p.m. is wrong about Tina Fey

Sometimes p.m. — a.k.a. Weldon VII — and I agree on things, but I’ve got to him he’s totally wrong withFeytina
this recent comment:

Palin is a lot better looking than Fey, bud, at least when Fey tries to look like Palin. I noticed that when they were on stage together briefly. The actress herself might not have wanted to face Palin alone.

No, this blog isn’t going to turn into one of those that puts up pictures of babes from the pop culture in order to artificially inflate its traffic. But I thought someone should stick up for the lady in question, shown at right as herself. And yeah, I know you said "as Palin," but still. No doubt Ms. Fey is better-looking as herself than Ms. Palin would be as Fey.

You know what, I’m just thinking I’m going to get it trouble on this either way. Being gentlemen about it, let us just say they are both quite presentable.

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  1. Dave

    tina fey is just another condescending liberal who probably refused to be seen next to Palin because of her enlightend attitudes. Democrats/Liberals are supposed to be the party of inclusion yet they behave like spoiled brats not getting their way…. Obama may win and decimate the United States but history will judge these people as they really are….

  2. Randy E

    Criticize Fey’s mind? Brad, he called Palin “enlightened”!!!!!!!!!!!
    The woman who doesn’t know what news sources she reads and doesn’t understand the Consitution as it pertains to VP is “enlightened.” The woman who attempts to bolster her international experience with the fact that she “can see Russia” from her state and “read books” about other countries is “enlightened.” The woman who can’t cite a single supreme court case aside from Roe v Wade, even the Valdez OIL case that involved ALASKA is “enlightened.”
    I guess it’s all relative. Compared to the McCain supporter with the frizzy hair who said Obama “is an Arab”, I guess Palin can be considered “enlightened”.
    BTW, Fey as Fey wins hands down.

  3. Mike Cakora

    US magazine has Palin and Fey side-by-side in the same outfits here. so it’s both of ‘em looking like Palin, a bit unfair. However Fey is quoted as sayin’ this:

    “I’ll tell you, that lady is five times better-looking than I am,” she admits. “She’s 44? She’s got none of that droopy s–t. She’s keeping it tight!”

    A bit TMI, but consider the medium.
    (I durn near ruined my keyboard looking for this article, going through US, Entertainment Weekly, and the like put me on the verge of losing my supper. I’ve quite the delicate constitution.)

  4. Randy E

    Here’s a great example of why the ill-intended charges of “Muslim” levied against Obama are so pathetic – a photo of the headstone for CPL Khan, the Muslim-American soldier referenced by General Powell.

  5. p.m.

    What’d I say?
    “Palin is a lot better looking than Fey, bud, at least when Fey tries to look like Palin.”
    “…at least when Fey tries to look like Palin.”
    Doggoneit, “”…at least when Fey tries to look like Palin.”
    Thanks, Mike, your pictures made my point.
    Outside of her impression of Palin, I have never seen Tina Fey. The picture above is fairly fetching, but how was I to know? Why should I care? I won’t be voting for Tina Fey, and I won’t vote for Sarah Palin because she looks the way she does.
    Besides, I said, “at least when Fey tries to look like Palin.”
    But you said, “No doubt Ms. Fey is better-looking as herself than Ms. Palin would be as Fey.”
    Like you’re going to see that. Palin’s running for vice-president, not a role in a B movie.
    Besides, Brad, you really might not be ready for Sarah when she takes those glasses off.
    And since beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, what are we talkin’ about anyway?
    But thanks for noticing I post here. I’d rather get attention otherwise, but I learned a long time ago to be thankful for whatever notice I get, even if the subtleties sail past whoever’s reading.
    By the way, I am not a.k.a. Weldon VII. He uses my computer when the asylum lets him out on work release, and he’s my father’s brother. Lightning hit him while he was stacking hoop cheese to make an imitation Tower of Babel during Desert Storm, and he’s been in and out of the loony bin every since he fell off the ladder that day. He often has insightful moments of stunning clarity, but some of his stupefying moments need insightful clarification, especially when he’s been drinking brown liquor.
    Here’s a toast to Uncle Weldon. He survived two years at USC and a trip with his wife to Boise in a compact car before he needed mental shelter.
    Once Uncle Weldon saw Boise State’s blue turf football field, he never has been quite the same. Now and again, he just points to a blue state on the presidential political map and moans.

  6. Phillip

    If we’re talking about external attractiveness, certainly Gov. Palin fits the bill.
    However, as we all know, beauty is more than skin-deep.
    And Ms. Palin has some thoughts in her heart, that keep popping out from time to time, that can only be described as “ugly.”

  7. bud

    Really Dave – enlightened! Maybe you like Palin’s brand of politics but enlightened is the last word I’d use to describe someone who can’t even name a newspaper she reads.

  8. Capital A

    James, that’s quite the enlightening find. I had suspected as much, but now I can prove it.
    I guess the ‘pubs took that lipstick/pig comment to heart. What a soo-eey-t deal for Princess Palin. If she really wanted to represent the culture of Alaska (from which she claims so much pride), why isn’t she dressed in a parka and animal skins?
    Oh, wait. I’m dealing in a stereotype with that suggestion. Kind of like expecting a female politician to go on a department store dash with party money so that she can look good for “folks”…

  9. p.m.

    Palin will be donating the campaign wardrobe to charity, James.
    Besides, Obama’s folk spend that much in one week on gourmet fixin’s.
    And, Phillip, the expression is beauty’s ONLY skin deep.

  10. James D McCallister

    Bullshit, p.m. That’s going to be her wardrobe when she becomes Huckabee’s co-host in two weeks.

  11. Lee Muller

    Obama refuses to release names of the donors of half his campaign money, and only 337,000 names of the 2,500,000 “small donors” he claims to have.
    Some names reported to the FEC have over 1,000 contributions, totally amounts which are far illegal.
    The FEC is investigating $32,500,000 in online donations from Arab countries.

  12. Lee Muller

    I was watching the Obama rally the other day live – lots of Palestinian, and red Muslim flags with the star and crescent in in the audience.
    That night, on CNN, it was edited down to 5 seconds, to cut out all the Muslim signs and flags.

  13. p.m.

    You know, James, I could live with that.
    It would be the first time a vice president-elect has hosted a weekly TV show, I think.

  14. bud

    I was watching the Obama rally the other day live – lots of Palestinian, and red Muslim flags with the star and crescent in in the audience.
    There are thousands of American’s who practice the Muslim faith. It’s called religious freedom Mr. Muller. There’s no crime in that, nor is it in any way, shape or form wrong to do so. This illustrates one of the great things about America. It’s called freedom.

  15. Capital A

    Why do you say that, p.m.(s.)? He said nothing but to express a basic American tenet, perhaps the one we should all hold most dear.
    Maybe you should consult your copy of the Constitution and return to us when there is one less letter in your moniker.

  16. Phillip

    right on, Bud and Capital A. Most Palestinians, by the way, Lee and pm, are Christian. Why not support from Palestinians, from Muslims, from Zoroastrianists, from Shinto, from Buddhists, from atheists and agnostics, from worshippers of Pagan Gods? Why not? Obama’s support cuts across ethnic, age, religious lines. Horrors! A candidate who actually embodies and supports the principles of the Constitution, such as religious freedom.
    No, Bud is not better off NOT saying anything. In fact, pm, on Nov. 4, we’re all finally saying something. And it is going to be really loud, and really decisive, against hate and fear, and for hope.

  17. Lee Muller

    Most Palestinians who are Christian don’t wave the Flag of Islam at Obama rallies.
    I doubt they were Lebanese Catholics, either.
    On Nov 4, Cult Obama will express their hatred of free enterprise, whites, and Jews.
    How do you think they will behave if they don’t seize power, even with all their illegal votes? The police expect riots by Obama supporters.

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