So is SC not as gay as we were told?

Just got a spam e-mail advertising "Exclusive Gay Travel Packages in 2009!"…

… and no mention of South Carolina, despite what we heard in the past.

South Africa, however, does get a mention.

And no, I don't know how I got on this mailing list.

13 thoughts on “So is SC not as gay as we were told?

  1. gayguy

    I would like to take this opportunity to ask Lee Muller to go with me on a “cruise” to Connecticut.Lee:Will you marry me?

  2. Brad Warthen

    OK, well, I just removed the more salacious comments, left in the milder ones. I hope it doesn’t make you feel bad that yours was one of the milder ones, Doug. Don’t want to hurt your rep or anything.

  3. p.m.

    With headlines like these, you wonder how you made the mailing list?
    “Grooving on that way cool Obama poster”
    “President Obama’s been a very busy bee today”

  4. Capital A

    Ok, p.m.s., your comments forced a spontaneous bwahaha! out of me. Well played, sir(?), well played!
    I wonder if this article will get a “rice” out of Lee. (I know; I’ve milked his misspelling for all it’s worth. Queer fellow, him. Waitaminnit, now I’m the one talking gay!)
    And nobody asked, but I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry was one of the funniest movies of the year; critics be damned.
    “It’s-a like-a circul!”

  5. Tired of the militant queers

    Speaker 1:
    Can we please get a true definition of a “gay” man?
    Speaker 2:
    Sure. It is:
    ***A man that gets perverted enjoyment out of placing his genitalia in another man’s anus***
    Anuses = EXIT ONLY. That’s the intention.

  6. Capital A

    Totmq, please volunteer to go away. Go very far away. And don’t bother to tell us when you return, if ever.
    Here’s to wishful thinking…

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