McCain to go to bat for McMaster (as well he should)

The Hill reports that John McCain is going to be raising funds for Attorney General Henry McMaster's (yet undeclared) bid for governor in 2010:

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) is hitting the fundraising circuit to return the favor to a local Republican who proved a key supporter in the 2008 primaries.

McCain and many of his top advisers will throw a fundraising reception on behalf of Henry McMaster, the South Carolina attorney general who backed McCain during his run for president in 2008.

The event's host committee includes McCain loyalists like one-time senior advisors Charlie Black, former campaign manager Rick Davis and former Republican National Committee deputy chairman Frank Donatelli. McCain will make an appearance, a spokeswoman confirmed.

And well he should, because Henry was right with him through thick and thin in his most recent presidential bid. He and Bobby Harrell, all the way, even when people were counting McCain as out of the GOP race. Note the video from above (this is the slightly more extended version of my most-viewed video of all time, at 59,850 views), in which Henry warmed up the crowd for McCain one night in the Vista in 2007 (the night of the first S.C. presidential candidate debate, as I recall).

4 thoughts on “McCain to go to bat for McMaster (as well he should)

  1. Weldon VII

    At the rate Obama’s proposing to spend money — we’re looking at a $1.75 trillion annual deficit (minimum) if his $3.6 trillion budget is approved — will it make any difference who the governor of South Carolina is?

  2. Bill

    I forgot McMaster’s involvment with McCain…and how he got McMcain nominated as our presidential contender.
    McMaster, you just lost my vote.

  3. Scott

    Living in Rock Hill, I got to see nearly every presidential candidate as they moved through Charlotte and tried to get a “two-fer” hitting both NC and SC.
    When I saw McCain, he was introduced by McMaster. When McCain took the mic, he thanked McMaster and told the crowd that he (McCain) hoped we (the crowd) would support McMaster who would be on the campaign trail for governor before too long.
    This was sometime in the fall of 2007.

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