surplus
    I disagree. I think conventional wisdom is that the Bush 41 tax increases led to the Clinton surplus. 41 was a president who did the right thing in spite of the cost to his political career.
    Clinton’s mismanagement of foreign policy gave us 9-11
    There’s plenty of blame to go around for 9/11. Republicans were in control when it happened. We were unable to prevent it because of mismanaged intelligence and arrogance in the White House.
    Reagan’s big ideas and specific tactics broke up the Soviet Union and rid Berlin of the wall
    Reagan was the right man for the right time. He inspired America and helped to rebuild our confidence in our nation. I agree the increases in military spending and his rhetoric were important, but the Soviet Union and other communist regimes collapsed beneath the weight of their own corruption and ideology. Reagan also increased government spending–almost doubling during his 8 years in office.
    I admire Eisenhower, as I do many of our Presidents in both parties. It takes a remarkable person to want the job badly enough to pursue it the way they do. I even have a “Nixon–Now More Than Ever” button that I keep in my desk.
    That said, our current situation is primarily the result of conservative policies and ideology. McCain called for bipartisanship in his speech. I don’t believe he can deliver. His selection of Sarah Palin is a good example of reaching for the right. Obama is a thoughtful, careful leader whom I believe really can build a spirit of bipartisanship in Washington. Besides, John McCain has been such an effective senator for so long, I’d hate to see him quit that job now.

  36. Worthy Evans

    I did not see the speech. I was covering a football game for a paper that is not The State.
    I plead ignorance, please don’t beat me. But I find it telling that nearly all the talking heads, regardless of network, found all the speeches in the DNC and RNC to be of value. I could find nobody who out and out panned a single speech.
    They all waited until Mr. McCain spoke. One CNN guy actually said it was the worst acceptance speech he heard since Carter’s in 1980. He wasn’t the only one.
    And, you’d think the organizers would’ve learned something about green as a backdrop since that time he spoke out on environmental issues, or whatever that was. But they backed him up on that obnoxious Tee Vee set (employed because all Americans are pure drones who need to have television at the center of our interests) with a slide presentation going on. The green came from the lawn of Walter Reed Middle School in North Hollywood, Los Angeles California. Noting that, I think the picture was supposed to be of Walter Reed Army Hospital.
    No, I didn’t watch the speech, but I did note several convention speeches on several nights. I really didn’t like that Tee Vee set. Especially with that coughing Airport Guy in Die Hard 2, the mood of that speech felt like a slide presentation from a Holiday Inn conference room.

  37. beetrave

    The speech just reminded me of how helpless McCain is.
    I admire John McCain, but his party is unfit to rule. He is indeed a maverick, but unless he plans to clone himself and dispatch those clones to every department in the federal government, he won’t be able to accomplish many of his goals. Under Bush / Cheney, the Republican party has become infested with people who do not respect the work of governing, who see govt appointments only as a means to an ends for their pals or a particular cultural agenda. Monica Goodling, Brownie, the fools who handed out billions in contracts to mercenaries and think-tank hacks in Iraq — this is what a big part of the Republican party has turned into. They are not interested in smaller government or more responsible government; they put self and personal agenda before their country, before the people they serve. One man, no matter how courageous, can’t change that. It’s a sad thing for all of us.

  38. Norm Ivey

    More speech observations:
    Were all of those grass-roots hand-made signs made by the same person? At least they had some new paint colors last night.
    Students for McCain
    Women for McCain
    Hispanics for McCain
    And did anybody notice the misspelled “Mavrick” [sic] sign? It appeared right after McCain exhorted us to teach illiterate adults to read. It’s on Youtube today:

    And did the McCain campaign really confuse Walter Reed Middle School with Walter Reed Army Hospital?
    And how do you keep America safe when you can’t even keep demonstrators out of your own convention?
    None of that is McCain’s doing, but are these the people we want running the country?

  39. mottes_mom

    McCain gave a decent speech. The guy is not known for his eloquent public speaking skills, but I think he is well known for his bipartisan work in the Congress and his ability to reach across the aisle. He’s been doing it for years. Give the guy a break. He’s not the charming youthful beauty Barack is, but then Obama didn’t spend 5 years of his life being tortured either.

  40. Norm Ivey

    It’s just politics. I enjoy the exchange, although I admit to a perverse pleasure in occasionally finding something that looks bad for the other side. I’ve said before that Reps and Dems are supposed to be opponents, not enemies.
    It’s those dadgum Gamecocks that really have me riled up today. 😉

  41. Lee Muller

    There was speaker after speaker telling how long they have known John McCain and what they liked about him, about his character, his fortitude, his accomplishments.
    At the Democratic Convention, no one came out and spoke for Obama. No one from his past told about his character, or his accomplishments, or any of that.
    The only person to vouch for Barack Obama was Michele Obama, and she had no specific examples. She talked about his feelings.
    Would you hire someone who had no references?

  42. Lee Muller

    Yesterday, Obama claimed to have always supported the surge in Iraq, and knew that it would work.
    What a pathetic liar.

  43. bill

    Now’s the time to be talking about a candidate’s looks.
    McCain looks like a man in the early stages of Alzheimer’s with a dangerous goiter around his neck.

  44. Bill

    Nearly the exact same speech (word for word) given by Bush in 2000. No surprise, both were written by the same Bush Speech writer. In fact; he wrote Palin’s too. It was written 3 weeks before the convention for a man. He had to change it for a woman: plus add a few zingers. My: at least she can read.
    We should elect Bush’s Speech writer. He seems to be the only Republican who can both read and write!!!!

  45. Lee Muller

    The Obama campaign is a one-note tuba – their Big Lie is that McCain is just a continuation of G.W. Bush.
    I would expect any Republican candidate to share some continuity with a preceding GOP president.
    The Obama campaign, run by the Daley machine, and financed by radical Saudis, and Quaddafi, does not want to discuss the detailed agenda of Obama.

  46. Howard

    Obama supporters are foolish to think that he will never betray them.
    Obama was a close friend of Pastor Wright for TWENTY YEARS.
    Obama threw Wright under the bus for personal ambition.
    McCain would not betray his country even after 5 years of torture.
    You can put lipstick on a traitor, but he’s still a traitor.


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