Links about S.C. and the stimulus

Something I forgot to do with my column Sunday about Midlands efforts to steer stimulus funds this way was to link to these two items that also ran on our pages Sunday:

  1. Our editorial on what we think about Sanford's efforts against the stimulus (which you might I wrote, but I didn't). As we said in part, "Mr. Sanford has made his point about his disdain for federal borrowing
    and federal intervention. It’s time for him to return to reality and
    start acting like a governor."
  2. The governor's own arguments about the stimulus, which he wrote for the op-ed page in response to a piece we'd run earlier in the week from two Democrats, Boyd Brown and Ted Vick, headlined, "Our occasional governor."

Anyway, I think it helps to have those additional reference points.

6 thoughts on “Links about S.C. and the stimulus

  1. Lee Muller

    Your article drops the figure to $5 billion, from the $8 billion claimed by Congressman Clyburn.
    Clyburn didn’t even read the bill.

  2. Lee Muller

    This CBO graph is really good. It shows how the $50 Billion stimulus package grew to more than $800 billion, while tax relief kept shrinking to only 15%.
    I downloaded the CBO report, about 219 pages, but the bill kept changing.
    Some database people dissected the bill with Unix text tools and put it into a searchable database, by state, city, type of projects, but the Democrats changed it some more and them put it into a locked PDF format so it could not be searched by database tools.
    List of projects in the stimulus package. Searchable by city/state. Note how many have listed “0” as number of jobs created.

  3. Lee Muller

    Clinton ran deficits every year of his term.
    He never “balanced the budget”.
    He added over $1.3 trillion to the national debt, even with huge tax increases.
    Clinton tax increases gave us two recessions.
    Unemployment as bad under Clinton than it is now.
    Clinton’s stock market crash of 1998 wiped out $4.5 TRILLION of personal wealth.
    Clinton wiped out 4,000,000 high-tech jobs and replaced them with 4,000,000 jobs paying an average of $22,000 a year with no benefits.
    We are still fighting the wars Clinton lamely started in Bosnia and Iraq.

  4. orange

    From what blog did you pluck that graph from, Budly?
    Mortgage Lenders of America?
    Of course, Clinton’s numbers looked humongous, every banker and mortgage lender anywhere was falling over themselves to get mortgages out to anybody who wanted one.
    “The American Dream” for everyone!

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