$41 million for SC, and everybody’s in on it

You get used to press releases from congressional offices in which Rep. This or Sen. That announces that his district or state is going to get X amount of federal largesse. Even when the member had nothing to do with it, by announcing it, he gets credit. It's routine.

But this one was so big that the president and the veep had to get in on it, which is something new for me:

President Obama, Vice President Biden, U.S. Transportation

Secretary LaHood, Announce Availability of Nearly $41.2 million in Public Transportation Investments for South Carolina

More than $8 Billion Made Available
Across the Country for Mass Transit

President Obama, Vice President Joe Biden and U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood today announced the availability of $41,154,218 from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) for South Carolina in public transportation funding.  The funding was part of $8.4 billion made available to repair and build America’s public transportation infrastructure.
    “All over the country, resources are being put to work not only creating jobs now – but also investing in the future. A future that strengthens our transit system, makes us more energy efficient and increases safety,” said Vice President Joe Biden.  “With this recovery package, we will be creating jobs, saving jobs, and putting money in people’s pockets. And with these resources, we’ll not only be rebuilding roads and bridges and schools, we’ll be rebuilding America.”
    “Investments in public transportation put people to work, but they also get people to work in a way that moves us towards our long term goals of energy security and a better quality of life,” said Secretary LaHood.  “That is why transit funding was included in the ARRA and why we think it is a key part of America’s transportation future.”
    The U.S. Department of Transportation has already committed $540 million in federally financed loans, about one-third of the total cost, for the intermodal center, which is proceeding on time and on budget.
    The U.S. Department of Transportation will monitor state compliance and track job creation. The projects will be web-posted for the public to see with information on projects accessible at www.recovery.gov.


15 thoughts on “$41 million for SC, and everybody’s in on it

  1. Lee Muller

    The amount for transportation in the first spending bill is less than what was spent by President Bush last year.
    Infrastructure spending was at an all-time high under Bush, running about $425 billion per year, contrary to the disinformation about “crumbling, neglected bridges”. The fact is, many states lose a large percentage to union inefficiencies and outright fraud.

  2. Karen McLeod

    It’s a pity. I’m sure Lee’s posts would make much more sense if they weren’t so goebbelled.

  3. ~Guess who

    Lee is our own Rush Limbaugh.
    Let the man have his say!
    He is the only counter-voice we have around here to the mass-marketed, MSM O-speak.
    And it is not laced with pornography teasers, profanity, blasphemy, TMI, and what not.
    Y’all know what local news outlet I mean.

  4. Lee Muller

    I wish Ms. McLeod would summon the courage to engage the conversation on just one point, using facts, instead of her perpetual personal sniping, which is so impotent.

  5. bud

    We’re on the right track toward saving our economy. But we’re moving way too slowly. Homeowners need help now, not 3 months from now. Yet Congress dithers and debates. The infrastructure money is taking way too long to get where it’s needs. Hopefully we can hold out a few more months. I’m afraid much carnage will ensue in the meantime.

  6. Lee Muller

    The infrastructure spending in the HR 1 pork stimulus bill and the Omnibus Spending Bill currently under debate are no different than the spending on roads, bridges, and seaways in previous years. The spending is no more than it was when Republicans controlled the House, and it is spread out over a longer period of time.
    Most of the spending is on new programs of old Democrat agendas going back to the New Deal, which could not pass on their own.
    All this waste has nothing to do with creating jobs or stopping the collapse of the housing and automobile sectors. Investors recognize that, and are selling off stocks now.

  7. Weldon VII

    I think Obama, not Lee, has Goebbels’ propaganda act pretty much perfected, Karen.
    The Democrats, however, couldn’t pass their pork-laden omnibus bill in the House this afternoon, so a stopgap bill is needed to keep the government funded until Monday, when they hope to line up enough votes to pass it.
    Pelosi proves her political mettle once again.

  8. penultimo mcfarland

    Oops! It was the Senate, not the House.
    Pardon me, Mme. Pelosi. Now let’s talk about your meeting with the Pope.

  9. Lee Muller

    Yes, Mrs. Pelosi didn’t have time to debate her big pork stimulus spending bill, because she was flying on her private jet to Italy for 11 days, at taxpayer expense.
    And Hussein Obama didn’t have time to read the bill and strike out the earmarks, much less to negotiate with Republicans, because he had to fly all over the country giving speeches about 15 jobs here and 20 jobs there, and still make it back for Stevie Wonder to entertain his daughters.Lee

  10. Lee Muller

    If we eliminated all income taxes for two years, it would have less effect on the Treasury than the debt run up by Democrats in the last 6 months.

  11. Randy E

    Ish, you have more of an idea about what to do that most republicans/ditto-heads (and a funnier one at that). Perhaps you should be the GOP leader.

  12. Lee Muller

    It was the Democrats’ mortgage scam for minorities which caused this economic recession.
    Obama knew the mess Pelosi and Reid had made for the last two years when he decided to run for office. He needs to stop whining about how he “inherited” this situation.
    Economic growth under Bush was better than it was under Clinton, and employment was better, too. This past summer, unemployment was below 4.5%, economic growth was above 3.5% and the stock market index was above 12,000.
    Then, the Democrat’s banking scams fell apart in September. They have been papering it over with fiat currency ever since. Every time Pelosi and Obama speak, the stock prices plunge.


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