Just glowing with happiness

Well, now, here‘s a congratulatory message I wouldn’t have anticipated:

“The nuclear energy industry congratulates Senators Barack Obama and Joe Biden
on their election. One of the most important and compelling challenges facing
their administration is to put in place a national energy policy to achieve
energy security and to protect the U.S. economy and the

“If the United States is going to meet the
predicted 25 percent growth in electricity demand by the year 2030, as well as
achieve its environmental goals, we must begin that work now. And we must
recognize as a nation that we cannot reach our energy goals without the
reliable, affordable and carbon-free electricity that nuclear power plants
generate to power our homes, businesses, telecommunications, military and
transportation infrastructure. Senator Obama recognized this linkage early in
his campaign by noting, ‘It is unlikely we can meet our aggressive climate goals
if we eliminate nuclear power as an option.’

“The development of U.S. energy policy must
transcend partisan politics. There must be a bipartisan effort to develop a
diverse portfolio of energy resources, including nuclear energy, which is the
only large-scale source of carbon-free electricity that can be expanded to meet
our nation’s electricity needs. Building new nuclear power plants will expand
U.S. industry and manufacturing, creating thousands of green jobs and enabling
America over the long term to electrify its transportation sector. Affordable
around-the-clock electricity also helps to strengthen the U.S economy and
protect America’s neediest citizens.

“The executive and legislative branches have
shown considerable support across the political spectrum to work with the
nuclear industry in a public/private partnership to enable the construction of
new-generation nuclear plants and to move ahead with
scientifically sound solutions for used
nuclear fuel storage and disposal. We will work with the new administration to
pursue an integrated used fuel management strategy that includes interim storage
of used nuclear fuel, research and development into advanced technologies for
recycling used fuel without contributing to proliferation concerns, and
development of an appropriate geologic repository for permanent disposal of the
used-fuel content that can’t be recycled.

“It is crucial for the new administration to
continue with these and other efforts to shape a comprehensive energy policy
that recognizes the value of nuclear energy and other low-emission electricity
sources. We look forward to working with the Obama-Biden administration and
Congress to assure that nuclear energy continues to be recognized as a key tool
to deepen economic prosperity and achieve enduring environmental


The Nuclear Energy Institute is the nuclear energy
industry’s policy organization. This news release and additional information about nuclear
energy are available at www.nei.org.

Mind you — my jocular headline aside ("Doh!") — I’m a big fan of getting as many nuclear power plants up and running as we can, as fast as we can. But last time I checked, I don’t think Obama shared my eagerness. Or did I miss that?

37 thoughts on “Just glowing with happiness

  1. Lee Muller

    Obama’s stated “solution” to energy is to tax it enough to make the rices “skyrocket” (his word), so consumers will use less, and the government will gather even more money.
    Never mind that the federal government already takes in more money than the petroleum, nuclear and coal industries combined, with no investment and no risk.

  2. Barchibald T Barlow

    Has Obama promised to fight Big Rice? Big Rice execs are lining their pockets while we are having to skip out on the extra gravy to pay for the rice on our plates. That’s our money! The humanity!

  3. Brad Warthen

    This is probably a reference to Arthur Ravenel’s (Thomas’ daddy) run for governor back in 94. At least I think it was 94. Remember him promising that he’d be all over South Carolina “like white on rice”? At least, I THINK that’s what he said…

  4. Randy E

    Come on, Lee had a typo. He was referring to the cost of ice skyrocketing (something to do with global warming).
    I don’t know about Ravenel liking rice, but his son was on thin ice.

  5. p.m.

    Then y’all endorsed Thomas Ravenel for treasurer, didn’t ya, Brad?
    Arthur Ravenel’s voice does have a charming Charleston sound to it, though, so I can hear why you might have been inclined to endorse his son.

  6. slugger

    Maybe the theft of Brad’s laptop had something to tell us about our country and where we are headed.
    The fasting growing part of our population is looking for a jail cell with 3 meals and they get paid healthcare. We are building/renovating old jails to try to handle the influx. The taxpayer is either paying for this with property taxes or penny sales tax.
    The next fastest growing industry that will benefit everyone is being sure that everyone has health insurance. The health insurance comes after the new home with a car port, with the car in the carport and a check coming for the government monthly to sure that you can make the payments on the home, car and insurance. You do not even have to have a job to be one of the chosen beneficiaries.
    The stock market has fallen to the tune of about half your net worth. The unemployment figures say that we are in a depression. Who is going to provide the money for all the handouts? Oh. Well. We do have printing presses. We have plenty of paper and ink. Who needs to worry? The chosen one has been chosen. Full speed ahead.
    If you worry about a roof over your head and 3 meals, just steal a laptop and be sure that you get caught.

  7. bud

    Muller’s onto something. Perhaps if rices skyrocket we could use that as a source of energy. This plan taxes the imagination. Imagine that, an imagination tax.

  8. Lee Muller

    Even after the election, Obama’s Fools cannot bring themselves to discuss his agenda to make the cost of fuel and electricity “skyrocket” with taxes and regulation.
    He is looking at Joe Kennedy for head of EPA. Kennedy is a technical illiterate Greenpeace extremist.

  9. bud

    Muller’s onto something. Perhaps if rices skyrocket we could use that as a source of energy. This plan taxes the imagination. Imagine that, an imagination tax.

  10. Bill C.

    What’s scarier than a (maybe two… he’s considering Caroline Kennedy for UN Ambassador) Kennedy’s in Obama’s cabinet is the fact that he’s considering James Clyburn as Secretary of HUD. Clyburn is nothing more than a bumbling idiot from SC and couldn’t get elected for dog catcher outside of his congressional district.

  11. Lee Muller

    Randy E,
    James Clyburn was appointed Congressman by legislative racial gerrymandering. He is a party stooge, and an embarassment to South Carolina,
    You claim to be a school teacher, who posts here all during the work day.
    You never are able to discuss any issue seriously.
    You sound like a drop out.

  12. Randy E

    Lee buddy, I’m sure it’s upsetting to have someone you consider to be a successful suicide bomber elected president to promote his socialist agenda. Don’t take it out on me, I’m only one of MILLIONS who voted for him. 🙂
    A reminder, I’m not in SC any more and I have a new job with flexible hours. Funny thing, you are blogging all hours of the day as well. Hmmm….

  13. Lee Muller

    Obama only won by 30 urban counties.
    Another way of looking at it is that Obama won entirely by absentee ballots. That is how a lot of Democrats seem to win these days.

  14. Michelle

    Mr. Muller I don’t know much about you. Are you retired? Does this mean that in protest you’ll send back your social security benefits or refuse medicare benefits since you so thoroughly disagree with the concept of a government funding social programs?

  15. Lee Muller

    I am still working, as always, in the private sector, as a consulting engineer and economist.
    Social Security is not a retirement fund – it is a welfare program. I don’t expect to ever get any of my FICA taxes back.
    I don’t see any socialist welfare programs enumerated in the U.S. Constitution, so the federal government has no legal authority to appropriate monies for such.
    If the states want to fund socialist welfare programs, they can do so. At least the productive citizens can move away. But we do expect social programs to be run honestly and efficiently.
    Medicare last year spent 30% of its budget on staff, and reported 31% stolen, leaving only 39% of funds for patient care.

  16. Capital A

    But has Lee Ulmler explained Obama’s startling rice to power in just four short years? Will we stand for such…instant ricery, sure fire sorcery…in this country?
    Uncle Ben would be appalled. IS you IS or IS you AIN’T his constituency?

  17. Barchibald T Barlow

    But what Lee doesn’t understand is that we need someone cool under pressure like Barack Obama. The man has rice water in his veins.

  18. bud

    Maybe we could have an all Rice cabinet. Condellesa Rice would probably switch parties to serve again. Of course Jerry Rice could “catch” on as a popular Secretary of Defense. Then their’s Mohatma Rice. He could help with the Indian issues. Maybe we should avoid wild Rice though. That could be dangerous.

  19. Capital A

    Despite my tempered pleasure at Obama’s victory, I am struck by the fact that almost a quarter of our presidents have been Southern. Remember: Bushbaby was a carpetbagger from Connecticut who attempted to masquerade as a cowboy.
    A “Duck of Death” if I may urge you to recall Eastwood’s Unforgiven…
    That said, when will the South rice again in a presidential election? Lee, your thoughts or grains of truth?

  20. Lee Muller

    Obama is considering Joe Kennedy for head of the EPA.
    Actions speak louder than the hollow words of Obama.
    Kennedy is a long-time opponent of nuclear power, and wants taxes on domestic oil…
    …. but Joe Kennedy cut a $100 million advertising and oil deal with evolving dictator of Venezuela Hugo Chavez. ..

  21. Lee Muller

    FYI, most of the Western territories did not become states until the late 19th or early 20th century, so they couldn’t produce and candidates for President.
    G.W. Bush grew up in Midlands, Texas, which is The West. East Texans are considered to be part of The South.

  22. Capital A

    Lee, Bush is born exactly where I stated he was. He spent much of his pampered, formative and intellectual (try not to laugh) life in the northeast; no amount of revisionist history will change that fact.
    Only later in life did he attempt to embrace the cowboy archetype which was unattainable due to his spoiled dandy status. Such is why his method of personal presentation always rang hollow for critics like me, people who know true “tough guys and gals.”
    We Southerners have to accept responsibility AJ and the (wrongfully) shamed Andrew Johnson, but Bushbaby is a beast of another’s burden.

  23. Lee Muller

    I was born in Texas, but raised in South Carolina. That doesn’t make me a Texan.
    G.W. Bush grew up in the Permian Basin of Texas, in the oil business, went back there after Yale and joined the Texas Air National Guard. After earning an MBA at Harvard, he returned to Texas and lived there another 20 years, building up the Texas Rangers, and becoming Governor. He is a Texan.
    It wouldn’t matter to those who hate him.
    They hate all people who are smarter, harder-working, and more successful than themselves.

  24. Capital A

    Born in Texas, aye? The more I learn about you, the more the origin of your charming qualities is explained. I guess the Longhorn State’s loss is a “gain” for Sandlappers everywhere.
    As far as Bushbaby is concerned, you have chosen (unsurprisingly) to fall for the Bushbaby propaganda. The facts are as follows:
    Bushbaby was born in Connecticut. (Is Lee Ulmler’s map upside down?)
    Bushbaby attended an all-boys private school in Andover, Massachusetts, where he was, of all things, the head cheerleader. (Try not to snicker uncontrollably.)
    Demonstrating what connections can do, Babybush attended Yale after rejection by University of Texas. (This event serves as a bookmark to the spurning he received in his youth from the St. John’s (Tx.)private school his parents wanted him to attend originally. They eventually settled on the Kinkaid School. I dunno, maybe they had better cheerleading uniforms?)
    Demonstrating again what connections can do, Babybush then attended Harvard. (That’s not in the South, either, is it?)
    A Southerner? Pshaw.
    Lee, I can imagine you flunked civics class multiple times, but geography as well? If you keep referring to Yankees as Southerners, you’re liable to start an upricing!

  25. Lee Muller

    I happen to know quite a few people who knew G.W. Bush when he was a student at Harvard Business School, and the two decades after that, when he and Laura lived and worked in Texas.
    So your think and instant Google factoids really don’t count for much.
    It wouldn’t matter to those who hate President Bush.
    They hate all people who are smarter, harder-working, and more successful than themselves.

  26. Capital A

    I happen to know quite a few people who knew G.W. Bush when he was a student at Harvard Business School, and the two decades after that, when he and Laura lived and worked in Texas.
    Posted by: Lee Muller | Nov 7, 2008 2:54:26 PM
    Lee, you refer to Bushbaby’s days of wine and roses. If these eyewitnesses you mention were half as drunk and coked up as Dubbya was during this period, I wouldn’t necessarily trust their testimony.

  27. Barchibald T Barlow

    Lee (who only posts facts):
    “It wouldn’t matter to those who hate President Bush.
    They hate all people who are smarter, harder-working, and more successful than themselves.”
    I’ll admit that I can’t stand Bush (although “hate” is a bit strong). But drop this crap about the anti-Bush crowd hating those who are more successful. The reason we (or at least I) can’t stand the current President of the United States is his disregard for civil liberties, his ballooning of the federal deficit, his blatant disregard of dissent when it came to the decision to go to Iraq, and his all-around big government policies.
    It has nothing to do with hating hard working people, intelligent people or successful people.

  28. Capital A

    Mr./Mrs. Ulmler is just trying to get a rice out of you. Don’t let him/her bring you to boil with his/her rhetoric.

  29. Lee Muller

    If you don’t like Bush signing those deficit budgets, aren’t you glad he rolled back what the Democrats proposed, with budgets twice as large?
    And sure enough, as soon as the Democrats got control of both houses, they let their cronies get away with submitting false financial statements from FNMA and FMAC, until the mortgage market collapsed.
    Now, the Democrats in 18 months have run up more debt than in the previous 6 years.
    If Obama’s followers aren’t jealous of those who earned more money, why does Obama pander to them by promising to redistribute wealth from the producers to his followers?

  30. Lee Muller

    Most of those who were worried about the “civil liberties” of foreign terrorists having their telephone and e-mail’s monitored by the NSA, or about the “Constitual rights” of irregular soldiers held as prisoners of war, will be cheering when Obama and the Democrats attack the real civil rights of real American citizens.
    * restrictions on, and total prohibition of firearms ownership by honest citizens
    * suppression of free speech by the non-Democrat press on television and radio
    * tax increases on earned income and investment income
    * confiscation of private retirement plans in order to fund a bailout of extravagant promises made to union pensioners


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