Congratulations to President Obama!


Obama’s done the expected, and done it on deadline, which certainly warms my heart toward him.

Here’s hoping his leadership as president is on a par with the highest notes he struck during the presidential campaign. And he has struck some fine ones, such as on the night of his triumph in S.C. I certainly had an undivided mind about his victory on that night.

He’s shown he can inspire; let’s all hope and pray he can unite the nation. We need it. No, I’m not as happy about this as I thought I would be several months ago. But I’m hopeful, so call me audacious.

I now turn the floor over to you, the reader — I’ll have more to say in the coming days, but I’m going to go get some sack time now.


67 thoughts on “Congratulations to President Obama!

  1. Karen McLeod

    I was listening to various channels (mostly CNBC, MSNBC, CNN) when they announced the Obama victory and started showing crowds in various areas. I kept hearing how this was great for African Americans, and I don’t disagree. But, I kept seeing white hands and faces, which were in majority, at least from the views in Chicago and NY. I understand how glad this makes our African American constituency, but its not all about them. It’s about everyone coming together to agree that this person is the best candidate we have (out of 2 very good ones). And to me, that’s what makes this a special election; we agreed, across racial and most cultural boundries on what we think is best. This person won, without sinking into dispicable dirty tricks, and without falsly maligning his opponent. John McCain’s concession speach reminded me of his greatness. With God’s grace, we may change the entire outlook of this country once again. We may remember that it all depends on us–not just one person, and that we need to work together. I pray this may be so.

  2. Rich

    This is a time of Jubilee!! I so look forward to seeing my students on Wednesday morning. They have such hopeful faces, yet they often feel that America is not a land of equal opportunity for everybody, regardless of race, color, or creed.
    Barack Obama is living proof that “yes, they can” achieve great things and help make America a better and more just society.
    I am sure that the next four years will not be perfect and our new president certainly will have a tough row to hoe, but if he demonstrates the character, level-headedness, ability to compromise, and cogent intelligence that he displayed during the campaign, then the ship of state will be well-governed.

  3. Lee Muller

    Without dirty tricks?
    How about the millions of illegal voter registrations?
    How about the media covering up his regional interviews and speeches to hard core leftists, where he revealed his socialist agenda?
    How about the $32,500,000 in illegal donations from the Muslim world, according to the FEC, and maybe as much as $300,000,000?

  4. Claudia

    This feels, not like a win, but a new beginning. We will never all agree on everything, but here, at this point in time, we have the chance to do what America has always done – learn from our mistakes, and grow to be a better nation and a part of a better world. I feel privileged to be alive to witness this election of this President, and very, very lucky to be an American.

  5. Bill

    I don’t understand how electing a man that is one half black is change? How so…I never cared what color the president was.
    I have hesrd repeatedly, since last night, that we are now different. Change is here. We are now better? Can someone tell me how?
    If the color of ones skin is what we are talking about, it seems to me that we have taken a long step backwards.

  6. Wondering

    The GOP is ethically bankrupt…it is a party without a moral center.
    The GOP will not investigate, nor cause to investigate in a meaningful way, the wide spread voter fraud or campaign financial illegalities of this recent election. It will accept it because it requires courage. It takes leadership. It will take republicans that care more about their country than their careers, and as we know, there are not many republicans that can put duty before personal glory.
    A fundamental piece of our democracy is under attack, and there is nothing the average citizen can do about it.

  7. Lee Muller

    Wondering –
    You are so right. McCain and Graham represent the spineless capitulation of the GOP on so many issues.
    They are so interested in “getting along” with those in power, in order to keep themselves in power, telling themselves that compromising their integrity and the principles of the people who chose them is necessary to accomplish some few good things.
    They are unable to distinguish their enemies from their opponents.
    Those who want power to accomplish a variety of agendas are so easily manipulated by those who only want power for its own sake.

  8. bud

    To paraphrase Gerald Ford following the Watergate scandal “Our long national nightmare is over”. No more George W. Bush with his mendacity, ineptitude and callousness toward the people of the America and the world.
    We now have a real leader. A man with intelligence, forsight and a keen acumen for making sound decisions. As president, Obama will work tirelessly to protect the American people from dangers from abroad. But more importantly he will restore a prosperious footing to the nation’s battered economy. He will stem the tide of right-wing activism on the supreme court replacing retiring justices with men and women who understand the value of the constitution and are willing and able to protect our cherished freedoms. President Obama will work tirelessly with our allies abroad to foster a new spirit of cooperation to restore international decency to all areas of the globe.
    None of this will be easy. The disasterous failure of the Bush years has left our country in a precarious position both within our borders and from abroad. America’s enemies have been bolstered by the abomination of our president’s failed foreign policy. Obama will work to reverse this with a combination of a strong, yet reasonable military in combination with aggressive and logical diplomatic efforts. America is now back on the path to peace and prosperity established during the Clinton years. And not a minute too soon.

  9. Bill C.

    The Republicans will take back the White House in 2012, they’re going to nominate a Hispanic candidate.

  10. Jimmy

    Obama has the chance to be a great president. Let me repeat, Obama has the CHANCE to be a great president. If he sticks to his Centrist campaign stances and remains fluid about his tax the rich policy (by that I mean, if it becomes apparent that overtaxing the wealthy individuals and corporations is actually stifling growth, investment and job creation, which it likely will), he could do great things.
    Our position in the global theatre is better this morning than it was last night. What is really ailing this Country though (the financial crisis), is not going to be Obama’s strong suit so I hope he chooses his cabinet very very carefully.
    Ultimately, this is a potential new age for this country. Obama has a lot of potential and he has the ability to transform a nation. He needs to stand up to Pelosi and Reid and outwardly shun J. Jackson and A. Sharpton and make it clear that is not an african-american president . . . he is an american president that represents all of America, rich, poor, white, black, latino, etc.
    If he does that, if he takes the “Tiger Woods” approach to being a minority in a role that a minority has never been in, he will do great things (caution tax policy here). If he slides left, aligns himself with Pelosi and Reid and the Jacksons/Sharptons of the world, the Democrats will lose control of the Senate in ’10 and he will lose reelection in ’12.
    He will have to constantly fight his socialist tendencies, but not having 60 in the Senate will likely take care of that for him. The Country is yours Mr. Obama, now show us you are deserving of this great honor.

  11. Lee Muller

    You are a school teacher, Mr. Ivey?
    What subjects?
    The election of demagogues like Obama and Clinton is only possible because public education has chosen to no longer teach citizenship and basic economics.

  12. Michelle

    Actually Mr. Muller, you must take a U.S. Government/Civics class and an Econ class to earn a SC High School diploma.
    And why is it that if registration fraud is/was as widespread as you claim that there hasn’t been any type of organized protest from the GOP to contest the results?
    Because McCain lost and his people know it. And the politics of division and derision finally lost. Americans are sick of being divided and sick of the bitter partisan politics and the hyper-focus on non-issues like “Joe the Plumber”. Don’t tell us what you’re against, tell us what you’re for. That is how John McCain and the GOP lost this election.
    Oh and one more suggestion? Why can’t you even get this newspaper to write about what you claim is $300M in illegal contributions to Obama?

  13. Harry Harris

    My wife asked me what I think would happen to Lindsay Graham with this loss. I think he, McCain, Snow, and some combination of Hegel and Specter will be highly influential as part of the logjam-breakers needed in the Senate. We may, indeed, see an influencial “unparty” at work on some key issues like global warming, energy, health care, and the economic destruction of the middle-class.

  14. bud

    Brad, with your last couple of posts you echo the gloom and despair I felt four years ago after the American people so utterly let me down with the horrible Bush selection. How in the world The State could have endorsed such an awful president still boggles my mind.

  15. Barchibald T Barlow

    ” And the politics of division and derision finally lost. Americans are sick of being divided and sick of the bitter partisan politics and the hyper-focus on non-issues like “Joe the Plumber”.”
    I laugh at anyone who thinks that Obama represents anything other than more of the same from the Democrats the same way John McCain represents more of the same from the Republicans. And if you think “politics of division and derision” are over then you did not pay any attention to the campaign that Obama ran. Ignore the issues in debates and run ads full of half-truths attacking your opponent. It was almost as bad as McCain’s campaign.

  16. Michelle

    Then you and I obviously have very different definitions for what are truthful ads and what are not. And from the looks of the election results this morning it would seem that more Americans agree with me than you Mr. Barlow. You know Mr. Bush claimed he had a “Mandate” with his win in 2004. So if 2004 was a mandate than I’d say that Mr. Obama has won a far greater victory than the “mandate” Bush claimed four years ago.
    But I will agree with you on one thing: McCain ran a terrible campaign. But he gave a great concession speech. Perhaps it is time for some here to suck it up and follow his fine example.

  17. Lee Muller

    I didn’t say that public education didn’t offer courses in Civics and Economics. I said they CHOSE to not teach citizenship and basic fundamentals of economics in those classes.
    Besides, 50% of black students drop out of high school, and never take the courses at all.
    Obama has no mandate. He only won by 30 urban counties in the entire country.
    The election is far from officially certified, yet.
    The Republicans HAVE sued to stop voter fraud, like in Ohio, where the Secretary of State turns out to have had the head of ACORN as her paid political consultant.
    And the FEC actually is investigating massive voter fraud and has already identified $32,500,000 in illegal contributions to Obama from Palestine. Obama has refused to hand over donor records on $300,000,000 in donations.

  18. Lee Muller

    Obama campaign is lying about donors – Slate
    Barack Obama should be able to disclose his small-dollar donors pretty easily.
    By John Dickerson and Chris Wilson
    Posted Thursday, Oct. 30, 2008, at 6:50 PM ET
    Barack Obama refuses to release the names of the 2 million-plus people who have given his campaign less than $200. According to campaign officials, it would be too difficult and time-consuming to extract this information from its database.
    So how come we were able to do it in a couple hours? Not literally—we don’t have access to the campaign’s list of donors—but we created a database of similar size and format in a Web-ready file and posted it online. (You can view a sample text version of it here. The full version is 824 MB.)
    Click Here!

  19. Barchibald T Barlow

    Lee, you remind me of the “Bush stole election” loonies from 8 years ago.
    Give it up. Just about anyone would have beaten McCain, the way he ran such a joke of a campaign. And they wouldn’t have needed any illegal help to do it. If you are upset about an Obama presidency, then you can blame the party you seem to support so much for handing it to him.

  20. Lee Muller

    ACORN and the Democrats want us to give up on investigating, so they can continue to subvert the democratic process.
    I am not as concerned with Obama’s vote fraud as I am in cleaning up the system so it cannot continue.
    I am not a Republican, have said all along that McCain was not the best GOP candidate, and the failure of Bush and many compromisers was setting them up to share the blame for economic problems created by the Democrat’s socialist welfare agenda.
    I am speaking as a long time member of the League of Women Voters, and having worked to register thousands of legitimate black voters, and having worked as a poll watcher and poll manager since 1972.

  21. Hubert

    Yep..the STATE newspaper, SC and a few other southern states think it’s still the 1850’s.
    Sorry’s the 21st century.

  22. Mattheus Mei

    I’m still basking in the glow of the victory. I’m happy for President Obama’s mandate in this election.
    Only question for us on this blog now is whether Lee will go the way of Hunter S. Thompson with this smacking defeat of his ideology and resounding refutation of his right wing nuttery.

  23. p.m.

    Back in the U.S.,
    Back in the U.S.,
    Back in the U.S.S.A.
    How does losing an election change the facts, Mattheus?
    If I were a member of the “World Is Round” party, but the “World Is Flat” party’s candidate won the election, would that make the world flat?
    Obama’s victory doesn’t make his ideology right, or yours, or bud’s. It just means he won.
    Try to act like you’ve been there before, no matter how hard it is.

  24. Mattheus Mei

    He won by a full 6% of the popular vote. He’s the first Democrat to break 51% since LBJ (He got 52%). He won 349 (with 15 too close to call and probably going to him – thanks NC), I’d say that if it’s not tacit approval of his ideology it’s still a resounding rejection of the ideology of the Republican party as it is today. SO, with that being said p.m. you’re the one that’s going to have to get over yourself and if you need join Lee in his compound.
    Socialist my — a$$, how many books have you burned not to know what socialism is?
    And I’m of the millennial generation, obviously not yours or Bud’s so your pejorative categories don’t apply anymore.
    It’s your generation the baby boomers that have screwed us up – y’all are the ones with the inordinant since of entitlement, having squandered the ethics of your parents to focus on yourselves, not mine.
    The Youth have spoken in this election and that’s the direction this country is going.

  25. bud

    Reasons Obama won:
    It’s the economy stupid. Folks are mad as hell about the shenanigans on Wall Street, and rightly so.
    McCain’s campaign exposed his eratic behavior. The man was just plain scary to watch with all his bizarre actions.
    Scare tactics just don’t work anymore. Atwater and Rove perfected the dirty tricks machine but in this election none of it worked. Obama was just too cool and focused to get distracted by all the silly stuff.
    The outrage of 21st century colonization. Folks are becoming weary of all the expensive overseas military follies. They are just not seeing how any of this nonsense makes us safer. And they’re right.
    McCain is just horribly out of touch with the younger voters. Obama managed to get the younger people out to vote. Perhaps not in droves but in substantial numbers.
    This is punishment for the failures of Bush. It may not be fair to McCain but the GOP had this one coming.

  26. Brad Warthen

    Hubert maligns us unjustly.
    I’ll have you know, here at The State we think it’s the 1890s — you know, back when we were founded to fight Pitchfork Ben Tillman and his pro-lynching machine.

  27. Ozzie

    I shouldn’t, but I can’t resist. Michelle, just think of Lee as a court jester. That’s why Brad keeps him around, I think. Being a court jester he can lay claim to also being an engineer, and economist, an educator, and goodness knows what else.

  28. Lee Muller

    Obama’s socialist ideology is from the 19th century.
    All of his old ideas have been tried, and failed, by the 1930s.

  29. Karen McLeod

    He Mattheus Mei, millenium baby, don’t go overboard stereotyping us baby boomers (we already did that to OUR PARENTS, and you don’t want to be like us). I know the majority of people my age voted McCain, but there were plenty of us out there on the streets searching for votes for Obama. Not all of us have spent everything for our own entitlement. And Ozzie, are you sure that Lee Muller isn’t a she?

  30. Lee Muller

    It was the economy, stupid voters
    * Angry about the banking crisis?
    Democrats caused it.
    The banking crisis is the result of Democrats forcing banks to make quotas of loans to 4,000,000 blacks and 5,000,000 illegal aliens who had no credit. Democrats in Congress protected their cronies at FNMA and FMAC, who were issuing false financial statements in order to collect huge multi-million dollar bonuses.
    * Stock market crash?
    People withdrawing money in fear of the Democrat’s threats to tax assets and seize control of 401-k accounts.
    * Budget deficits
    Democrats tried to make them twice as large in 2001 – 2006.
    With control of Congress in 2007 and 2008, Democrats ran up more debt in 2 years than in the previous 6 years.

  31. Capital A

    As depressed as I was about our choices in the last two elections, this outcome has augmented my faith in America to undo — or at least attempt to repair — our poor choices of the past. McCain’s election would have sealed my attendance at the cult of cynicism, perhaps forever.
    What some of you aren’t understanding, especially you Boomers and early X’ers, is that this election marks a symbolic passing of responsibility. Your “reliable” ways and “traditional” methods have failed utterly; the country had no choice but to try something different…and here we are.
    Mrs. Dole had to learn the hard way that it is time for the 45’s and under to rise to power. You can’t scare we mid to late Gen X’ers and the oncoming Millennials with tales of the Booger Man or some white-haired Barry Gibb in the sky who is marking down all of our transgressions with a pen and pad, sins that are to be revealed at a later date. For those of us who are spiritual, we understand that to sponsor religious divisions is the antithesis of spirituality.
    We just won’t fall for that “more Christian that you” of “more American than you” nonsense any more. Until Republicans reform this fundamentalist aspect of their party, expect more teeth-kickings…at a later date. We sure as heck won’t fall for it when the economy is so poor that we can’t afford to play silly political games like “Pin the Tail on the True American.” To do so would be an exercise in pure jackassery.
    Will Obama’s election mean an answer to all our problems? I don’t know.
    But I do know the party previously in power for the last eight years, supposedly gave it their best shot, and in doing so, murdered our economy (still waiting on the trickle to come on down) and immersed us in a pointless conflict which, ironically, sealed their own political dooms in this election.
    We couldn’t make the same choice again. To do so would have been a buch of hee-haw.
    Now, if Sarah Palin would crawl into some far-flung burro(w) and emerge…never, this week would merit some serious Best Ever consideration.

  32. Lee Muller

    What “problems” do you have that are the fault of the government?
    How has Obama said he was going to solve your problems?
    What makes you think he will try, or be able to do so?

  33. Bill C.

    Don’t forget, we now have Michelle Obama as First Lady… and you though Hillary Clinton was abrasive.

  34. Capital A

    Lee, with your cunning and insightful interrogation, you have just forever altered my worldview. Your pointed questions rival those that once were asked by Master Socrates, himself.
    I have been wrong all along. In the future, a reader should scan my posts while standing on his or her head to get my true intentions and positions.
    Not you, Lee; you’re already there.
    Wait…that is your head, isn’t it?

  35. Lee Muller

    I already knew that you hadn’t thought about it, before you voted, and won’t discuss your real reasons now that you have.
    None of you Obama followers could name a single qualification or program of his before the election. Nothing has changed.
    Your decision was emotional, and selfish.

  36. Capital A

    Qualifications, Lee?
    At least 35 years of age? Obama is 44. Check.
    A natural born American citizen? Check.
    (Remember when you Repubs wanted to drop that “aggravating” qualification so you could nominate Arnie? Pesky old Thomas Jefferson and his radical whims!)
    Live in this country for at least 14 years? Check.
    That darn Constitution and its qualifications! But maybe I’m “positively” interpreting that document of documents again…

  37. Phillip

    Brad, even though I hope for specific policies that reverse many of the mistakes of the past eight years, no one policy I can think of is more important than the establishment of a new politics, a new possibility of bipartisan progress. I know you didn’t see it this way, but I felt Obama’s greatest potential was in this regard, the potential to unite. I felt he offered more of this possibility than McCain, and the fact he won moderates and independents overwhelmingly to me indicates this as well. I think that he will feel this to be his constituency as much or more than the liberal base, and will govern accordingly. He will need (and he knows it) a lot of help from the moderate wing of the GOP. Look for Graham, Collins, and yes, McCain to play very important roles in the next year or two. Obama really practicing what he preaches in terms of reaching across the aisle is the single most important thing he can do. That’s what the center of the electorate elected him to do, that’s the aspect of his candidacy that won them over by such enormous margins.
    To me this election may have shown that the Rovian tactics of cultural division may have played themselves out. McCain and Palin I think lost by a wider margin than they would have had McCain run more as the guy he was in his convention speech and in his concession speech. (I don’t know given the economy if there was anything they could have done to actually win the election). And I am sure that a close Senate race in NC was turned into a substantial spanking for Sen. Dole in large part because of that last-minute appalling, disgusting ad. I don’t think we’ll see that approach nearly as often in the next few years. I was almost as happy to see Dole lose as to see Obama win. Unfortunately, looks like Michelle Bachmann kept her House seat in Minnesota. Oh well, there has to be somebody for the Daily Show to laugh at.

  38. Lee Muller

    If Obama is a natural born citizen of the U.S.A, why does he refuse to prove it by showing his birth certificate?
    Yes, he does meet ONE qualification, the minimum age.

  39. Brad Warthen

    Phillip, I hope you’re right. I’ve always thought Obama had that potential. He certainly talks a good game (and I don’t mean that dismissively; he speaks eloquently of a postpartisan politics). That’s why we endorsed him back in January.
    Two things had caused me to sharply prefer McCain in this area:
    — He had actually done it, not just talked about it.
    — Some of that stuff that just started dawning on me about the time of the third debate about how incredibly doctrinaire and conventional liberal-Democrat Obama was on some pretty divisive issues, from abortion to free trade.
    But now I have no alternative but to HOPE Obama is as good as his rhetoric on this point, and to cheer him on as he tries.

  40. p.m.

    I’m sorry, Mattheus. I didn’t mean to take advantage of your youth.
    I think it’s funny your last name is both “Me” and “i” but you’re accusing my generation of being selfish.
    Just to clarify things for you, 53-47 and not carrying half the land mass of the country isn’t a mandate. We don’t live in the United States of New York and New England, even if most of the students at USC are from New Jersey.
    When Reagan carried every state but Walter Mondale’s home state, that was a mandate. This election is barely a suggestion.
    Yeah, I know. To a millenium man like you, Reagan’s ancient history, but since he’s post-LBJ, I thought you might be willing to take him into consideration.
    Consider this. If you sat on a board composed of 15 people, and eight of you voted yes, but seven voted no, would your minimal majority march forth with a mandate?
    Eight out of 15 is a 53/47 majority. I’d call that an iffy proposition, not marching orders.
    Obama’s victory might be a defeat for Lee and a rejection of GOP ideology, but it doesn’t refute Lee’s “right wing nuttery.”
    The words “refutation” and “mandate” were the things that bothered me about your original post. Only four successful years of Obama-Pelosi-Reid without a host of indictments could refute Lee’s contentions.
    BTW, I don’t burn books. I actually have quite a few of them.
    So understand that if I earn $10 and give you $5 to spend because the law requires it, that’s socialism — mandatory sharing.
    Is that the kind of mandate you think Obama has?
    You think your messiah should put me in a gulag with Lee?
    You think my “pejorative categories” are invalid, but you can belittle me because you’re younger than I am and you almost know how to spell “inordinate”?
    Sorry, son, but your supply of verbal ordnance is too short for that, and my compound might just be too complex for you.
    Yeah, they keep all us folks over 50 in solitary confinement so the young can’t learn anything from us.
    So I see where you’re coming from.
    If you need me to write a check to repay your effervescent gratitude, call Barack.

  41. Doug Ross

    The McCain campaign is now free to throw Sarah Palin under the bus and it has begun. Just watched a Fox News report (so it HAS to be true!) where they reveal that Palin thought Africa was a country and did not know what countries were in NAFTA. There are also reports that the whole $150K wardrobe issue was even worse than originally reported. That it WAS Palin who went on the shopping spree using staffer’s credit cards and that she spent $20K on her husband’s wardrobe as well. And now the clothes that were going to be “donated to charity” are “missing”.
    But what is worse? That Palin is more than likely an empty headed, conniving political hack or that the McCain campaign knew this within the first few days of her selection and continued to foist her on the American public as qualified to be President?
    You can NEVER be too cynical about politicians. They will always find new ways to lower the bar.

  42. Lee Muller

    Doug, you are repeating lies about Sarah Palin, from McCain’s inept advisors, looking for a scapegoat. Palin rescued McCain’s campaign and brought some focus and direct discussion of real issues.
    Palin didn’t even buy those clothes. McCain staffers bought them in New York City, while she was campaigning in the West. She did not even try them on. All this was reported long ago, even in the NY Times.

  43. Doug Ross

    It’s not me who is repeating lies. It’s Fox News. Carl Cameron repeated the stories on multiple Fox programs yesterday.
    They report. You decide.

  44. Lee Muller

    So Fox News reported what the McCain staffers said. That’s marginal news, and it doesn’t make what they said true, especially when it contradicts what other staffers said earlier to other news outlets.
    They need to get their stories straight.
    And I think it would be dumb to give designer clothes to charity, for bums to wear. She could auction them off, and raise a lot of money for charity.

  45. Brad Warthen

    Of course she knew what countries were in NAFTA. How could she not know? Obviously, “NAFTA” is derived from the three countries involved: Norway, AFrica and TunisiA.

  46. Michelle

    Good one Brad. Mr. Muller: Please read the Newsweek article on the campaigns. Has all the details re Palin’s shopping sprees and the now-vanished designer duds. And the video is up on Youtube of Carl Cameron describing her not knowing that Africa is a continent, not a country among other startling revelations.

  47. zzazzeefrazzee

    Herr Müller Dahlink,
    What a hoot! As ususal, your “sources” fail to stand up to even modest scrutiny. The Salon article you posted proves nothing regarding your insinuations that vast sums of money came from terrorists. It even mentions that McCain had smiliar problems to Obama.
    The birth certificate? That was settled months ago. Only die-hard conspiracy-theorists like yourself cling to these ridiculous ideas. FactCheck has images of the document, replete with the “missing” seal:
    Before you give me that cockamamy excuse that such fact checking sites are just an “arm of the liberal media”, just remember that they debunk smears about McCain and Palin too, that Walter Annenberg was a lifelong Republican, that his wife endorsed and gave money to MCCain, and that Cheney himself referred to the site to check Kerry’s record back in 2004.

  48. Lee Muller

    What birth certificate?
    No one has seen it.
    Factcheck has a copy of the JPEG image from the Obama site. The federal court said that is unacceptable. The only valid birth certificate is a paper one from the state.
    Hawaii said LAST WEEK, not “months ago”, that it had one, but refuses to hand it over to the federal court. So the matter proceeds to the Supreme Court to be settled, hopefully before January.

  49. Lee Muller

    I just heard the entire report on Fox News by Cal Cameron, in which he says exactly what I told you: Sarah Palin went out and bought some more clothes, because the huge wardrobe bought for her by the McCain staff was too upscale, and most of it did not fit.

  50. Michelle

    Yeah, you keep dreaming that wild crazy dream of yours Lee. Even if Obama were to be disqualified for some reason for taking office on Jan 20th, the Dems would still be in power. White House, House of Reps & The Senate.
    Oh–and could you, just as a favor for me, point me towards the exact source citation of your continued claim that Obama won only because of 30 counties in this country? And would you name them for me? See, I’ve done a search on that this morning and I just can’t seem to find that “fact” anywhere.

  51. Lee Muller

    CNN actually listed all of those 30 urban counties on election night. The center around Washington DC, Manhattan, Boston, New Haven, Chicago, Detroit, San Francisco, Atlanta,… I think you get the picture.
    If not, go look it up at CNN.
    It is really not a startling fact. After the election dust settles, Google and others will have up a nationwide map of how all the counties went, and you can see that I am right, as usual.

  52. Lee Muller

    FEC Audit of Obama Campaign Foreign Donations
    ABC News
    Jake Tapper
    October 05, 2008 4:59 PM
    The Republican National Committee announced today that on Monday it will file a fundraising complaint with the Federal Election Commission against the presidential campaign of Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., charging the Democrat has accepted illegal donations from foreigners as well as contributions that exceed the $2,300-per-person federal limits from American citizens.
    Obama’s campaign has raised almost $460 million so far, and almost half that has been raised by small donors contributing less than $200. RNC chief counsel Sean Cairncross today noted in a conference call that questions have arisen about those smaller donations, which by law the campaign is not required to disclose.
    Newsweek reported over the weekend that FEC auditors have asked the Obama campaign about a number of contributors whose contributions seem to violate campaign laws, such as “Good Will” of Austin, Texas, who listed his occupation as “You” and his employer as “Loving” and gave more than $11,000 total in $10 and $25 increments. Another questionable donor, “Doodad Pro” of Nunda, N.Y., gave $17,130 in similarly small increments.
    “The Obama campaign has a track record of accepting these,” Cairncross said.
    He also said that “the Obama campaign has accepted contributions from foreign nationals and has knowingly done so through at least its failure to reasonably investigate where all this money is coming from.” The RNC will ask the FEC to audit these smaller donations.
    Earlier this year the Obama campaign returned more than $30,000 from Monir and Hosam Edwan, two Palestinian brothers in the Gaza Strip who said that they’d purchased Obama 2008 T-shirts in bulk from the Obama campaign Web site.
    The FEC had asked for the redesignation or refund of 53,828 foreign donations, totaling just under $30 million.
    But none involves the donors who never appear in the Obama campaign reports, which the [Center for Responsive Politics] estimates at nearly half the $426.8 million the Obama campaign has raised to date.

  53. Bart

    Remember? For eight years, the press, conspiracy theorists, discontented Democrats believing Bush stole the 2000 election, illegal wire taps, forged/faked NG documents, and a laundry list of other charges that found no end or final resolution because there were never any answers that placated the questioners and plagued his administration from the beginning. Even rumors that Bush and Cheney were responsible for and orchestrated 9/11 actually found traction among the radical leftists and Muslims.
    So, until an actual copy of the birth certificate is produced, until the questions are answered about the millions and millions of questionable contributions, and any other tidbit of concern, don’t expect some rebuttal on a blog to stop them. “It jest ain’t gonna happ’n Slick. Heah me now?”
    Learn to live with it, we did and will have to for a very long time. A good example is Teddy Kennedy’s tragic trip across a narrow bridge in a little known town called Chappaquidick. It will haunt the man beyond the grave just as the undocumented tyrsts JFK supposedly had with Marilyn Monroe are still out there.
    So, keep the faith and hope that Obama will lead from the center, not going too far left or right (sorry ’bout that right comment) and he will leave a great legacy. But, if I had to make a prediction, based on his first appointment of Rohm Emanuel as his Chief of Staff, that “ain’t gonna happ’n neither”.

  54. Lee Muller

    Obama could clear this up quite easily by producing a genuine, certified, paper birth certificate.
    I just had to present my birth certificate to obtain a new passport and security clearance.
    On his Columbia University records, he listed his nationality as “Indonesia”.
    On another note, Obama’s associations with criminals and terrorists would prevent him from getting the lowest level of security clearance.

  55. Michelle

    Lee, Obama had to have a security clearance as a United States Senator. After all, he served on the Senate Homeland Security and Foreign Affairs committees.
    And it’s the funniest thing, I’ve searched CNN high and low and I can’t find any reference to those urban centers or that 30 county stat you keep citing here. But there is a really great analysis with maps for every county in the U.S. on the New York Times website. It appears to me that Obama’s win was the result of winning far more than just those 30 urban centers.

  56. Lee Muller

    Michelle, you are just making it all up. Don’t even bother to post such BS, unless you just want a beat down.
    Can you PROVE that Obama has any level of security clearance? Just try to find it.
    There are Democrats right now who cannot serve on some committees because they cannot be cleared or their staffs cannot be cleared.
    Bill Clinton had several nominees rejected for confirmation because their socialist associations in the past disqualified them from even the lowest level of clearance.
    Even as President, Barack Obama and his staff will have lots of information witheld from them by the CIA, NSA, and the military, because they lack sufficient clearances, or have no need to know detailed information. The daily briefings shown to Obama will be at a very high and very general level.

  57. Lee Muller

    That’s why Senator Obama serves on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and the Senate Homeland Security Committee. He can do those without a security clearance.
    That’s why he’s getting the security briefings regularly offered to candidates from both parties. Those don’t include any secure information.
    This issue came up during the campaign, but was ignored by the Obama-supporting media.
    Retired general claims Obama would not get security clearance
    Wednesday, Oct 29, 2008 – 01:54 PM Updated: 12:38 AM
    A retired Army general said today at a news conference sponsored by the Republican Party of Virginia that Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama isn’t qualified to be Commander-in-Chief of the United States because he couldn’t get top secret clearance.
    Jerry Curry said Obama’s past association with former anti-war radical William Ayers would prevent him from getting security clearance.
    Curry, who is an African-American, spoke at an ethnic outreach news conference at the Bell Tower in Capitol Square.

  58. Harry Harris

    Lee does a poor job of hiding his real agenda. His grapes will likely be sour for quite a while. The Civil War was over 150 years ago, but he is one of those unfortunite folks who think it’s just halftime. Those who really understand what citizenship means will have to pull together to further marginalize the people who are ruled by their self-centered, and ethno-centered agendas.

  59. Lee Muller

    So when is Obama going to reach out to the Real America, and drop all his class envy and slavery reparations rhetoric?

  60. zzazzeefrazzee

    Herr Müuler Dahlink. Please visit the link I posted to view the certificate in Question. Stating that “no one has seen it” when BOTH SIDES of the thing are available to be viewed , and the images are actually more detailed than what is on Obama’s site. Obviously someone saw it to take those images. To deny this is sheer obstinacy on your part, and your positing of this premise is a blatant non sequitur.
    BTW- did you ever stop to think that if Hawaii has said document, then that would mean he was born there, right? IN arguing that it must be released, does that mean that you think the public have a right to view all personal documents?
    Needless to say, you win the prize for being the most extremely obstinate person on this blog; also the most irrelevant. Perhaps one day you’ll realize that if you ever want to be taken seriously, it helps to sound a little less reactionary or extreme. That said, I’m not holding my breath.

  61. Lee Muller

    As the federal court stated, a JPEG image alleging to be a birth certificate, is not a birth certificate.
    Try to get a passport with a birth certificate created in Photoshop. You will at least have to produce a paper printout.
    A press release from the a nameless bureaucrat in Hawaii, claiming to have a birth certificate for Barack Obama, is worthless, until the official paper document is submitted for scrutiny by the courts and public.

  62. Lee Muller

    The judge now, at the last minute, too late for appeal, dismissed the lawsuit, on the grounds that voters have no standing to sue a candidate over his lack of meeting legal qualifications for office.

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