Well, that’s a big releef

At 11:02 a.m. today, I received a release from Jim Clyburn's office with the following headline on it:


Then, at 11:33, I got the corrected version, which makes me feel so much better:


Still awaiting the next correction; I'll let you know when I see it…

8 thoughts on “Well, that’s a big releef

  1. Brad Warthen

    At 12:01 p.m. I got another release from Clyburn’s office, this one providing a link to a New York Times editorial criticizing Sanford and Jindal on the stimulus. An excerpt:

    “What makes these bad decisions worse is that they are little more than political posturing by rising Republican stars, like Gov. Bobby Jindal of Louisiana and Gov. Mark Sanford of South Carolina. This behavior reinforces the disturbing conclusion that the Republican Party seems more interested in ideological warfare than in working on policies that get the country back on track.”

    Still no correction on “HYPOCRICY.” Maybe I’m the one having trouble reading the dictionary…

  2. Bart

    I followed the link and read the article. It is apparent the writer did not do his or her research into either Sanford’s or Jindal’s reasoning for questioning or rejecting certain aspects of the stimulus plan. Too many comments appear to be taken out of context and automatically assigned to a “racist” agenda or a campaign against the poor and unemployed. Jindal will be taking almost all of the money available for Louisiana but is balking at the extended unemployment benefits and the strings attached to them. The problem with this provision is that after 2 years when stimulus money from the government runs out, Louisiana will be responsible for funding it. The same reasoning Sanford used to a degree. There could be an argument made for political posturing but not for one moment do I believe or place credibility into the racism charges made by Clyburn and the NYT.
    What is troubling is the extreme vitriol aimed at conservatives over their concerns and resistance to much of what is contained in the stimulus bill. I have no objection to an influx of funding for projects that will actually have the end result of creating jobs for the unemployed and will give our economy the boost it needs to regain traction and grow again. I don’t know of anyone who is against that aspect of the stimulus bill.
    My main objection is the amount of pork in the bill and how it was rushed through without the benefit of a line by line review of the provisions in a reasonable time period. Why waste taxpayer’s money to fly to Colorado to sign the bill? Maybe for a photo-op/campaign 2010 opportunity? We couldn’t wait for the bank bailout money because if we didn’t act, our financial institutions would fall like dominos. So far, nothing. Absolutely nothing. Why not? Where is the accountability or transparency for how our tax money or better yet, our children and grandchildren, is being used?
    After reading the article, I had some time so I read the comments section. If anyone is interested in the article, please read this section as well. It will open your eyes if they are not already open to the total contempt and disdain most of the commenters have toward the South in general, SC and LA in particular with Jindal taking the brunt of the attacks.

  3. Lee Muller

    Brad, you need to stop wasting your time on spelling and other irrelevancies, and pay attention to the real content of real news about real issues.

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