Bothering seagulls

My wife and I were walking on the beach this afternoon, and we saw this flock of seagulls — the birds, not the guys with the weird hair — snoozing on the dry sand, up above the tide line. It was cool walking into the wind, warm walking with it.

My wife mentioned that if Morgan were with us, she'd be scattering the gulls. That was one of her favorite activities. You remember Morgan — I wrote about her back here. Best dog ever.

Anyway, the gulls seemed to be in such a torpor there in the sun that I thought they might let me get really close with the camera. Which they did, although their patience had a limit.

No, I didn't hurt them, so get outta my face. I just thought they were beautiful, and wanted to photograph them. Is that so wrong?

By the way — a few feet away from the gulls was this concentrated pile of shells. They could not have collected this way on their own. My wife's theory is that someone, probably a child, had accumulated this collection in a pail, but had brought them back to the beach and deposited them here.

Giving back to the beach — I liked that thought.

8 thoughts on “Bothering seagulls

  1. David

    Carl Sagan once said that in order to make an apple pie, one must first begin with a universe.
    Consider the lilies, how they grow. They toil not, neither do they spin; and yet not even Solomon, in all his glory, was arrayed like one of these.
    What is the value of a sunset? Or of a wave crashing on a beach? It is the value of a mans’ soul. It has been shown scientifically that flowers have much more color and beauty than is required to attract insects for pollenization…in fact many insects don’t even respond to light wavelengths that fall within the range a human can see, and yet there the flowers are, arrayed in majestic color and splendor. Fishermen routinely pull fish from the deepest parts of the sea, which never see light and are almost never viewed by the human eye, and yet the fish are arrayed in brilliant and astoundingly lavish symphonies of color. Why? I have read that of all scientific disciplines, the one the one holding the highest percentage of Christian scientists is astronomy. Why? But of course! They’ve studied the heavens, and scripture tells us that the heavens declare the Glory of God, and the firmament sheweth His handiwork.
    Why is creation so over-the-top colorful? It is the handiwork of God, and scripture says creation witnesses to men about God.
    What is the value of a sunset, or a wave crashing on a beach?
    It is the value of a mans’ soul.

  2. lone ranger

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Thanks Brad for sharing these pictures and your trip to the beach. It made my day.

  3. Claudia

    Nice piece, Brad, and two very nice posts… a welcome change from what I often see here! (The comments, I mean, not necessarily the topics.)
    I wanted to tell you that I remember very well what you wrote about Morgan; it was the first post I ever read by you on this blog, and I grieved with you. (I copied it and saved it to my hard drive; I still have it.) At the time my husband and I were struggling with the decision to have some very expensive surgery done on our Border Collie puppy, Lily. The surgery was necessary… without it, the only choice was to put her down. I had to borrow the money to pay for it and am deeply grateful that I was able to do so.
    At the time, several people questioned our decision. “She’s a DOG!” one associate exclaimed when she learned of the cost of the surgery. (That told me that she had never really understood the depth of the love we can have for our pets; it made me feel sorry for her.) We have never once questioned our decision and Lily has grown into a healthy, happy adult dog… absolutely the most loving animal I have ever known. Without human children, she is my heart and soul; a wonderful dog who constantly amazes me with the expanse of her intelligence and depth of her unconditional love.
    I believe that dogs are a sacred gift to humanity; I would have liked to have met Morgan. Perhaps, in her passing, she shared a bit of her soul with puppies like Lily… one more Best Dog Ever!

  4. Norm Ivey

    Another pleasant post–thanks again.
    The pile of shells has more of a “You’re not bringing that bucket of sand into the car. Pick out two and dump out the rest!” look to me.
    What are the birds that populate the parking lots of grocery stores in the midlands called? Landgulls?

  5. David

    Good thought! As it happens, I saw a bunch of dumpgulls just yesterday.
    Speaking of making sacrifices for beloved pets, my wife and I just finished paying off a credit card upon which we had charged an operation to fix a ruptured disc in our Dachsund Bears’ back. We’ve raised him from a pup, and we love him with all of our hearts. Borrowing over two grand right around Christmas definitely put a little hitch in our giddyup, but to neglect his distress was unthinkable…as was euthanasia.
    Every time Bear kisses me, or looks at me intently with on forepaw up and ready as if to say “let’s go dad” the money is simply forgotten. Swallowed up in joy.

  6. jhoncena

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